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Team, Open

Date24 August 2004
LocationOlympiako Kentro Ippasias Markopoulou, Markopoulo
Participants64 from 16 countries
FormatTwo rounds. Four rider teams. Best three scores in each round determined team total. Separate competition.

Germany, the champions in both Atlanta and Sydney, would enter this competition as marginal favourites but their domination of dressage was not mirrored in the jumping events. The German team had won the 2003 European Championships but France held the World Equestrian Games title and at least half the teams involved were expected to mount some sort of medal challenge.

The surprise of the first round was the poor performance of the French team, a serious injury to one of their horses in the middle of its round left them with only three team members to score. Placed ninth and distanced from the medal contenders, they opted to withdraw from the second phase. The first round ended with just four penalty points covering the first six teams with The Netherlands and USA sharing the lead on 8.00 faults. A single time penalty separated the leaders from the German team with Sweden, Switzerland and Belgium level on 12 faults in fourth.

The Swiss, Dutch and Belgians fell away in the second round leaving Germany, USA and Sweden to dispute the medal positions. Only four combinations achieved clear rounds in both phases of the event, Rolf-Göran Bengtsson of Sweden, the USA’s Beezie Madden and importantly, the German pair of Marco Kutscher and Ludger Beerbaum. With Germany counting Otto Becker’s four-faulter and discarding the round of Christian Ahlmann this left the team on a grand total of 13 faults and seven clear of the Swedes and Americans tied in second. A jump-off for silver between three nominated members of each team finished with all six riders performing faultless rounds but the total aggregated times revealed the US to be seven seconds faster and placed them ahead of Sweden.

For Beerbaum this was to be his sixth Olympic gold — or so it seemed. A few weeks after the Games the Fédération Équestre Internationale announced that Beerbaum’s horse Goldfever 3 had tested positive for the prohibited substance betamethasone. Beerbaum argued that the corticosteroid may have been present in an ointment given to the horse to treat a skin irritation, and whilst the FEI agreed that the substance provided no competitive advantage they were left with no alternative but to disqualify the pairing. Beerbaum later appealed to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) but they upheld the ruling of the FEI.

The United States were then upgraded to the gold medal position and Sweden to silver. Although Ludger Beerbaum’s record was expunged from the final results, Germany were not disqualified from the team event but had now to count the previous discarded scores from both rounds. This gave them a total of 21 penalties, which was still good enough for the bronze medal. The disqualification of Cian O’Connor meant that the Irish team, that had originally placed seventh, were removed from the official placings.

