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Team, Open

Date24 – 27 July 2021
LocationBaji Koen Equestrian Park, Setagaya, Tokyo
Participants44 from 15 countries

Although the competition format was unchanged, team numbers were reduced from four to three, so all riders scores were to be counted towards the medal standings. An injury to a horse causing a withdrawal could mean the difference between a medal and last place on the leader board.

After the Netherlands and then Great Britain had challenged the usual regime for the first four Olympic cycles of the century, Germany had re-established their traditional place at the head of the dressage rankings and their combinations made up half of the top 20 twenty in the world. Germany approached Tokyo having won gold at the 2017 and 2019 European Championship and at the hurricane-interrupted World Equestrian Games of 2018. In fact, with the experienced trio of Isabell Werth, Jessica Von Bredow-Werndl and Dorothee Schneider making the German team, more interest settled on which of five nations would fill the podium positions behind them.

Schneider, recently recovered from a broken collarbone, caused when one of her possible Olympic horses had collapsed and died of an Aortic rupture when the pair were doing a lap of honour after a competition in Pforzheim, provided Germany with a good start. This was built upon by the veteran Werth and then by a spectacular performance from Bredow-Werndl that confirmed a German team as Olympic champion for the 13th time in the 16th Summer Olympic Games since the event was restored in 1964.

Behind Germany in a best ever finish of second place came a US team that included two former German riders in Steffen Peters and Sabine Schut-Kery. Schut-Kery made the difference between silver and bronze for the Americans with an impressive performance on her horse Sanceo. Great Britain, led by three-time Olympic champion Charlotte Dujardin, finished in a clear third place, with Denmark and the Netherlands finishing well ahead of the other finalists.

PosCompetitorsHorseNOCGrand PrixGrand Prix Special
1GermanyGER7911.5 (1)8178.0 (1)Gold
Dorothee Schneider Showtime Frh 2538.02652.0
Isabell Werth Bella Rose 22656.52740.5
Jessica Von Bredow-Werndl TSF Dalera2717.02785.5
Helen Langehanenberg DNS
2United StatesUSA7389.5 (4)7747.0 (2)Silver
Adrienne Lyle Salvino2411.02504.0
Steffen Peters Suppenkasper2453.52558.5
Sabine Schut-Kery Sanceo2525.02684.5
3Great BritainGBR7508.5 (2)7723.0 (3)Bronze
Carl Hester En Vogue2419.02577.5
Charlotte Fry Everdale2482.52528.5
Charlotte Dujardin Gio2607.02617.0
Gareth Hughes DNS
4DenmarkDEN7435.0 (3)7540.0 (4)
Nanna Skodborg Merrald Zack2356.02441.5
Carina Cassøe Krüth Heiline's Danciera2469.02541.5
Cathrine Dufour Bohemian2610.02557.0
Charlotte Heering DNS
5NetherlandsNED7312.0 (5)7479.5 (5)
Marlies Anne van Baalen Go Legend2306.02345.5
Hans Peter Minderhoud Dream Boy2473.52505.5
Edward Gal Total Us2532.52628.5
Dinja van Liere DNS
6SwedenSWE6989.0 (6)7210.0 (6)
Antonia Ramel Brother de Jeu2207.02219.0
Juliette Ramel Buriel K. H.2362.52491.0
Therese Nilshagen Dante Weltino Old2419.52500.0
7SpainESP6749.5 (8)7198.5 (7)
Severo Jurado Fendi T2201.52308.0
José Antonio García Divina Royal2226.52426.5
Beatriz Ferrer-Salat Serra Elegance2321.52464.0
8PortugalPOR6862.5 (7)6965.5 (8)
Maria Caetano Fenix de Tineo2264.02260.0
João Miguel Torrão Equador2260.02247.0
Rodrigo Torres Fogoso2338.52458.5
Carlos Pinto DNS
9FranceFRA6715.0 (9)
Alexandre Ayache Zo What2219.5
Morgan Barbançon Sir Donnerhall II Old2271.5
Maxime Collard Cupido PB2224.0
Isabelle Pinto DNS
10BelgiumBEL6702.5 (10)
Larissa Pauluis Flambeau2165.5
Laurence Roos Fil Rouge2276.5
Domien Michiels Intermezzo Van Het Meerdalhof2260.5
Alexa Fairchild DNS
11CanadaCAN6605.5 (11)
Chris von Martels Eclips2191.5
Lindsay Kellock Sebastien2106.0
Brittany Fraser-Beaulieu All In2308.0
Naïma Moreira Laliberté DNS
12ROCROC6350.5 (12)
Inessa Merkulova Mister X2236.5
Aleksandra Maksakova Bojengels2057.5
Tatyana Kosterina Diavolessa Va2056.5
Mariya Shuvalova DNS
13AustraliaAUS6273.5 (13)
Mary Hanna Calanta2189.0
Simone Pearce Destano2205.5
Kelly Layne Samhitas1879.0
14JapanJPN6264.5 (14)
Kazuki Sado Ludwig der Sonnenkönig 22013.5
Shingo Hayashi Scolari 42116.0
Hiroyuki Kitahara Huracan 102135.0
Masanao Takahashi DNS
15AustriaAUT– (AC)
Victoria Max-Theurer DNSAbegglen NRW
Christian Schumach Te Quiero SF2283.0
Florian Bacher Fidertraum2248.0

