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Individual, Men

Date9 – 10 August 1948 — 09:00-13:00-14:00-17:00 (9/8), 09:00-12:00 (10/8)
LocationArmy's Command Central Stadium, Aldershot Military Town
Participants19 from 9 countries
FormatPlacement by point scores.

Because of the difficulties in training dressage horses during the war years, the FEI reduced the length of the program to 13 minutes and did not ask for passage and piaffe. The number of judges was also reduced from five to three. Riding Hummer, Captain Hans Moser of Switzerland won this gold medal by a comfortable margin. Moser had competed at Berlin in 1936 in both dressage and the three-day event. He led France’s Colonel André Jousseaumé, riding Harpagon, by 12.5 points in London. Jousseaumé would compete in five Olympics, from 1932-56, always in dressage, although he also competed in three-day in London, and he would win five Olympic medals in his career, with two golds in team dressage in 1932 and 1948. The bronze medal went to Swedish Captain Gustaf Adolf Boltenstern, Jr. aboard Trumf, who also competed at the Olympics from 1932-56, although he missed Berlin. Boltenstern won four Olympic medals, and golds in team dressage in 1952-56. His father had competed in dressage at the Olympics in 1912 and 1920.

1Hans MoserSUI492.5Gold
2André JousseauméFRA480.0Silver
3Gustaf Adolf Boltenstern, Jr.SWE477.5Bronze
4Bob BorgUSA473.5
5Henri Saint CyrSWE444.5
6Jean Saint-Fort PaillardFRA439.5
7Alois PodhajskyAUT437.5
8Earl ThomsonUSA421.0
9Fernando PaesPOR411.0
10Francisco Valadas JúniorPOR405.0
11Justo IturraldeARG397.0
12Luís SilvaPOR366.0
13Frank HenryUSA361.5
14Carlos KirkpatrickESP353.0
15Maurice BuretFRA349.5
16Humberto TerzanoARG327.0
17Óscar GoulúARG281.5
18Gabriel GracidaMEX248.5
ACGehnäll PerssonSWE444.0DQ1