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Road Race, Team, Men

Date12 August 1920 — 9:00
LocationGarden City Velodroom, Wilrijk, Antwerpen
Participants44 from 11 countries
Format175 kilometre time trial, the riders left at four minute intervals from Merxem and rode into Antwerp. The riders rode from Merksem to Turnhout, and then Molt (96 km.), Heyst-op-den-Berg (135 km.), Lierre, and finished back at Antwerp, three kilometres from the velodrome. The teams finish was determined by the total time of the four finishers.

The team event was decided by adding up the times of a nation’s four riders in the individual road race. The team event was won by France, with Sweden second and Belgium third. Great Britain might have contended for a bronze medal, but one of their riders, Edward Newell, broke his frame at 134¾ km. and had to abandon. The best American was Ernest Kockler of Chicago, who finished in 4-55:12.2. But August Nogara of the United States was also riding well when he collided with a chicken in the road at 150 km., crashing and costing him a lot of time.

Fernand Canteloube4-42:54.4
Georges Détreille4-46:13.4
Achille Souchard4-51:56.0
Marcel Gobillot4-55:39.6
Harry Stenqvist4-40:01.8
Ragnar Malm4-46:22.0
Axel Wilhelm Persson4-53:43.6
Sigge Lundberg5-03:02.6
Jean Janssens4-44:20.6
Albert De Bunné4-45:23.4
André Vercruysse4-55:41.4
Albert Wyckmans5-03:19.0
Christian Johansen4-52:00.2
Arnold Lundgren4-58:01.0
Kristian Frisch5-01:18.8
Ahrensborg Clausen5-02:12.2
Federico Gay4-57:21.8
Pietro Bestetti5-02:15.0
Camillo Arduino5-05:26.8
Dante Guindani5-21:50.4
Piet Ikelaar4-46:54.0
Nico de Jong5-06:46.6
Arie van der Stel5-12:42.6
Piet Kloppenburg5-22:16.0
7United StatesUSA21-32:36.6
Ernest Kockler4-55:12.2
August Nogara5-20:08.0
James Freeman5-29:26.2
John Otto5-47:50.2
Helge Fladby5-12:50.2
Paul Henrichsen5-13:23.2
Olaf Nygaard5-24:56.6
Thorstein Stryken5-44:01.8
Josef Procházka5-23:31.4
Ladislav Janoušek5-29:23.4
František Kundert5-38:07.0
Bohumil Rameš5-39:00.0
DNFGreat BritainGBR
Harry Genders4-50:23.6
Leon Meredith4-58:55.6
Dave Marsh5-09:23.6
Edward NewellAC/DNF
Herb MacDonald5-20:34.6
Harry Martin5-30:16.2
Norman WebsterAC/DNF
Harold BounsallAC/DNF