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Three-Day Event, Team, Open

Date16 – 19 September 2000
LocationSydney International Equestrian Centre, Horsley Park, New South Wales
Participants47 from 12 countries
FormatFour rider teams, best three scores to count for the team total.

As in 1996, the individual and team events were held separately. Australia had won this event in 1992 and 1996 and was favored, especially as they were riding on their home turf. They led the event from start to finish, but it remained relatively close throughout. After the endurance phase, Australia led Great Britain by only 12.80 points, with New Zealand another 24.20 points back, and the United States in fourth. However, Blyth Tait’s horse, Reddy Teddy, failed the veterinarian inspection after the endurance round and she was out, which left New Zealand with only two remaining riders so they dropped well back. With the Kiwis out, the podium positions did not change after the jumping, with Australia winning their third consecutive gold medal, Great Britain second and the United States winning bronze. Andrew Hoy was on the Australian team at each Olympics from 1992-2000.

New Zealand finished eighth because of a change in the scoring. Eliminated riders did not completely disqualify a team, but they were given huge numbers of penalty points, effectively eliminating the team from medal contention.

Stuart Tinney-41.00
Andrew Hoy-45.60
Matt Ryan-60.20
Phillip Dutton-63.60non-scoring
2Great BritainGBR-161.00Silver
Pippa Funnell-45.40
Leslie Law-54.00
Jeanette Brakewell-61.60
Ian StarkDNFnon-scoring
3United StatesUSA-175.80Bronze
Karen O'Connor-43.00
David O'Connor-46.80
Nina Fout-86.00
Linden WiesmanDNFnon-scoring
Ingrid Klimke-41.20
Marina Köhncke-70.40
Andreas Dibowski-130.20
Nele Hagener-262.40non-scoring
Patricia Donegan-65.80
Susan Shortt-80.00
Nicola Cassidy-124.20
Virginia McGrath-139.60non-scoring
Guto de Faria-79.40
Vicente de Araújo Neto-124.80
Éder Gustavo Pagoto-128.80
Sergei Fofanoff-216.20non-scoring
Enrique Sarasola-164.80
Ramón Beca-176.40
Jaime MatossianDNF
8New ZealandNZL-2,065.60
Mark Todd-65.60
Paul O'BrienDNF
Blyth TaitDNF
Vaughn JefferisDNF
Kurt Heyndrickx-121.20
Constantin Van RijckevorselDNF
Carl BouckaertDNF
Karin DonckersDNF
Jean-Luc ForceDNF
Jean TeulèreDNF
Didier WillefertDNF
Jean-Lou BigotDNF
Shigeyuki HosonoDNF
Masaru FuseDNF
Daisuke KatoDNF
Takeaki TsuchiyaDNF
Lara VillataDNF
Giacomo Della ChiesaDNF
Andrea VerdinaDNF
Fabio MagniDNF