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Moguls, Women

Date 9 February 2002
LocationDeer Valley Resort, Deer Valley, Utah
Participants29 from 14 countries
Venue detailsGradient: 28°
Length: 262 m
Start Elevation: ?
Vertical Drop: ?
Width: 10 m

The heavy favorite was Kari Traa (NOR), the 1998 bronze medalist. Traa had once been quite heavy, but in late 1999, committed herself to losing weight and began training very hard. She was the top mogul skier in the world in the next two years, and in 2001-02 had won all but one World Cup event coming into Salt Lake City. That event had been won by American Shannon Bahrke, who was fortunate to be skiing at all. In mid-1999 Bahrke came down staph sepsis, and was treated with six weeks of intravenous antibiotics. She recovered at the end of 2000 and won her first US title in 2001. The qualifying saw no surprises with both Traa and Bahrke getting thru easily, as Traa led the round. Bahrke was an early leader in the final, as she had qualified fifth, but Traa was the last skier, and her flawless run brought her the gold medal. The 1998 champion, Tae Satoya of Japan, won the bronze medal after qualifying sixth. A major surprise was the fourth-place finisher, the unheralded 18-year-old Canadian, Jennifer Heil. But much more would be heard from her, and in 2006 she would win the gold medal in this event.

1Kari TraaNORGold
2Shannon BahrkeUSASilver
3Tae SatoyaJPNBronze
4Jennifer HeilCAN
5Hannah HardawayUSA
6Aiko UemuraJPN
7Ann BattelleUSA
8Sandra LaouraFRA
9Marina CherkasovaRUS
10Margarita MarblerAUT
11Yelena VoronaRUS
12Minna KarhuFIN
13Kelly RingstadCAN
14Tami BradleyCAN
=15Sara KjellinSWE
=15Anja BolbjergDEN
17Ingrid BerntsenNOR
18Jillian VogtliUSA
19Nikola SudováCZE
20Miyuki HatanakaJPN
21Maria DespasAUS
22Olga LazarenkoRUS
23Lyudmila DymchenkoRUS
24Kathleen AllaisFRA
25Jane SextonAUS
26Corinne BodmerSUI
27Manuela BerchtoldAUS
28Joanne BromfieldGBR
29Laura DonaldsonGBR

Qualifying Round (9 February 2002 — 9:00)

Top 16 finishers advanced to final.

Judge #1 (Turns)David FarrarUSA
Judge #2 (Turns)Valery ZhukovRUS
Judge #3 (Turns)Anne BlomquistSWE
Judge #4 (Turns)Bertrand CouturierFRA
Judge #5 (Turns)Tina Tanaka SundequistJPN
Judge #6 (Air)John BuhlerCAN
Judge #7 (Air)Alberto OrsattiITA
115Kari TraaNOR25.1113.26.0236.67Q
213Ann BattelleUSA24.1013.15.1136.69Q
314Hannah HardawayUSA23.8412.65.3236.54Q
419Aiko UemuraJPN23.8212.65.4037.00Q
55Shannon BahrkeUSA23.7412.95.5339.44Q
624Tae SatoyaJPN23.6513.34.5737.21Q
720Sandra LaouraFRA23.5413.04.7437.13Q
825Margarita MarblerAUT23.5413.05.0038.36Q
99Jennifer HeilCAN23.1911.85.1234.87Q
1029Minna KarhuFIN22.6612.54.6038.27Q
1123Tami BradleyCAN22.5512.24.5537.13Q
=121Marina CherkasovaRUS22.4412.44.7539.54Q
=123Sara KjellinSWE22.4412.43.9035.50Q
144Anja BolbjergDEN22.4012.54.3838.44Q
1526Kelly RingstadCAN22.4012.84.2739.36Q
1628Yelena VoronaRUS22.3512.44.6839.65Q
172Ingrid BerntsenNOR22.2812.14.6338.32
1818Jillian VogtliUSA22.1612.24.5538.97
1916Nikola SudováCZE21.4912.44.0940.90
2027Miyuki HatanakaJPN21.3612.13.9639.49
2117Maria DespasAUS21.1912.24.0841.34
2210Olga LazarenkoRUS21.0810.84.7438.33
2311Lyudmila DymchenkoRUS20.7911.24.1238.70
2422Kathleen AllaisFRA20.5411.14.1439.48
2512Jane SextonAUS20.4710.93.7837.15
268Corinne BodmerSUI20.2810.33.9636.05
276Manuela BerchtoldAUS19.5911.33.1440.20
2821Joanne BromfieldGBR18.7511.13.6145.48
297Laura DonaldsonGBR18.4110.83.1743.57

Final Round (9 February 2002 — 12:00)

Judge #1 (Turns)David FarrarUSA
Judge #2 (Turns)Valery ZhukovRUS
Judge #3 (Turns)Anne BlomquistSWE
Judge #4 (Turns)Bertrand CouturierFRA
Judge #5 (Turns)Tina Tanaka SundequistJPN
Judge #6 (Air)John BuhlerCAN
Judge #7 (Air)Alberto OrsattiITA
116Kari TraaNOR25.9414.05.5834.48
212Shannon BahrkeUSA25.0613.65.4436.09
311Tae SatoyaJPN24.8513.54.9434.23
48Jennifer HeilCAN24.8413.25.1934.04
514Hannah HardawayUSA24.7713.65.1135.89
613Aiko UemuraJPN24.6613.35.2235.48
715Ann BattelleUSA24.6213.94.6435.80
810Sandra LaouraFRA24.1212.94.9434.82
95Marina CherkasovaRUS23.5212.65.1537.26
109Margarita MarblerAUT23.1812.64.4735.64
111Yelena VoronaRUS23.1712.94.4436.98
127Minna KarhuFIN23.0712.94.3937.20
132Kelly RingstadCAN22.8612.54.5236.94
146Tami BradleyCAN18.468.54.3437.99
AC4Sara KjellinSWEDNF
AC3Anja BolbjergDENDNF