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Canadian Singles, 200 metres, Women

Date4 – 5 August 2021
LocationSea Forest Waterway, 6-44, 3chome, Uminomori, Koto-ku, Tokyo Bay, Tokyo, Japan
Participants32 from 22 countries

As the Olympics was aiming at gender equality, this event débuted, replacing the men’s C-1 200 metres. The women’s C-1 200 became an ICF Canoe Sprint World Championships event for the first time in 2010.

Canada’s six-time C-1 200 world champion, Laurence Vincent-Lapointe, was unexpectedly disqualified from the 2019 World Championships at the last minute due to a positive doping test, thus paving the way for the American teenager Nevin Harrison to win the title. Vincent-Lapointe refuted all the charges, which lead to her suspension from competition. In January 2020, the ICF accepted Lapointe’s evidence, supporting that she was the victim of a third-party contamination and she was cleared retroactively of all the charges and allowed to return to training and competition.

Vincent-Lapointe and Harrison both easily won their preliminaries in Tokyo and directly qualified into the semi-final, where they took part in the same heat. Harrison finished first, ahead of Lin Wenjun of China, and Vincent-Lapointe. In the A Final, Harrison made a flying start from lane four and keeping up her pace, finally crossing the line 0.854 seconds ahead of Vincent-Lapointe and thus winning the USA’s first ever female canoe sprint gold medal at the Olympic Games.

In 2015 Harrison suffered a hip injury that seemed to put an end to her athletic dreams, but she did not give up. She first tried herself in kayak, but did not find it challenging enough, so she turned to canoe and six years later she was the first ever women’s Olympic C-1 200 gold medal winner.

1247Nevin HarrisonUSA44.938 (1 h2)46.697 (1 h2)45.932 (1 h1)Gold
254Laurence Vincent-LapointeCAN45.408 (1 h4)47.294 (3 h2)46.786 (2 h1)Silver
3243Liudmyla LuzanUKR45.571 (1 h1)47.339 (1 h1)47.034 (3 h1)Bronze
4185Dorota BorowskaPOL47.655 (1 h5)47.703 (4 h1)47.116 (4 h1)
598Antía JácomeESP46.691 (3 h1)45.668 (1 h1)47.414 (4 h2)47.226 (5 h1)
665Lin WenjunCHN46.449 (2 h1)47.161 (2 h2)47.608 (6 h1)
7213Olesya RomasenkoROC46.126 (2 h4)47.368 (2 h1)47.777 (7 h1)
853Katie VincentCAN46.391 (1 h3)47.604 (3 h1)47.834 (8 h1)
9137Virág BallaHUN46.852 (3 h2)46.218 (1 h2)48.257 (6 h1)47.560 (1 h2)
1055María MailliardCHI47.557 (4 h1)46.122 (2 h1)48.198 (5 h1)47.610 (2 h2)
1134Alena NazdrovaBLR46.731 (3 h4)46.950 (1 h3)48.120 (5 h2)48.085 (3 h2)
1277Yarisleidis CiriloCUB47.267 (2 h3)48.375 (6 h2)48.582 (4 h2)
13127Lisa JahnGER47.439 (4 h4)47.049 (2 h3)49.136 (7 h1)48.798 (5 h2)
14145Kincső TakácsHUN47.977 (2 h5)49.178 (8 h2)48.921 (6 h2)
15208Irina AndreyevaROC48.192 (5 h1)46.637 (2 h2)49.147 (7 h2)48.930 (7 h2)
1678Katherin NuevoCUB46.533 (2 h2)49.242 (8 h1)49.024 (8 h2)
17240Anastasiya ChetverikovaUKR47.472 (4 h2)46.509 (3 h1)
18248Dilnoza RakhmatovaUZB47.716 (5 h4)46.645 (3 h2)
19172Ayomide BelloNGR47.539 (3 h3)47.326 (3 h3)
20111Katie ReidGBR47.876 (4 h3)47.821 (4 h2)
2117Bernadette WallaceAUS48.209 (5 h2)48.330 (4 h1)
2273Vanesa TotCRO49.280 (6 h5)48.375 (5 h2)
23232Orasa ThiangkathokTHA48.262 (5 h3)48.559 (5 h1)
24169Daniela CociuMDA48.338 (3 h5)48.594 (6 h2)
25128Sophie KochGER48.601 (5 h5)48.891 (4 h3)
2640Staniliya StamenovaBUL48.477 (4 h5)48.939 (5 h3)
27249Nilufar ZokirovaUZB49.686 (6 h1)48.995 (6 h1)
28170Maria OlărașuMDA50.607 (7 h2)49.002 (7 h1)
29163Margarita TorlopovaKAZ49.721 (6 h2)49.051 (7 h2)
30157Teruko KiriakeJPN50.326 (6 h4)49.413 (8 h1)
31158Manaka KubotaJPN50.608 (7 h1)49.769 (6 h3)
3213Josephine BulmerAUS53.354 (6 h3)51.474 (7 h3)

Round One

Date4 August 2021 — 10:05
FormatFirst two in each heat to semi-finals, all others to quarter-finals.

