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Singles, Men

Date8 – 10 February 2022
LocationShoudu Tiyguan, Beijing
Participants29 from 20 countries
FormatTotal of points from short program and free skating.

Since the 2018 Games, American Nathan Chen had won all three World Championships after Olympic champion Yuzuru Hanyu had struggled with a succession of minor injuries and COVID-19 restrictions. Although Chen was considered the favourite there was still intrigue into how Hanyu would perform in defence of his title especially if he was injury free this time. Sadly the Japanese star suffered an injury in his right ankle ligament during a fall in practice in November 2021 and struggled to recover his fitness in time for Beijing. Hanyu’s defence was doomed from the moment in the short program where he messed up his opening quadruple Salchow jump and his hopes were over when he only finished eighth after the first phase of competition.

In contrast, Chen exceeded expectations with a virtuoso short program and nailed all of his jumps on his way to a world best score that gave him the lead over the Japanese pairing of Yuma Kagiyama and Shoma Uno.

Revisiting the long program he had intended to skate at the cancelled 2020 World Championships, Chen’s execution was not perfect but it was enough to extend his winning margin over Kagiyama and Uno further. Defending champion Hanyu gambled everything on a spectacular performance to move into medal contention but was undone by a couple of falls. Despite this, he moved from eighth to fourth place.

Chen, whose parents had moved from China to the USA a decade before he was born, was the first male Asian-American Olympic champion in the sport. His compatriot, Vincent Zhou, was also a medal contender but was forced to withdraw after testing positive for COVID-19 between the team and individual competitions.

PosNrSkaterNOCPointsShort ProgramFree Skating
1Nathan ChenUSA332.60113.97 (1)218.63 (1)Gold
2Yuma KagiyamaJPN310.05108.12 (2)201.93 (2)Silver
3Shoma UnoJPN293.00105.90 (3)187.10 (5)Bronze
4Yuzuru HanyuJPN283.2195.15 (8)188.06 (3)
5Cha Jun-HwanKOR282.3899.51 (4)182.87 (7)
6Jason BrownUSA281.2497.24 (6)184.00 (6)
7Daniel GrasslITA278.0790.64 (12)187.43 (4)
8Yevgeny SemenenkoROC274.1395.76 (7)178.37 (9)
9Jin BoyangCHN270.4390.98 (11)179.45 (8)
10Morisi KvitelashviliGEO268.6297.98 (5)170.64 (11)
11Keegan MessingCAN265.6193.24 (9)172.37 (10)
12Kévin AymozFRA254.8093.00 (10)161.80 (15)
13Deniss VasiļjevsLAT252.7185.30 (16)167.41 (12)
14Adam Siao Him FaFRA250.1586.74 (14)163.41 (13)
15Mark KondratyukROC248.8286.11 (15)162.71 (14)
16Matteo RizzoITA247.5388.63 (13)158.90 (17)
17Brendan KerryAUS244.8084.79 (17)160.01 (16)
18Vladimir LitvintsevAZE239.1984.15 (18)155.04 (19)
19Andrey MozalyovROC233.3377.05 (23)156.28 (18)
20Kanstantsin MiliukauBLR222.2278.49 (21)143.73 (20)
21Nikolaj MajorovSWE220.7878.54 (20)142.24 (21)
22Donovan CarrilloMEX218.1379.69 (19)138.44 (22)
23Lukas BritschgiSUI212.5876.16 (24)136.42 (23)
24Ivan ShmuratkoUKR205.7678.11 (22)127.65 (24)
25 r1/2Michal BřezinaCZE75.19 (25)
26 r1/2Alexei BychenkoISR68.01 (26)
27 r1/2Lee Si-HyeongKOR65.69 (27)
28 r1/2Aleksandr SelevkoEST65.29 (28)
29 r1/2Roman SadovskyCAN62.77 (29)
DNSVincent ZhouUSA– (DNS)

Short Program (8 February 2022 — 09:22)