1United StatesUSA20.000.002:11.09Gold
Peter WyldeFein Cera24.000.0045.66
McLain WardSapphire16.000.0042.49
Chris KapplerRoyal Kaliber4.000.0042.94
Beezie MaddenAuthentic0.00
Peter ErikssonCardento 93314.000.0045.31
Peder FredricsonMagic Bengtsson12.000.0048.05
Malin Baryard-JohnssonButterfly Flip12.000.0045.12
Rolf-Göran BengtssonMac Kinley0.00
Christian AhlmannCöster12.00
Marco KutscherMontender0.00
Otto BeckerCento9.00
Ludger BeerbaumGoldfever 30.00DQ (doping)1
Wim SchröderMontreal12.00
Leopold van AstenFleche Rouge12.00
Gert-Jan BrugginkJoel4.00
Gerco SchröderMonaco12.00
Steve GuerdatOlympic Z22.00
Christina LiebherrNo Mercy8.00
Fabio CrottaMme Pompadour M12.00
Markus FuchsTinka's Boy17.00
Ludo PhilippaertsParco20.00
Dirk DemeersmanClinton8.00
Stanny Van PaesschenO De Pomme16.00
Jos LansinkCumano13.00
Juan Carlos GarcíaAlbin III9.00
Roberto ArioldiDime De La Cour31.00
Vincenzo ChimirriDefi Platiere24.00
Bruno ChimirriLandknecht13.00
8Republic of KoreaKOR51.00
Son Bong-GakCim Christo26.00
Wu Jeong-HoSeven Up 1524.00
Hwang Sun-WonC. Chap15.00
Ju Jeong-HyeonEpsom Gesmeray23.00
Bernardo AlvesCanturoDNF
DodaCountdown 2320.00
Luciana Diniz-KnipplingMariachi29.00
Rodrigo PessoaBaloubet du Rouet9
Florian AngotFirst De LaunayWD
Eugénie AngotCigale Du TaillisWD
Bruno BroucqsaultDileme De CepheWD
Éric NavetDollar Du MurierWD
11New ZealandNZLDNQ
Daniel MeechDiagonalDNQ
Grant CashmoreFranklins FlyteDNQ
Guy ThomasNz MadisonDNQ
Bruce GoodinBraveheartDNQ
Ryuichi ObataOliver QDNQ
Tadayoshi HayashiSwankyDNQ
Yuka WatanabeNikeDNQ
Taizo SugitaniLamalushiDNQ
Antonis PetrisGredo La DaviereDNQ
Hannah Roberson-MytilinaiouSantana 329DNQ
Emmanouela AthanasiadiRimini ZDNQ
Danai TsatsouRoble ZDNQ
Gustavo Ramos HernándezMinotauroDNQ
Federico FernándezBohemioDNQ
Marcela Lobo PérezJoskinDNQ
Gerardo TazzerChanelDNQ
Martín DopazoFurka Du VillageDNQ
Lucas WertheinWarrenDNQ
Gregorio WertheinCalwaroDNQ
Federico Enrique SztyrleWho Knows LillyDNQ
Cian O'ConnorWaterford Crystal[21.00]2
Marion HughesFortunusDNFDNF
Jessica Chesney-KürtenCastle Forbes Maike9.009
Kevin BabingtonCarling King6.006

Round One (24 August 2004 — 09:00)

Top 10 teams advance to round two.

Gert-Jan BrugginkJoel0.00
Wim SchröderMontreal4.00
Leopold van AstenFleche Rouge4.00
Gerco SchröderMonaco8.00non-scoring
=1United StatesUSA8.00
Chris KapplerRoyal Kaliber0.00
Beezie MaddenAuthentic0.00
McLain WardSapphire8.00
Peter WyldeFein Cera12.00non-scoring
Marco KutscherMontender0.00
Christian AhlmannCöster4.00
Otto BeckerCento5.00
Ludger BeerbaumGoldfever 33
Dirk DemeersmanClinton0.00
Ludo PhilippaertsParco4.00
Stanny Van PaesschenO De Pomme8.00
Jos LansinkCumano13.00non-scoring
Christina LiebherrNo Mercy0.00
Markus FuchsTinka's Boy4.00
Fabio CrottaMme Pompadour M8.00
Steve GuerdatOlympic Z20.00non-scoring
Rolf-Göran BengtssonMac Kinley0.00
Peter ErikssonCardento 9334.00
Peder FredricsonMagic Bengtsson8.00
Malin Baryard-JohnssonButterfly Flip8.00non-scoring
Rodrigo PessoaBaloubet du Rouet0.00
Bernardo AlvesCanturo8.00
DodaCountdown 238.00
Luciana Diniz-KnipplingMariachi13.00non-scoring
Juan Carlos GarcíaAlbin III1.00
Bruno ChimirriLandknecht8.00
Roberto ArioldiDime De La Cour10.00
Vincenzo ChimirriDefi Platiere12.00non-scoring
Florian AngotFirst De Launay4.00
Eugénie AngotCigale Du Taillis4.00
Éric NavetDollar Du Murier16.00
Bruno BroucqsaultDileme De CepheDNFnon-scoring
10Republic of KoreaKOR30.00
Wu Jeong-HoSeven Up 158.00
Hwang Sun-WonC. Chap9.00
Ju Jeong-HyeonEpsom Gesmeray13.00
Son Bong-GakCim Christo21.00non-scoring
11New ZealandNZL31.00
Daniel MeechDiagonal6.00
Grant CashmoreFranklins Flyte12.00
Guy ThomasNz Madison13.00
Bruce GoodinBraveheart28.00non-scoring
Yuka WatanabeNike3.00
Taizo SugitaniLamalushi16.00
Tadayoshi HayashiSwanky17.00
Ryuichi ObataOliver QDNFnon-scoring
Antonis PetrisGredo La Daviere4.00
Emmanouela AthanasiadiRimini Z17.00
Hannah Roberson-MytilinaiouSantana 32926.00
Danai TsatsouRoble Z39.00non-scoring
Federico FernándezBohemio12.00
Marcela Lobo PérezJoskin25.00
Gustavo Ramos HernándezMinotauro33.00
Gerardo TazzerChanelDNFnon-scoring
Martín DopazoFurka Du Village8.00
Gregorio WertheinCalwaro14.00
Lucas WertheinWarrenDNF
Federico Enrique SztyrleWho Knows LillyDNF
Kevin BabingtonCarling King1.00
Jessica Chesney-KürtenCastle Forbes Maike9.00
Cian O'ConnorWaterford Crystal[12.00]4
Marion HughesFortunusDNF

