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Road Race, Individual, Men

Date12 August 1920 — 09:00
LocationGarden City Velodroom, Wilrijk, Antwerpen
Participants46 from 12 countries
Format175 kilometre time trial, the riders left at four minute intervals from Merksem and rode into Antwerp. The riders rode from Kerksem to Turnhout, and then Molt (96 km.), Heyst-or-dem-Beg (135 km.), Liege, and finished back at Antwerp, three kilometres from the velodrome.

The riders rested on 12 August and the road race was held on 13 August. Team and individual event medals were awarded but there was only one race. The race was a 175-kilometre time trial, today an unheard of distance for the race of truth. Derailleurs were not used, all the riders using fixed gears as they had on the track. The course started at Merksem, just outside of Antwerp. The riders rode to Turnhout, and then Molt (96 km.), Heyst-op-den-Berg (135 km.), Lierre, and finished back at Antwerp, 300 metres from the velodrome. In contrast to the track races a huge crowd awaited the riders at the finish.

Many railroad crossings had to be traversed and ofttimes trains stopped the riders. At the finish it was announced that the winner was Henry Kaltenbrunn of South Africa, with Fernand Canteloube of France second, and Harry Stenqvist of Sweden third. The South Africans were exultant and hoisted Kaltenbrun to their shoulders. But time spent while waiting for a train was measured by official judges and this was to be subtracted from a rider’s overall time. Because Stenqvist was delayed 4 minutes and 1 second by trains, this was subtracted from his final time and he was placed first after the adjustment. The South African victory celebration was short-lived.

1Harry StenqvistSWE4-40:01.84-44:02.84:01.0Gold
2Henry KaltenbrunnRSA4-41:26.6Silver
3Fernand CanteloubeFRA4-42:54.4Bronze
4Jean JanssensBEL4-44:20.6
5Albert De BunnéBEL4-45:23.4
6Georges DétreilleFRA4-46:13.4
7Ragnar MalmSWE4-46:22.0
8Piet IkelaarNED4-46:54.0
9Harry GendersGBR4-50:23.6
10Achille SouchardFRA4-51:56.0
11Christian JohansenDEN4-52:00.2
12Axel Wilhelm PerssonSWE4-53:43.6
13Ernest KocklerUSA4-55:12.2
14Marcel GobillotFRA4-55:39.6
15André VercruysseBEL4-55:41.4
16Federico GayITA4-57:21.84-58:24.61:02.8
17Arnold LundgrenDEN4-58:01.0
18Leon MeredithGBR4-58:55.65-00:58.22:02.6
19Kristian FrischDEN5-01:18.8
20Ahrensborg ClausenDEN5-02:12.2
21Pietro BestettiITA5-02:15.0
22Sigge LundbergSWE5-03:02.6
23Albert WyckmansBEL5-03:19.0
24Camillo ArduinoITA5-05:26.85-10:11.84:45.01
25Nico de JongNED5-06:46.6
26Dave MarshGBR5-09:23.6
27Arie van der StelNED5-12:42.6
28Helge FladbyNOR5-12:50.2
29Paul HenrichsenNOR5-13:23.2
30August NogaraUSA5-20:08.0
31Herb MacDonaldCAN5-20:34.6
32Dante GuindaniITA5-21:50.4
33Piet KloppenburgNED5-22:16.0
34Josef ProcházkaTCH5-23:31.4
35Olaf NygaardNOR5-24:56.6
36Ladislav JanoušekTCH5-29:23.4
37James FreemanUSA5-29:26.25-32:28.03:01.8
38Harry MartinCAN5-30:16.2
39František KundertTCH5-38:07.0
40Bohumil RamešTCH5-39:00.0
41Thorstein StrykenNOR5-44:01.8
42John OttoUSA5-47:50.2
DNFNorman WebsterCAN
DNFHarold BounsallCAN
DNFEdward NewellGBR2
DNFJames WalkerRSA