Grand Prix

Date24 – 25 July 2021
FormatThree rider teams. Team score is total of individual rider scores. Top 8 teams and ties advanced to Grand Prix Special.
Judge KSusan HoevenaarsAUS
Judge EKatrina WüstGER
Judge HJanet FoyUSA
Judge CFrancis VerbeekNED
Judge MAndrew GardnerGBR
Judge BHans-Christian MatthiesenDEN
Judge FMagnus RingmarkSWE
PosCompetitorsHorseNOCPointsJudge KJudge EJudge HJudge CJudge MJudge BJudge F
Jessica Von Bredow-Werndl TSF Dalera2717.0388.5390.5385.5391.0388.5388.5384.5
Dorothee Schneider Showtime Frh 2538.0365.0362.5365.0355.5364.5359.0366.5
Isabell Werth Bella Rose 22656.5384.0376.5376.5375.0388.5380.0376.0
2Great BritainGBR7508.5
Charlotte Fry Everdale2482.5356.5353.0360.0356.5355.0353.5348.0
Carl Hester En Vogue2419.0339.5344.0347.5349.5351.0341.5346.0
Charlotte Dujardin Gio2607.0376.5367.5372.0379.5375.0368.5368.0
Nanna Skodborg Merrald Zack2356.0327.5339.0338.0321.5353.5340.0336.5
Cathrine Dufour Bohemian2610.0373.0372.0362.5372.0379.0374.5377.0
Carina Cassøe Krüth Heiline's Danciera2469.0351.0355.5350.0354.5353.0353.5351.5
4United StatesUSA7389.5
Sabine Schut-Kery Sanceo2525.0364.5358.5362.5367.5356.0356.5359.5
Adrienne Lyle Salvino2411.0360.5334.5345.5331.0355.0341.5343.0
Steffen Peters Suppenkasper2453.5355.5351.0352.0346.0352.5349.5347.0
Edward Gal Total Us2532.5368.0351.5354.0364.0372.0358.5364.5
Hans Peter Minderhoud Dream Boy2473.5346.0350.5352.0355.0356.5353.5360.0
Marlies Anne van Baalen Go Legend2306.0326.5333.0324.5334.0334.0327.5326.5
Therese Nilshagen Dante Weltino Old2419.5353.0344.5343.5342.5344.0343.0349.0
Antonia Ramel Brother de Jeu2207.0313.0314.5316.0316.0317.5316.5313.5
Juliette Ramel Buriel K. H.2362.5342.0341.5334.5336.0339.5337.0332.0
Maria Caetano Fenix de Tineo2264.0327.0322.5323.5323.0324.0321.0323.0
Rodrigo Torres Fogoso2338.5339.5330.5335.5332.5335.5334.5330.5
João Miguel Torrão Equador2260.0304.5323.0320.0331.0327.0321.0333.5
Beatriz Ferrer-Salat Serra Elegance2321.5339.0331.5322.0332.5330.0331.5335.0
José Antonio García Divina Royal2226.5314.5313.0322.0325.5316.5317.0318.0
Severo Jurado Fendi T2201.5317.5311.0310.5316.5317.5314.5314.0
Alexandre Ayache Zo What2219.5316.0314.0317.0312.0320.5318.0322.0
Morgan Barbançon Sir Donnerhall II Old2271.5327.5328.0323.0327.0318.5322.0325.5
Maxime Collard Cupido PB2224.0317.0316.5322.0315.0321.0317.5315.0
Larissa Pauluis Flambeau2165.5313.0296.0309.5308.5321.5303.5313.5
Laurence Roos Fil Rouge2276.5314.5322.0326.0331.5333.0325.5324.0
Domien Michiels Intermezzo Van Het Meerdalhof2260.5316.0322.0326.0320.0329.0325.5322.0
Chris von Martels Eclips2191.5308.5310.5310.5319.0322.5314.0306.5
Lindsay Kellock Sebastien2106.0313.0294.5303.5286.5305.5299.0304.0
Brittany Fraser-Beaulieu All In2308.0329.0334.0332.5336.5319.0327.0330.0
Inessa Merkulova Mister X2236.5319.5317.5321.5308.5331.5312.0326.0
Aleksandra Maksakova Bojengels2057.5305.5288.5293.0288.0291.5287.0304.0
Tatyana Kosterina Diavolessa Va2056.5305.0294.5299.0285.5283.0294.0295.5
Mary Hanna Calanta2189.0313.5319.0311.5307.5314.0309.5314.0
Simone Pearce Destano2205.5320.5315.0320.5312.0312.0315.5310.0
Kelly Layne Samhitas1879.0277.0248.0275.5270.0283.5265.5259.5
Kazuki Sado Ludwig der Sonnenkönig 22013.5292.5298.0282.5288.0277.0287.0288.5
Shingo Hayashi Scolari 42116.0312.5298.0305.0302.0291.5303.0304.0
Hiroyuki Kitahara Huracan 102135.0306.5304.5308.0301.5302.5303.5308.5
Victoria Max-Theurer DNSAbegglen NRW
Christian Schumach Te Quiero SF2283.0326.5320.0327.0318.5329.5327.0334.5
Florian Bacher Fidertraum2248.0318.0324.5321.5320.5317.0322.0324.5