Heat #1

13Liudmyla LuzanUKR45.571QOB
26Lin WenjunCHN46.449Q
32Antía JácomeESP46.691
45María MailliardCHI47.557
54Irina AndreyevaROC48.192
61Nilufar ZokirovaUZB49.686
77Manaka KubotaJPN50.608

Heat #2

15Nevin HarrisonUSA44.938QOB
23Katherin NuevoCUB46.533Q
31Virág BallaHUN46.852
44Anastasiya ChetverikovaUKR47.472
57Bernadette WallaceAUS48.209
62Margarita TorlopovaKAZ49.721
76Maria OlărașuMDA50.607

Heat #3

13Katie VincentCAN46.391Q
25Yarisleidis CiriloCUB47.267Q
31Ayomide BelloNGR47.539
44Katie ReidGBR47.876
56Orasa ThiangkathokTHA48.262
62Josephine BulmerAUS53.354

Heat #4

12Laurence Vincent-LapointeCAN45.408Q
25Olesya RomasenkoROC46.126Q
34Alena NazdrovaBLR46.731
43Lisa JahnGER47.439
51Dilnoza RakhmatovaUZB47.716
66Teruko KiriakeJPN50.326

Heat #5

15Dorota BorowskaPOL47.655Q
26Kincső TakácsHUN47.977Q
31Daniela CociuMDA48.338
43Staniliya StamenovaBUL48.477
52Sophie KochGER48.601
64Vanesa TotCRO49.280


Date4 August 2021 — 12:29
FormatFirst two in each heat to semi-finals.

Heat #1

15Antía JácomeESP45.668Q
23María MailliardCHI46.122Q
34Anastasiya ChetverikovaUKR46.509
46Bernadette WallaceAUS48.330
52Orasa ThiangkathokTHA48.559
67Nilufar ZokirovaUZB48.995
78Maria OlărașuMDA49.002
81Teruko KiriakeJPN49.413

Heat #2

15Virág BallaHUN46.218Q
26Irina AndreyevaROC46.637Q
32Dilnoza RakhmatovaUZB46.645
43Katie ReidGBR47.821
51Vanesa TotCRO48.375
64Daniela CociuMDA48.594
77Margarita TorlopovaKAZ49.051

Heat #3

14Alena NazdrovaBLR46.950Q
26Lisa JahnGER47.049Q
35Ayomide BelloNGR47.326
42Sophie KochGER48.891
53Staniliya StamenovaBUL48.939
61Manaka KubotaJPN49.769
77Josephine BulmerAUS51.474


Date5 August 2021 — 9:44
FormatFirst four in each heat to Final A, all others to Final B.

Heat #1

15Liudmyla LuzanUKR47.339Q
22Olesya RomasenkoROC47.368Q
34Katie VincentCAN47.604Q
43Dorota BorowskaPOL47.703Q
51María MailliardCHI48.198
67Virág BallaHUN48.257
78Lisa JahnGER49.136
86Katherin NuevoCUB49.242

Heat #2

14Nevin HarrisonUSA46.697Q
23Lin WenjunCHN47.161Q
35Laurence Vincent-LapointeCAN47.294Q
47Antía JácomeESP47.414Q
51Alena NazdrovaBLR48.120
66Yarisleidis CiriloCUB48.375
78Irina AndreyevaROC49.147
82Kincső TakácsHUN49.178

Final Round

Date5 August 2021 — 11:50

Final A

14Nevin HarrisonUSA45.932
22Laurence Vincent-LapointeCAN46.786
35Liudmyla LuzanUKR47.034
41Dorota BorowskaPOL47.116
58Antía JácomeESP47.226
66Lin WenjunCHN47.608
73Olesya RomasenkoROC47.777
87Katie VincentCAN47.834

Final B

13Virág BallaHUN47.560
25María MailliardCHI47.610
34Alena NazdrovaBLR48.085
46Yarisleidis CiriloCUB48.582
57Lisa JahnGER48.798
68Kincső TakácsHUN48.921
72Irina AndreyevaROC48.930
81Katherin NuevoCUB49.024