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Team, Open

Date 7 August 1984 — 10:00-14:00
LocationSanta Anita Park, Arcadia, California
Participants59 from 15 countries
FormatTwo rounds. Four rider teams. Best three scores in each round determined team total. Separate competition.

The United States was favored, and had the hottest show jumper of the last few years in Melanie Smith, the 1982 World Cup Champion, and Joe Fargis, the individual gold medalist. They were so strong that the 1983 World Champion, Norman Dello Joio, was not even selected for the team. Other favorites included France, which had won the 1982 World Championships, and the always strong West Germany and Great Britain teams.

The US led in the first round with only 4.00 faults, as Smith went clean, as did Fargis. Unfortunately, Smith’s horse, Calypso, was injured at the end of his ride and could not start the second round, which gave the US only three riders, so they could not afford a bad effort. They did fine. Fargis had another clean ride, for a perfect score, and Conrad Homfeld also went clean. Leslie Burr had 8.00 faults in round two, giving the US the best score in the second round to win the gold medal by the largest margin in a “real” Olympic competition since 1956 (discounting the 1980 junior varsity events).

Great Britain came in as a strong medal contender and proved their worth by winning the silver medal. They were tied for third in round one, trailing West Germany, and equal with Canada, but Britain had the second best score of round two, with only 12.75 faults, and moved just ahead of West Germany, which won the bronze medal narrowly over the Canadian team.

1United StatesUSA12.00Gold
Joe FargisTouch of Class0.00
Conrad HomfeldAbdullah8.00
Leslie BurrAlbany12.00
Melanie SmithCalypsoDNF
2Great BritainGBR36.75Silver
Michael WhitakerOverton Amanda8.00
John WhitakerRyan's Son20.75
Steven SmithShining Example27.00
Tim GrubbLinky28.25
3West GermanyFRG39.25Bronze
Paul SchockemöhleDeister8.00
Peter LutherLivius12.00
Franke SloothaakFarmer19.25
Fritz LiggesRamzes29.00
Ian MillarBig Ben12.00
Hugh GrahamElrond16.00
Jim ElderShawline20.00
Mario DeslauriersAramis24.50
Heidi RobbianiJessica V5.00
Bruno CandrianSlygof12.00
Willi MelligerVan Gogh32.00
Philippe GuerdatPybalia32.00
Frédéric CottierFlambeau C20.00
Éric NavetJe t'Adore21.75
Philippe RozierJiva20.00
Pierre Durand, Jr.Jappeloup de LuzeDNF
Alberto HonrubiaKaoua8.00
Luis Antonio ÁlvarezJexico de Parc11.00
Rutherford LathamIdaho E33.00
Luis AstolfiFeinschnitt Z56.50
Giorgio NutiImpedoumi16.00
Graziano MancinelliIdeal de la Haye20.00
Bruno ScolariJoyau d'Or39.25
Filippo MoyersoenAdam IIDNF
Greg EurellMr. Shrimpton24.00
George SannaKite28.00
Jeff McVeanKing Omega40.25
Guy CreightonConclusion56.00
Jorge CarneiroTestarudo34.00
Caio Sérgio CaioVirtuoso43.50
Marcelo BlessmanAlpes56.00
Vitor TeixeiraNatural57.50
Shuichi TokiThe Shinto34.00
Takashi TomuraPurplex52.25
Yoshihiro NakanoColman52.50
Ryuichi ObataGoldfinder54.75
Fernando SenderosMassacreDNF
Raúl NietoRiskatekDNF
Gerardo TazzerMagodDNF
Federico GarzaOlympusDNF
Herman Van Den BroeckWellington8.00
Ferdi Tyteca't Soulaiky32.00
Axel VerlooyVrijheid40.25
Américo SimonettiAmaranto8.00
Alfredo SoneTrumao30.25
Víctor ContadorTostao42.25
Alfonso BobadillaSoplitoDNF
Justo AlbarracínCollon Cura de Tatu19.25
Eduardo ZoneCardal28.25
Martín MalloGonzo42.25
Adrián MelosiBritanicaDNF

Round One (7 August 1984 — 10:00-14:00)

Top 12 teams in round one advanced to round two.

