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Kumite, ≤61 kg, Women

Date 6 August 2021
LocationNippon Budokan, Chiyoda, Tokyo
Participants10 from 10 countries

Competitors were divided into two round-robin pools with the top two competitors advancing to semi-finals and final. In pool A, Xiaoyan Yin (CHN), world ranked #2, was the comfortable winner, winning all 4 contests. However, the runner-up Merve Ҫoban (TUR) only qualified ahead of Claudymar Garces (VEN) by virtue of having won their head-to-head contest, both fighters having won 2 and lost 2 bouts. Pool B was more straight-forward, with Jovana Preković (SRB) winning all four contests to top the group, followed by world ranked #1 Giana Lofty (EGY), whose only defeat was to Perković.

The first semi-final between Yin and Lofty was a close affair, each competitor scoring a yuko for a 1-1 tie. However Yin was declared the winner by the judges’ decision. In the second semi-final Preković defeated Ҫoban by 2 yukos without reply.

The final was also a close match with neither Preković nor Yin able to score any points. The decision came down to the judges, who voted in favour of Preković, who now added the Olympic gold medal to her 2018 World Championship and 2021 European Championship wins.

1Jovana PrekovićSRBGold
2Yin XiaoyanCHNSilver
=3Merve ÇobanTURBronze
=3Giana LotfyEGYBronze
=5Anita SerohinaUKR
=5Claudymar GarcésVEN
=7Alexandra GrandePER
=7Mayumi SomeyaJPN
=9Btissam SadiniMAR
=9Leïla HeurtaultFRA

Round One

Date6 August 2021 — 12:20
FormatRound-robin pools. Top two karateka advance to the semi-finals.

Pool A

1Yin XiaoyanCHN40089-49-00-20-0Q
2Merve ÇobanTUR202412-64-61-02-0Q
3Claudymar GarcésVEN202418-136-70-04-2
4Mayumi SomeyaJPN103213-198-101-01-3
5Leïla HeurtaultFRA10325-155-90-00-2
Bout #106 Aug 12:20Claudymar GarcésVENPointsLeïla HeurtaultFRA
Bout #206 Aug 12:27Merve ÇobanTURPointsMayumi SomeyaJPN
Bout #306 Aug 12:48Yin XiaoyanCHNPointsClaudymar GarcésVEN
Bout #406 Aug 12:55Mayumi SomeyaJPNPointsLeïla HeurtaultFRA
Bout #506 Aug 13:16Merve ÇobanTURPointsClaudymar GarcésVEN
Bout #606 Aug 13:23Yin XiaoyanCHNPointsLeïla HeurtaultFRA
Bout #706 Aug 13:44Yin XiaoyanCHNPointsMayumi SomeyaJPN
Bout #806 Aug 13:51Leïla HeurtaultFRAPointsMerve ÇobanTUR
Bout #906 Aug 14:12Claudymar GarcésVENPointsMayumi SomeyaJPN
Bout #1006 Aug 14:19Yin XiaoyanCHNSudden deathMerve ÇobanTUR

Pool B

1Jovana PrekovićSRB400811-63-31-02-1Q
2Giana LotfyEGY301610-210-20-00-0Q
3Anita SerohinaUKR112312-107-51-11-1
4Alexandra GrandePER10324-104-80-10-0
5Btissam SadiniMAR01313-123-90-00-1
Bout #106 Aug 12:34Anita SerohinaUKRPointsAlexandra GrandePER
Bout #206 Aug 12:41Jovana PrekovićSRBPointsBtissam SadiniMAR
Bout #306 Aug 13:02Giana LotfyEGYPointsAlexandra GrandePER
Bout #406 Aug 13:09Btissam SadiniMARTieAnita SerohinaUKR
Bout #506 Aug 13:30Jovana PrekovićSRBPointsAlexandra GrandePER
Bout #606 Aug 13:37Giana LotfyEGYPointsAnita SerohinaUKR
Bout #706 Aug 13:58Giana LotfyEGYPointsBtissam SadiniMAR
Bout #806 Aug 14:05Jovana PrekovićSRBPointsAnita SerohinaUKR
Bout #906 Aug 14:26Alexandra GrandePERPointsBtissam SadiniMAR
Bout #1006 Aug 14:33Jovana PrekovićSRBSudden deathGiana LotfyEGY


Date6 August 2021 — 20:05
Bout #106 Aug 20:05Yin XiaoyanCHNDecisionGiana LotfyEGY
Bout #206 Aug 20:13Jovana PrekovićSRBPointsMerve ÇobanTUR

Final Round

Date6 August 2021 — 20:40
Bout 1/206 Aug 20:40Jovana PrekovićSRBDecisionYin XiaoyanCHN