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4 x 100 metres Freestyle Relay, Women

Date24 – 25 July 2021
LocationOlympic Aquatics Centre, 2-1, 2chome, Tatsumi, Koto-ku, Tatsumi-no-Mori Seaside Park, Tokyo, Japan
Participants68 from 15 countries

This event was conceded to Australia’s female sprinters before it began. As the two-time defending gold medallists, and world records holders (set at Rio in 2016), they did nothing to change that in the preliminary round, swimming 3:31.73, leading the round by almost two seconds over the Netherlands, with Canada qualifying third. The United States qualified only fifth and there was concern they would not make the podium, which had only happened at the Olympics in this event in 1912 and 1980, when they were not at the Olympic swimming competition.

In the final Australia subbed in Cate Campbell’s sister, Bronte and Emma McKeon for heat swimmers Mollie O’Callaghan and Madi Wilson. Bronte opened in 53.01, trailing only Sweden’s Sarah Sjöström, whose 52.62 bettered the Olympic record for the 100 freestyle, set at Rio by Canadian Penny Oleksiak and American Simone Manuel.

On the second leg Meg Harris recorded 53.09 for the Aussies to give them a slight lead over Sweden, with Great Britain in third. McKeon then shattered the field, swimming 51.35 on the third leg, and their lead was more than two seconds ahead of Sweden. Cate Campbell came home in 52.24 as the Aussies destroyed the world record with a time of 3:29.69, winning by more than three seconds over Canada.

Canada had been well back in the first two legs, but Oleksiak finished almost as fast as Cate Campbell in 52.26 to bring them the silver medal. Behind the top two the United States made the podium, as Manuel anchored in 52.96 to keep the American streak alive, just edging out the Netherlands.

1AustraliaAUS3:31.73 (1 h2)3:29.69 (1)Gold
Bronte CampbellMeg HarrisEmma McKeonCate CampbellMollie O'CallaghanMadi Wilson
2CanadaCAN3:33.72 (3 h2)3:32.78 (2)Silver
Kayla SanchezMaggie Mac NeilRebecca SmithPenny OleksiakTaylor Ruck
3United StatesUSA3:34.80 (2 h1)3:32.81 (3)Bronze
Erika BrownAbbey WeitzeilNatalie HindsSimone ManuelOlivia SmoligaCatie DeLoofAllison Schmitt
4NetherlandsNED3:33.51 (2 h2)3:33.70 (4)
Kim BuschRanomi KromowidjojoKira ToussaintFemke HeemskerkMarrit Steenbergen
5Great BritainGBR3:34.03 (1 h1)3:33.96 (5)
Anna HopkinAbbie WoodLucy HopeFreya Anderson
6SwedenSWE3:35.93 (4 h1)3:34.69 (6)
Sarah SjöströmMichelle ColemanLouise HanssonSophie HanssonSara Junevik
7People's Republic of ChinaCHN3:35.07 (4 h2)3:34.76 (7)
Cheng YujieZhu MenghuiAi YanhanWu Qingfeng
8DenmarkDEN3:35.56 (3 h1)3:35.70 (8)
Pernille BlumeSigne BroJulie JensenJeanette Ottesen Gray
9JapanJPN3:36.20 (5 h2)
Chihiro IgarashiRikako IkeeNatsumi SakaiRika Omoto
10FranceFRA3:36.61 (5 h1)
Béryl GastaldelloCharlotte BonnetMargaux FabreAnouchka Martin
11ROCROC3:38.25 (6 h2)
Darya UstinovaArina SurkovaYelizaveta KlevanovichVeronika Andrusenko
12BrazilBRA3:39.19 (6 h1)
Larissa OliveiraAna VieiraEtiene MedeirosStephanie Balduccini
13GermanyGER3:39.33 (7 h2)
Lisa HöpinkAnnika BruhnMarie PietruschkaHannah Küchler
14Czech RepublicCZE3:42.40 (8 h2)
Barbora SeemanováKristýna HorskáBarbora JaníčkováAnika Apostalon
15Hong Kong, ChinaHKG3:43.52 (7 h1)
Tam Hoi LamCamille Lily ChengStephanie AuTinky Ho

Round One (24 July 2021 — 20:43)

Mollie O'CallaghanMeg HarrisMadi WilsonBronte Campbell
Kim BuschRanomi KromowidjojoMarrit SteenbergenFemke Heemskerk
Kayla SanchezTaylor RuckRebecca SmithPenny Oleksiak
45Great BritainGBR3:34.03Q
Lucy HopeAnna HopkinAbbie WoodFreya Anderson
54United StatesUSA3:34.80Q
Olivia SmoligaCatie DeLoofAllison SchmittNatalie Hinds
66People's Republic of ChinaCHN3:35.07Q
Cheng YujieZhu MenghuiAi YanhanWu Qingfeng
Pernille BlumeSigne BroJulie JensenJeanette Ottesen Gray
Sarah SjöströmMichelle ColemanLouise HanssonSara Junevik
Chihiro IgarashiRikako IkeeNatsumi SakaiRika Omoto
Béryl GastaldelloCharlotte BonnetMargaux FabreAnouchka MartinDarya UstinovaArina SurkovaYelizaveta KlevanovichVeronika Andrusenko
Larissa OliveiraAna VieiraEtiene MedeirosStephanie Balduccini
Lisa HöpinkAnnika BruhnMarie PietruschkaHannah Küchler
148Czech RepublicCZE3:42.40
Barbora SeemanováKristýna HorskáBarbora JaníčkováAnika Apostalon
151Hong Kong, ChinaHKG3:43.52
Tam Hoi LamCamille Lily ChengStephanie AuTinky Ho

Heat One (20:43)

