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Moguls, Women

Date11 February 2006
LocationSauze d'Oulx-Jouvenceaux
Participants30 from 15 countries
Venue detailsGradient: 26.5°
Length: 223 m
Start Elevation: ?
Vertical Drop: ?
Width: 10 m

Women’s moguls was the first freestyle event held in Torino, starting on 11 February. There were several contenders. The defending champion was Norwegian Kari Traa, who was not as dominant as she had been in 2001-02. The 2005 World Champion was American Hannah Kearney but the World Cup leader in the 2005-06 season was Canadian Jennifer Heil. Heil led the qualifying with Traa getting through in seventh place, but Kearney fell on her second jump, and placed 22nd, failing to advance. In the final, Heil had the second fastest run, and although her degree of difficulty was only average, she had a flawless run to win the gold medal. Traa’s run was somewhat slow, but a high degree of difficulty overcame some average turns and airs points to win the silver medal.

1Jennifer HeilCANGold
2Kari TraaNORSilver
3Sandra LaouraFRABronze
4Sara KjellinSWE
5Aiko UemuraJPN
6Nikola SudováCZE
7Kristi RichardsCAN
8Audrey RobichaudCAN
9Debby ScanzioITA
10Shannon BahrkeUSA
11Jillian VogtliUSA
12Stéphanie St-PierreCAN
13Darya SerovaRUS
14Manuela BerchtoldAUS
15Tae SatoyaJPN
16Marina CherkasovaRUS
17Margarita MarblerAUT
18Michelle RoarkUSA
19Ingrid BerntsenNOR
20Miki ItoJPN
21Lyudmila DymchenkoRUS
22Hannah KearneyUSA
23Mariangela ParraviciniITA
24Nina BednarikSLO
25Darya RybalovaKAZ
26Šárka SudováCZE
27Miyuki HatanakaJPN
28Yuliya RodionovaKAZ
29Nuria MontanéESP
30Yun Chae-RinKOR

Qualifying Round (11 February 2006 — 19:00)

Top 20 finishers advanced to final.

Judge #1 (Turns)Sonny McKayUSA
Judge #2 (Turns)Olivier GrangeFRA
Judge #3 (Turns)Franz ZimmermannGER
Judge #4 (Turns)Alberto OrsattiITA
Judge #5 (Turns)Monique ClotSUI
Judge #6 (Air)Tina Tanaka SundequistJPN
Judge #7 (Air)Timo KanninenFIN
130Jennifer HeilCAN26.6714.36.1726.86Q
28Sandra LaouraFRA25.4513.45.6226.04Q
32Sara KjellinSWE24.8513.54.8725.85Q
428Michelle RoarkUSA24.4513.45.0727.66Q
54Aiko UemuraJPN24.2012.45.8927.90Q
615Margarita MarblerAUT24.1513.64.8328.58Q
79Kari TraaNOR24.0613.44.9528.64Q
81Kristi RichardsCAN23.7612.75.0027.37Q
926Tae SatoyaJPN23.6312.45.1227.18Q
107Darya SerovaRUS23.4912.75.1328.81Q
1113Nikola SudováCZE23.3112.54.7027.20Q
1214Audrey RobichaudCAN22.7312.25.1429.78Q
1324Debby ScanzioITA22.7211.55.4128.26Q
1412Ingrid BerntsenNOR22.4511.55.2028.49Q
155Miki ItoJPN22.3411.74.9328.65Q
1629Manuela BerchtoldAUS22.1912.64.0429.20Q
173Stéphanie St-PierreCAN22.1512.34.0928.44Q
1819Shannon BahrkeUSA22.0712.83.7429.27Q
196Marina CherkasovaRUS21.8211.84.1728.14Q
2020Jillian VogtliUSA21.7911.74.4328.81Q
2118Lyudmila DymchenkoRUS21.4210.84.4927.13
2210Hannah KearneyUSA20.8010.24.3726.75
2323Mariangela ParraviciniITA19.6210.33.8029.31
2425Nina BednarikSLO19.5410.73.5230.03
2511Darya RybalovaKAZ18.7010.13.6031.19
2627Šárka SudováCZE18.6410.03.9532.31
2717Miyuki HatanakaJPN18.619.13.8828.93
2821Yuliya RodionovaKAZ16.769.32.4231.07
2922Nuria MontanéESP11.765.51.9833.80
3016Yun Chae-RinKOR7.072.41.1136.40

Final Round (11 February 2006 — 15:00)

Judge #1 (Turns)Sonny McKayUSA
Judge #2 (Turns)Olivier GrangeFRA
Judge #3 (Turns)Franz ZimmermannGER
Judge #4 (Turns)Alberto OrsattiITA
Judge #5 (Turns)Monique ClotSUI
Judge #6 (Air)Tina Tanaka SundequistJPN
Judge #7 (Air)Timo KanninenFIN
120Jennifer HeilCAN26.5013.86.4526.69
214Kari TraaNOR25.6513.46.1827.33
319Sandra LaouraFRA25.3713.55.6226.67
418Sara KjellinSWE24.7412.95.5926.69
516Aiko UemuraJPN24.0112.55.7528.47
610Nikola SudováCZE23.5813.24.4427.81
713Kristi RichardsCAN23.3012.35.1328.07
89Audrey RobichaudCAN23.1012.45.4130.15
98Debby ScanzioITA23.0011.95.0727.49
103Shannon BahrkeUSA22.8212.64.3428.02
111Jillian VogtliUSA22.7212.83.8927.46
124Stéphanie St-PierreCAN22.5212.24.7929.27
1311Darya SerovaRUS22.4411.45.3328.62
145Manuela BerchtoldAUS22.2112.54.2729.62
1512Tae SatoyaJPN22.1211.34.8027.51
162Marina CherkasovaRUS22.0511.84.4428.29
1715Margarita MarblerAUT20.7910.74.4929.02
1817Michelle RoarkUSA20.049.24.7927.41
197Ingrid BerntsenNOR19.849.24.8528.35
206Miki ItoJPN17.787.54.3027.67