Round Two (24 August 2004 — 20:30)

Rolf-Göran BengtssonMac Kinley0.00
Peder FredricsonMagic Bengtsson4.00
Malin Baryard-JohnssonButterfly Flip4.00
Peter ErikssonCardento 93310.00non-scoring
Marco KutscherMontender0.00
Otto BeckerCento4.00
Christian AhlmannCöster8.00
Ludger BeerbaumGoldfever 3[0.00]5
=2United StatesUSA12.00
Beezie MaddenAuthentic0.00
Chris KapplerRoyal Kaliber4.00
McLain WardSapphire8.00
Peter WyldeFein Cera12.00non-scoring
Steve GuerdatOlympic Z2.00
Fabio CrottaMme Pompadour M4.00
Christina LiebherrNo Mercy8.00
Markus FuchsTinka's Boy13.00non-scoring
Jessica Chesney-KürtenCastle Forbes Maike0.00
Kevin BabingtonCarling King5.00
Marion HughesFortunus10.00
Cian O'ConnorWaterford Crystal9.00DQ (doping)6
Jos LansinkCumano0.00
Dirk DemeersmanClinton8.00
Stanny Van PaesschenO De Pomme8.00
Ludo PhilippaertsParco16.00non-scoring
Gert-Jan BrugginkJoel4.00
Gerco SchröderMonaco4.00
Wim SchröderMontreal8.00non-scoring
Leopold van AstenFleche Rouge8.00
8Republic of KoreaKOR21.00
Son Bong-GakCim Christo5.00
Hwang Sun-WonC. Chap6.00
Ju Jeong-HyeonEpsom Gesmeray10.00
Wu Jeong-HoSeven Up 1516.00non-scoring
Bruno ChimirriLandknecht5.00
Juan Carlos GarcíaAlbin III8.00
Vincenzo ChimirriDefi Platiere12.00
Roberto ArioldiDime De La Cour21.00non-scoring
Rodrigo PessoaBaloubet du Rouet9.00
DodaCountdown 2312.00
Luciana Diniz-KnipplingMariachi16.00
Bernardo AlvesCanturoDNFnon-scoring

Jump-Off (24 August 2004 — 23:58)

1United StatesUSA2:11.092:11.09
Peter WyldeFein Cera45.66
McLain WardSapphire42.49
Chris KapplerRoyal Kaliber42.94
Peter ErikssonCardento 93345.31
Peder FredricsonMagic Bengtsson48.05
Malin Baryard-JohnssonButterfly Flip45.12