Grand Prix Special

Date27 July 2021 — 17:00
FormatThree rider teams. Team score is total of individual rider scores.
Judge KFrancis VerbeekNED
Judge EAndrew GardnerGBR
Judge HMagnus RingmarkSWE
Judge CSusan HoevenaarsAUS
Judge MJanet FoyUSA
Judge BKatrina WüstGER
Judge FHans-Christian MatthiesenDEN
PosCompetitorsHorseNOCPointsJudge KJudge EJudge HJudge CJudge MJudge BJudge F
Dorothee Schneider Showtime Frh 2652.0381.5380.0374.5380.5381.0379.0375.5
Isabell Werth Bella Rose 22740.5396.0401.0381.5390.5392.0391.0388.5
Jessica Von Bredow-Werndl TSF Dalera2785.5394.0407.5400.5395.0393.5395.5399.5
2United StatesUSA7747.0
Adrienne Lyle Salvino2504.0360.5357.0346.5371.5359.5355.5353.5
Steffen Peters Suppenkasper2558.5366.5366.0365.0368.5367.0364.5361.0
Sabine Schut-Kery Sanceo2684.5386.5381.5391.0382.0386.5376.5380.5
3Great BritainGBR7723.0
Carl Hester En Vogue2577.5372.5372.0362.5374.5369.5364.0362.5
Charlotte Fry Everdale2528.5361.0363.0365.5362.5361.5360.5354.5
Charlotte Dujardin Gio2617.0374.5375.5376.5375.5370.0374.0371.0
Nanna Skodborg Merrald Zack2441.5349.0348.5349.5351.5345.0347.0351.0
Carina Cassøe Krüth Heiline's Danciera2541.5368.5362.0364.5357.5361.5363.5364.0
Cathrine Dufour Bohemian2557.0365.0365.0365.0367.0365.5363.5366.0
Marlies Anne van Baalen Go Legend2345.5339.5334.5327.0337.5332.5342.0332.5
Hans Peter Minderhoud Dream Boy2505.5364.5357.5362.0354.5357.5356.0353.5
Edward Gal Total Us2628.5378.5377.5379.5380.5374.5372.0366.0
Antonia Ramel Brother de Jeu2219.0321.0312.5320.0321.5311.0322.0311.0
Juliette Ramel Buriel K. H.2491.0359.5354.0364.5348.0354.0358.5352.5
Therese Nilshagen Dante Weltino Old2500.0356.5357.0355.0357.5359.5360.0354.5
Severo Jurado Fendi T2308.0336.5333.0327.5329.0320.0331.0331.0
José Antonio García Divina Royal2426.5354.0344.0346.5346.5349.5343.0343.0
Beatriz Ferrer-Salat Serra Elegance2464.0355.0346.0349.0358.5351.0354.0350.5
Maria Caetano Fenix de Tineo2260.0321.0324.5322.0323.5325.5323.5320.0
João Miguel Torrão Equador2247.0325.0322.0327.0317.5321.5318.5315.5
Rodrigo Torres Fogoso2458.5350.5351.0343.0357.5352.0355.5349.0