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Super-Heavyweight, Freestyle (≤125 kilograms), Men

Date5 – 6 August 2021
LocationMakuhari Messe, 2-1, Nakase, Mihama-ku, Chiba, Chiba Prefecture, Japan
Participants16 from 16 countries

The heavy favorite in this class, and the #1 seed, was Georgian Geno Petriashvili, who had won bronze in this class at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics, but had since won three consecutive World Championships. The second seed was Kazakh wrestler Yusup Batirmurzaev, who was the 2020 Asian Games Champion.

Only USA wrestling aficionados considered the American entrant in the class, with the unusual name of Gable Steveson, the surname often misspelled as Stevenson. Steveson was born to be a wrestler, as he was named for American wrestling icon Dan Gable, and had just finished his junior year in college at the University of Minnesota, winning the NCAA title shortly before the USA Olympic Trials. Steveson had no significant international record at the senior level.

The opening round saw the first surprise as Batirmuzaev was beaten on fall by German Gennadij Cudinovic. Petriashvili was moving steadily towards the final as Steveson also surprised the #3 seed, Turkey’s Taha Akgul, in the quarter-finals, winning on points, 8-0.

Petriashvili and Steveson won their semis to meet in the final, where Steveson went out to an early lead, 4-0. Petriashvili came back strongly and went ahead, 8-5, with 1:30 left in the match, which held until only 10 seconds remained, when Steveson scored a takedown to make it 8-7. With only ½-second left Steveson pulled off another takedown to win the gold medal, 10-8.

Shortly after the Olympics, Steveson signed a professional contract with WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment), although the contract was fashioned as an NIL (name-image-likeness) arrangement so that he could return to wrestle for his senior year at Minnesota.

1Gable StevesonUSA1301338Gold
2Geno PetriashviliGEO11013015Silver
=3Amir Hossein ZareIRI1101288Bronze
=3Taha AkgülTUR900148Bronze
=5Deng ZhiweiCHN7001313
=5Munkhtur LkhagvagerelMGL6001419
7Egzon ShalaKOS610813
8Gennadij CudinovicGER610716
9Dzianis KhramiankouBLR10048
10Diaaeldin Kamal GoudaEGY100218
11Sergey KozyrevROC10014
12Yusup BatyrmurzayevKAZ000102
13Amar DhesiCAN00005
14Djahid BerrahalALG00006
15Oleksandr KhotsianivskyiUKR00007
16Ayaal LazarevKGZ000014

Round One

Date5 August 2021 — 11:30
Match #105 Aug 11:30Geno PetriashviliGEOTechnical superiority by shutoutDiaaeldin Kamal GoudaEGY
Match #205 AugDeng ZhiweiCHNDecisionSergey KozyrevROC
Match #305 AugEgzon ShalaKOSFallDjahid BerrahalALG
Match #405 AugAmir Hossein ZareIRIDecision by shutoutOleksandr KhotsianivskyiUKR
Match #505 AugTaha AkgülTURDecision by shutoutAmar DhesiCAN
Match #605 AugGable StevesonUSATechnical superiority by shutoutAyaal LazarevKGZ
Match #705 AugMunkhtur LkhagvagerelMGLDecisionDzianis KhramiankouBLR
Match #805 AugGennadij CudinovicGERFallYusup BatyrmurzayevKAZ


Date5 August 2021 — 12:50
Match #105 Aug 12:50Geno PetriashviliGEODecisionDeng ZhiweiCHN
Match #205 AugAmir Hossein ZareIRITechnical superiorityEgzon ShalaKOS
Match #305 AugGable StevesonUSADecision by shutoutTaha AkgülTUR
Match #405 AugMunkhtur LkhagvagerelMGLDecisionGennadij CudinovicGER


Date5 August 2021 — 18:35
Match #105 Aug 18:35Geno PetriashviliGEODecisionAmir Hossein ZareIRI
Match #205 AugGable StevesonUSADecision by shutoutMunkhtur LkhagvagerelMGL

Repêchage Round One

Date6 August 2021
Match #106 AugDeng ZhiweiCHNDecisionDiaaeldin Kamal GoudaEGY
Match #206 AugTaha AkgülTURDecision by shutoutAyaal LazarevKGZ

Repêchage Final

Date6 August 2021 — 11:00
Match #106 Aug 11:00Amir Hossein ZareIRIDecision by shutoutDeng ZhiweiCHN
Match #206 AugTaha AkgülTURDecision by shutoutMunkhtur LkhagvagerelMGL

Final Round

Date6 August 2021 — 20:05
Match 1/206 Aug 20:30Gable StevesonUSADecisionGeno PetriashviliGEO