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Moguls, Men

Date15 – 16 February 1994
LocationKanthaugen Freestyle Arena, Lillehammer
Participants29 from 16 countries
DetailsGradient: 26°
Length: 223 m
Start Elevation: 466 m
Vertical Drop: 98 m
Width: 11 m

The best moguls skier in the world had been the defending gold medalist, Edgar Grospiron of France. But Grospiron had injured his knee in early 1992 and did not compete in the 1992-93 World Cup season, which was dominated by Canada’s Jean-Luc Brassard. However, when Grospiron returned in late 1993 he won four of the five World Cups prior to Lillehammer, setting up a battle between the two. Brassard and Grospiron went 1-2 in the qualifying, setting up the expected battle. Skiing next-to-last in the final, Grospiron posted by far the fastest run, but lost some form near the end of his run. The points he lost for that dropped him behind Russian Sergey Shupletsov, who led as Brassard took the course. Brassard skied conservatively and carefully, posting the third slowest time of the 16 finalists, but his turns were carved nicely, for which he received a perfect 15.0, with 5.0 from all but the French judge, which boosted him to the gold medal. Shupletsov won silver and Grospiron the bronze. A little over a year later, Shupletsov was killed in a motorcycle accident.

1Jean-Luc BrassardCAN26.78 (1)27.24 (1)Gold
2Sergey ShupletsovRUS26.64 (3)26.90 (2)Silver
3Edgar GrospironFRA26.65 (2)26.64 (3)Bronze
4Olivier CotteFRA26.36 (4)25.79 (4)
5Jörgen PääjärviSWE24.90 (9)25.51 (5)
6Olivier AllamandFRA25.89 (5)25.28 (6)
7John SmartCAN25.47 (6)24.96 (7)
8Troy BensonUSA24.42 (13)24.86 (8)
9Janne LahtelaFIN24.60 (12)24.78 (9)
10Fredrik ThulinSWE24.67 (11)24.50 (10)
11Anders JonellSWE24.75 (10)24.50 (11)
12Leif PerssonSWE24.40 (14)24.05 (12)
13Sean SmithUSA24.31 (16)23.43 (13)
14Adrian CostaAUS25.46 (7)23.38 (14)
15Hans Engelsen EideNOR25.06 (8)23.32 (15)
16Nick CleaverAUS24.34 (15)23.02 (16)
17Jürg BinerSUI24.30 (17)
18Craig RodmanUSA23.98 (18)
19Trace WorthingtonUSA23.79 (19)
20Juha HolopainenFIN23.39 (20)
21Aleksey BannikovKAZ22.98 (21)
22Simone MottiniITA22.87 (22)
23Klaus WeeseGER22.67 (23)
24José RojasESP22.49 (24)
25Hugh HutchisonGBR22.27 (25)
26Paul CostaAUS22.20 (26)
27Gota MiuraJPN20.15 (27)
28Aliaksandr PenihinBLR19.41 (28)
29Walter OstaITA14.13 (29)

Qualifying Round

Date15 February 1994 — 12:30
FormatTop 16 finishers advanced to final.
Judge #1 (Turns)Hans-Ulrich MenradGER
Judge #2 (Turns)Martine KohlyFRA
Judge #3 (Turns)Morten SkarpaasNOR
Judge #4 (Turns)Miki MiyazakiJPN
Judge #5 (Turns)Boris KalčićSLO
Judge #6 (Air)Paul NicholasUSA
Judge #7 (Air)Stephan MarklGER
PosNumberCompetitorNOCPointsTurns PointsAir PointsTime PointsTime
16Jean-Luc BrassardCAN26.7814.507.005.2825.48Q
24Edgar GrospironFRA26.6513.906.905.8523.72Q
326Sergey ShupletsovRUS26.6414.306.805.5424.66Q
42Olivier CotteFRA26.3614.006.655.7124.14Q
53Olivier AllamandFRA25.8913.806.705.3925.13Q
65John SmartCAN25.4713.606.855.0226.26Q
710Adrian CostaAUS25.4613.106.505.8623.69Q
817Hans Engelsen EideNOR25.0613.206.055.8123.84Q
98Jörgen PääjärviSWE24.9013.206.255.4524.95Q
1023Anders JonellSWE24.7512.306.605.8523.73Q
1119Fredrik ThulinSWE24.6712.706.605.3725.20Q
1229Janne LahtelaFIN24.6012.906.505.2025.70Q
1311Troy BensonUSA24.4212.506.405.5224.73Q
147Leif PerssonSWE24.4012.606.055.7524.04Q
1528Nick CleaverAUS24.3412.606.155.5924.51Q
1625Sean SmithUSA24.3112.806.255.2625.54Q
179Jürg BinerSUI24.3012.705.905.7024.19
1812Craig RodmanUSA23.9812.506.105.3825.17
1918Trace WorthingtonUSA23.7912.706.055.0426.19
2016Juha HolopainenFIN23.3911.906.055.4424.99
2115Aleksey BannikovKAZ22.9812.505.455.0326.23
2227Simone MottiniITA22.8712.005.755.1225.95
231Klaus WeeseGER22.6711.906.054.7227.19
2414José RojasESP22.4911.805.704.9926.36
2524Hugh HutchisonGBR22.2711.705.704.8726.71
2621Paul CostaAUS22.2011.804.555.8523.72
2720Gota MiuraJPN20.1511.503.704.9526.49
2822Aliaksandr PenihinBLR19.419.905.054.4627.98
2913Walter OstaITA14.134.405.654.0829.12

Final Round

Date16 February 1994 — 12:30
Judge #1 (Turns)Hans-Ulrich MenradGER
Judge #2 (Turns)Martine KohlyFRA
Judge #3 (Turns)Morten SkarpaasNOR
Judge #4 (Turns)Miki MiyazakiJPN
Judge #5 (Turns)Boris KalčićSLO
Judge #6 (Air)Paul NicholasUSA
Judge #7 (Air)Stephan MarklGER
PosNumberCompetitorNOCPointsTurns PointsAir PointsTime PointsTime
11Jean-Luc BrassardCAN27.2415.006.855.3924.53
23Sergey ShupletsovRUS26.9014.506.905.5024.21
32Edgar GrospironFRA26.6413.906.905.8423.19
44Olivier CotteFRA25.7913.906.305.5923.94
59Jörgen PääjärviSWE25.5113.306.605.6123.89
65Olivier AllamandFRA25.2813.506.305.4824.26
76John SmartCAN24.9613.106.755.1125.36
813Troy BensonUSA24.8612.706.655.5124.18
912Janne LahtelaFIN24.7812.806.505.4824.27
1011Fredrik ThulinSWE24.5012.806.505.2025.11
1110Anders JonellSWE24.5012.406.605.5024.21
1214Leif PerssonSWE24.0512.206.355.5024.21
1316Sean SmithUSA23.4311.406.405.6323.81
147Adrian CostaAUS23.3811.106.855.4324.43
158Hans Engelsen EideNOR23.3211.406.305.6223.86
1615Nick CleaverAUS23.0211.106.305.6223.86