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1,000 metres Time Trial, Men1

Date 5 August 1928 — 19:00
LocationOlympisch Stadion, Amsterdam
Participants16 from 16 countries

The kilometre time trial was a new event, supposedly popular in Italy, although only one Italian rider competed, and he was not listed in the Official Report. Reports describe the competition as rather bland, although the Dutch audience got their hopes up when 39-year-old Dutchman Gerard Bosch van Drakestein took the early lead. He remained in gold medal position until the 14th starter, Willy Falck Hansen. Falck Hansen, who was mostly known for his victories in handicap races, won by a big margin.

In the results below, you will note that 8th place was Francisco Rodríguez (ARG) with 1:18.4, and =9th was Angelo Cattaneo (ITA) with 1:18.6. Neither is listed as competing in this event in the 1928 Official Report, although they are listed as entered in cycling events. They were discovered by recent research using Dutch newspapers from 1928 and confirmed by results seen in the book by Julius Wagner, Die Olympischen Spiele 1928 St. Moritz Amsterdam.

1Willy Falck HansenDEN1:14.4ORGold
2Gerard Bosch van DrakesteinNED1:15.2ORSilver
3Dunc GrayAUS1:15.6Bronze
4Octave DayenFRA1:16.0OR
5Kurt EinsiedelGER1:17.2
=6Ted KerridgeGBR1:18.0
=6Józef LangePOL1:18.0
8Francisco RodríguezARG1:18.42
=9Jean AertsBEL1:18.6
=9Angelo CattaneoITA1:18.63
=11Lew ElderCAN1:19.0
=11Bertie DonnellyIRL1:19.0
13Erich FäsSUI1:19.4
14Edmond MaillardCHI1:20.2
15Ferry DusikaAUT1:22.0
16Galip CavTUR1:22.6