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Team, Men

Date21 – 26 July 1924
LocationStade Olympique de Colombes, Colombes / Hippodrome d'Auteuil, Paris / Villacoublay
Participants40 from 10 countries
FormatFour rider teams, best three scores to count for the team total. Team/individual competitions held concurrently.

The Dutch team dominated the opening dressage event, placing first through fourth. The leader, Colenbrander, fell in the ranking after the cross-country. As only the top three per country counted towards the gold medal, but with the other riders placing 2nd, 4th and 6th, the Dutch team kept in the lead. The performed relatively poor in the jumping event, but second-placed Sweden failed to take advantage, and the Dutch anthem was played twice after the competition, as the individual event had also been won by a Dutchman (Adolph van der Voort van Zijp).

The Dutch quartet was glad to leave Paris, in spite of their gold medals. They had been housed at Hotel Exelmans. Not only was this situated far from most of the competition venues, personnel and food quality were below par - even for four soldiers.

Adolf van der Voort van ZijpSilver Piece1,976.00
Charles Pahud de MortangesJohnny Walker1,828.00
Gerard de KruijffAddio1,493.50
Antonius ColenbranderKing of Hearts952.50non-scoring
Claës KönigBojan1,730.00
Torsten SylvanAnita1,678.00
Gustaf HagelinVarius1,335.50
Carl Gustaf LewenhauptCanterDNFnon-scoring
Alberto LombardiPimplo1,572.00
Alessandro AlvisiCapiligio1,536.00
Emanuele, Count Di PralormoMount Félix1,404.50
Tommaso Lequio di AssabaTorenaDNFnon-scoring
Hans BühlerMikosch1,477.50
Charley StoffelKreuzritter1,466.00
Werner FehrPrahlhans1,395.00
René de RibaupierreAdel904.50non-scoring
Baudouin de BrabandèreModestie1,728.50
Jules BonvaletWeppelghem1,428.00
Joseph FallonLe Divorce1,077.00
Léon NossentPirouette924.00non-scoring
6Great BritainGBR4,064.50
Edward de FonblanqueCopper1,728.50
Keith HerveyCopper Top1,354.00
Alec TodTopsy982.00
Philip Bowden-SmithGipsy878.00non-scoring
Karol von RómmelKrechowiak1,648.50
Kazimierz SzoslandHélusia964.50
Kazimierz de Rostwo-SuskiGénéral958.50
Tadeusz KomorowskiAmon929.00non-scoring
Josef CharousEditor359.50
František StatečnýExterieurDNF
Matěj PechmanCoireDNF
Bedřich JohnArabeDNF
Michel ArtolaAlmas737.00
Camille de SartigesPsychéDNF
Léon RigonSpahisDNF
Charles Jacques Le VavasseurKurdeDNF
ACUnited StatesUSADNF
Sloan DoakPathfinder1,845.50
Frank CarrProctor1,727.00
John BarryMiss AmericaDNF
Vernon PadgettBrown BoyDNF