1United StatesUSA4.00
Joe FargisTouch of Class0.00Q
Melanie SmithCalypso0.00Q
Leslie BurrAlbany4.00Q
Conrad HomfeldAbdullah8.00Qnon-scoring
2West GermanyFRG20.00Q
Paul SchockemöhleDeister4.00Q
Peter LutherLivius8.00Q
Franke SloothaakFarmer8.00Q
Fritz LiggesRamzes17.00Qnon-scoring
Luis Antonio ÁlvarezJexico de Parc1.50Q
Alberto HonrubiaKaoua8.00Q
Rutherford LathamIdaho E12.00Q
Luis AstolfiFeinschnitt Z32.50Qnon-scoring
Mario DeslauriersAramis8.00Q
Jim ElderShawline8.00Q
Ian MillarBig Ben8.00Q
Hugh GrahamElrond16.00Qnon-scoring
=4Great BritainGBR24.00Q
Tim GrubbLinky0.00Q
Michael WhitakerOverton Amanda8.00Q
John WhitakerRyan's Son16.00Q
Steven SmithShining Example19.00Qnon-scoring
Heidi RobbianiJessica V0.00Q
Bruno CandrianSlygof8.00Q
Philippe GuerdatPybalia16.00Q
Willi MelligerVan Gogh24.00Qnon-scoring
Frédéric CottierFlambeau C8.00Q
Pierre Durand, Jr.Jappeloup de Luze8.00Q
Éric NavetJe t'Adore9.75Q
Philippe RozierJiva20.00Qnon-scoring
Fernando SenderosMassacre8.00Q
Raúl NietoRiskatek20.50Q
Gerardo TazzerMagod24.25Q
Federico GarzaOlympus46.50Qnon-scoring
Shuichi TokiThe Shinto8.50Q
Takashi TomuraPurplex21.00Q
Yoshihiro NakanoColman24.00Q
Ryuichi ObataGoldfinder25.00Qnon-scoring
George SannaKite12.00Q
Greg EurellMr. Shrimpton16.00Q
Guy CreightonConclusion28.00Q
Jeff McVeanKing Omega28.25Qnon-scoring
Graziano MancinelliIdeal de la Haye12.00Q
Giorgio NutiImpedoumi12.00Q
Bruno ScolariJoyau d'Or35.25Q
Filippo MoyersoenAdam IIDNFQnon-scoring
Jorge CarneiroTestarudo16.75Q
Caio Sérgio CaioVirtuoso21.75Q
Marcelo BlessmanAlpes28.00Q
Vitor TeixeiraNatural28.25Qnon-scoring
Herman Van Den BroeckWellington8.00
Ferdi Tyteca't Soulaiky32.00
Axel VerlooyVrijheid40.25
Américo SimonettiAmaranto8.00
Alfredo SoneTrumao30.25
Víctor ContadorTostao42.25
Alfonso BobadillaSoplitoELnon-scoring
Justo AlbarracínCollon Cura de Tatu19.25
Eduardo ZoneCardal28.25
Martín MalloGonzo42.25
Adrián MelosiBritanicaELnon-scoring

Round Two (7 August 1984 — 10:00-14:00)

1United StatesUSA8.00
Joe FargisTouch of Class0.00
Conrad HomfeldAbdullah0.00
Leslie BurrAlbany8.00
Melanie SmithCalypsoWDnon-scoring
2Great BritainGBR12.75
Michael WhitakerOverton Amanda0.00
John WhitakerRyan's Son4.75
Steven SmithShining Example8.00
Tim GrubbLinky28.25non-scoring
Hugh GrahamElrond0.00
Ian MillarBig Ben4.00
Jim ElderShawline12.00
Mario DeslauriersAramis16.50non-scoring
Giorgio NutiImpedoumi4.00
Bruno ScolariJoyau d'Or4.00
Graziano MancinelliIdeal de la Haye8.00
Filippo MoyersoenAdam II16.00non-scoring
Bruno CandrianSlygof4.00
Heidi RobbianiJessica V5.00
Willi MelligerVan Gogh8.00
Philippe GuerdatPybalia16.00non-scoring
6West GermanyFRG19.25
Peter LutherLivius4.00
Paul SchockemöhleDeister4.00
Franke SloothaakFarmer11.25
Fritz LiggesRamzes12.00non-scoring
Philippe RozierJiva0.00
Frédéric CottierFlambeau C12.00
Éric NavetJe t'Adore12.00
Pierre Durand, Jr.Jappeloup de LuzeDNFnon-scoring
Alberto HonrubiaKaoua0.00
Luis Antonio ÁlvarezJexico de Parc9.50
Rutherford LathamIdaho E21.00
Luis AstolfiFeinschnitt Z24.00non-scoring
Greg EurellMr. Shrimpton8.00
Jeff McVeanKing Omega12.00
George SannaKite16.00
Guy CreightonConclusion28.00non-scoring
Jorge CarneiroTestarudo17.25
Caio Sérgio CaioVirtuoso21.75
Marcelo BlessmanAlpes28.00
Vitor TeixeiraNatural29.25non-scoring
Shuichi TokiThe Shinto25.50
Yoshihiro NakanoColman28.50
Ryuichi ObataGoldfinder29.75
Takashi TomuraPurplex31.25non-scoring