Judge #1Claudia BrambatiITA
Judge #2Fang DanCHN
Judge #3Anna KantorISR
Judge #4Masako KubotaJPN
Judge #5Anthony LeroyFRA
Judge #6Lee Jeong-SuKOR
Judge #7Yekaterina SerovaBLR
Judge #8Åsa NordbackSWE
Judge #9Cynthia BensonCAN
PosNrSkaterNOCPointsTech. ElementsProgr. ComponentsDeductions
1Nathan ChenUSA113.9765.9847.99Q
2Yuma KagiyamaJPN108.1260.9147.21Q
3Shoma UnoJPN105.9059.0546.85Q
4Cha Jun-HwanKOR99.5154.3045.21Q
5Morisi KvitelashviliGEO97.9855.6942.29Q
6Jason BrownUSA97.2449.9547.29Q
7Yevgeny SemenenkoROC95.7655.2340.53Q
8Yuzuru HanyuJPN95.1548.0747.08Q
9Keegan MessingCAN93.2449.3043.94Q
10Kévin AymozFRA93.0049.9343.07Q
11Jin BoyangCHN90.9851.6239.36Q
12Daniel GrasslITA90.6448.7041.94Q
13Matteo RizzoITA88.6346.7141.92Q
14Adam Siao Him FaFRA86.7447.2840.46-1.00Q
15Mark KondratyukROC86.1145.0841.03Q
16Deniss VasiļjevsLAT85.3043.0842.22Q
17Brendan KerryAUS84.7945.9338.86Q
18Vladimir LitvintsevAZE84.1547.1437.01Q
19Donovan CarrilloMEX79.6943.0836.61Q
20Nikolaj MajorovSWE78.5441.2237.32Q
21Kanstantsin MiliukauBLR78.4941.9236.57Q
22Ivan ShmuratkoUKR78.1141.0837.03Q
23Andrey MozalyovROC77.0536.7641.29-1.00Q
24Lukas BritschgiSUI76.1639.7636.40Q
25Michal BřezinaCZE75.1936.6939.50-1.00
26Alexei BychenkoISR68.0133.0235.99-1.00
27Lee Si-HyeongKOR65.6930.7535.94-1.00
28Aleksandr SelevkoEST65.2928.7936.50
29Roman SadovskyCAN62.7724.9937.78
DNSVincent ZhouUSA

Free Skating (10 February 2022 — 09:37)

Judge #1Fang DanCHN
Judge #2Yekaterina SerovaBLR
Judge #3Masako KubotaJPN
Judge #4Sasha MartínezMEX
Judge #5Miroslav MišurecCZE
Judge #6Anna KantorISR
Judge #7Åsa NordbackSWE
Judge #8Zanna KulikEST
Judge #9Claudia BrambatiITA
PosNrSkaterNOCPointsTech. ElementsProgr. ComponentsDeductions
1Nathan ChenUSA218.63121.4197.22
2Yuma KagiyamaJPN201.93107.9993.94
3Yuzuru HanyuJPN188.0699.6290.44-2.00
4Daniel GrasslITA187.43103.3584.08
5Shoma UnoJPN187.1096.2491.86-1.00
6Jason BrownUSA184.0087.6696.34
7Cha Jun-HwanKOR182.8793.5990.28-1.00
8Jin BoyangCHN179.4597.2382.22
9Yevgeny SemenenkoROC178.3794.8183.56
10Keegan MessingCAN172.3784.1388.24
11Morisi KvitelashviliGEO170.6485.9284.72
12Deniss VasiļjevsLAT167.4184.7583.66-1.00
13Adam Siao Him FaFRA163.4181.6982.72-1.00
14Mark KondratyukROC162.7180.1583.56-1.00
15Kévin AymozFRA161.8076.6086.20-1.00
16Brendan KerryAUS160.0183.5176.50
17Matteo RizzoITA158.9076.9282.98-1.00
18Andrey MozalyovROC156.2879.4878.80-2.00
19Vladimir LitvintsevAZE155.0480.7674.28
20Kanstantsin MiliukauBLR143.7371.3572.38
21Nikolaj MajorovSWE142.2467.6074.64
22Donovan CarrilloMEX138.4466.5672.88-1.00
23Lukas BritschgiSUI136.4264.7271.70
24Ivan ShmuratkoUKR127.6557.1771.48-1.00