PosLaneSwimmerNOC50 mTimeReactionExchange (Pos)
15Great BritainGBR3:34.03Q
Lucy Hope26.280.7054.37 (5)
Anna Hopkin24.870.311:47.02 (3)
Abbie Wood25.530.282:40.57 (2)
Freya Anderson25.760.463:34.03 (1)
24United StatesUSA3:34.80Q
Olivia Smoliga25.960.6754.06 (3)
Catie DeLoof25.020.141:47.48 (5)
Allison Schmitt25.850.322:41.52 (4)
Natalie Hinds25.300.433:34.80 (2)
Pernille Blume25.330.6753.15 (2)
Signe Bro25.500.221:46.34 (1)
Julie Jensen25.560.242:41.06 (3)
Jeanette Ottesen Gray25.460.213:35.56 (3)
Sarah Sjöström25.470.6552.95 (1)
Michelle Coleman24.910.311:46.39 (2)
Louise Hansson25.290.172:40.07 (1)
Sara Junevik25.870.333:35.93 (4)
Béryl Gastaldello25.970.6354.28 (4)
Charlotte Bonnet25.350.241:47.33 (4)
Margaux Fabre26.090.322:42.16 (5)
Anouchka Martin25.750.203:36.61 (5)
Larissa Oliveira26.230.6354.79 (6)
Ana Vieira26.070.221:49.71 (6)
Etiene Medeiros25.950.182:45.13 (6)
Stephanie Balduccini25.610.083:39.19 (6)
71Hong Kong, ChinaHKG3:43.52
Tam Hoi Lam26.500.6755.58 (7)
Camille Lily Cheng26.050.081:50.19 (7)
Stephanie Au26.960.342:47.15 (7)
Tinky Ho27.430.403:43.52 (7)

Heat Two (20:53)

PosLaneSwimmerNOC50 mTimeReactionExchange (Pos)
Mollie O'Callaghan25.940.6953.08 (2)
Meg Harris25.300.371:45.81 (1)
Madi Wilson25.730.452:38.91 (1)
Bronte Campbell25.290.383:31.73 (1)
Kim Busch25.840.7554.79 (7)
Ranomi Kromowidjojo24.930.161:47.29 (2)
Marrit Steenbergen25.790.272:41.61 (3)
Femke Heemskerk24.550.273:33.51 (2)
Kayla Sanchez25.910.6953.45 (3)
Taylor Ruck25.440.111:47.61 (4)
Rebecca Smith25.500.292:41.34 (2)
Penny Oleksiak24.920.223:33.72 (3)
46People's Republic of ChinaCHN3:35.07Q
Cheng Yujie26.050.7354.03 (1)
Zhu Menghui25.370.341:47.51 (3)
Ai Yanhan25.920.512:41.84 (4)
Wu Qingfeng25.350.353:35.07 (4)
Chihiro Igarashi25.970.5854.10 (5)
Rikako Ikee25.950.161:47.73 (5)
Natsumi Sakai26.200.202:42.43 (5)
Rika Omoto25.850.183:36.20 (5)
Darya Ustinova26.130.7054.75 (6)
Arina Surkova25.650.211:49.29 (7)
Yelizaveta Klevanovich25.930.212:43.86 (6)
Veronika Andrusenko26.280.093:38.25 (6)
Lisa Höpink26.160.5854.83 (7)
Annika Bruhn26.190.381:49.16 (6)
Marie Pietruschka26.190.382:44.47 (7)
Hannah Küchler25.940.263:39.33 (7)
88Czech RepublicCZE3:42.40
Barbora Seemanová25.790.6253.86 (4)
Kristýna Horská26.640.251:50.58 (8)
Barbora Janíčková26.270.242:46.47 (8)
Anika Apostalon26.300.323:42.40 (8)

Final (25 July 2021 — 11:45)

PosLaneSwimmerNOC50 mTimeReactionExchange (Pos)
Bronte Campbell25.8253.01 (2)
Meg Harris25.250.261:46.10 (1)
Emma McKeon24.660.252:37.45 (1)
Cate Campbell24.310.213:29.69 (1)
Kayla Sanchez25.900.6953.42 (5)
Maggie Mac Neil24.900.181:46.89 (6)
Rebecca Smith25.560.232:40.52 (4)
Penny Oleksiak24.690.093:32.78 (2)
32United StatesUSA3:32.81
Erika Brown25.830.6854.02 (6)
Abbey Weitzeil24.720.181:46.70 (4)
Natalie Hinds25.250.272:39.85 (3)
Simone Manuel25.320.373:32.81 (3)
Kim Busch26.070.7154.64 (8)
Ranomi Kromowidjojo25.070.201:47.51 (7)
Kira Toussaint25.330.052:41.65 (7)
Femke Heemskerk24.460.153:33.70 (4)
56Great BritainGBR3:33.96
Anna Hopkin25.290.6753.16 (4)
Abbie Wood25.260.091:46.39 (3)
Lucy Hope25.940.242:41.12 (5)
Freya Anderson25.200.343:33.96 (5)
Sarah Sjöström25.610.6552.62 (1)
Michelle Coleman25.410.311:46.24 (2)
Louise Hansson25.260.042:39.75 (2)
Sophie Hansson26.560.443:34.69 (6)
77People's Republic of ChinaCHN3:34.76
Cheng Yujie25.900.7154.10 (7)
Zhu Menghui25.180.401:47.64 (8)
Ai Yanhan25.870.312:41.86 (8)
Wu Qingfeng24.990.263:34.76 (7)
Pernille Blume25.380.6853.07 (3)
Signe Bro25.890.291:46.85 (5)
Julie Jensen25.940.082:41.31 (6)
Jeanette Ottesen Gray25.790.283:35.70 (8)