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Mass Start, Women

Date19 February 2022
LocationNational Speed Skating Oval, Olympic Green, Beijing
Participants28 from 17 countries
FormatPoints for sprints, 5-3-1 for three intermediate sprints, and 60-40-20-10-6-3 for final sprint, with places determined by points.
RefereeTrevis BoydCAN
StarterChen SongCHN

A former inline speed skating world champion and marathon skater, Irene Schouten’s favorite event had always been the mass start, having won world titles in 2015 and 2019. After her double gold in the 3 and 5 km, all eyes were on Schouten to make it three golds. However, given the less predictable nature of the event, other names were also expected to do well. This included two-time world champion Ivanie Blondin, inline skating great Francesca Lollobrigida, Korea’s Kim Bo-Reum, as well as Schouten’s teammate Marijke Groenewoud, who had surprisingly claimed the 2021 world title when Schouten was held up in the final sprint.

The semi-finals were rather nervous. In the first, Groenwoud fell, but she was able to return to the group and qualify for the final. That could not be said for defending champion Nana Takagi. After her dramatic fall earlier in the team pursuit, she again fell in the second semi-final.

In the final, the race was fairly compact, but saw Groenewoud fall again and lose contact. With two laps left, an intact pack (save for Groenewoud) started the final sprint. Valérie Maltais increased the speed, hoping to launch her teammate Blondin to victory. At the bell, Schouten had taken the lead, followed by Blondin and Lollobrigida. The Italian briefly lost her balance, leaving Blondin in front going into the final curve. With 50 m to go, Schouten passed the Canadian, crossing the line first, while Lollobrigida was just too late to join the fight for gold and came in third.

By winning her third gold and fourth medal in Beijing, Schouten became the most successful Dutch Winter Olympian ever at a single Games, beating three-time champions Ard Schenk and Yvonne van Gennip.

1Irene SchoutenNED13 (4 h2)60 (1)Gold
2Ivanie BlondinCAN65 (1 h1)40 (2)Silver
3Francesca LollobrigidaITA62 (1 h2)20 (3)Bronze
4Mia KilburgUSA10 (4 h1)10 (4)
5Kim Bo-ReumKOR40 (2 h2)6 (5)
6Valérie MaltaisCAN3 (7 h2)6 (6)
7Maryna ZuyevaBLR2 (8 h1)4 (7)
8Ayano SatoJPN40 (2 h1)3 (8)
9Claudia PechsteinGER3 (7 h1)3 (9)
10Magdalena CzyszczońPOL4 (6 h1)2 (10)
11Marijke GroenewoudNED9 (5 h1)1 (11)
12Giorgia BirkelandUSA3 (6 h2)– (12)
13Guo DanCHN21 (3 h2)– (13)
14Nadezhda MorozovaKAZ3 (8 h2)– (14)
15Yelizaveta GolubevaROC1 (9 h1)– (15)
16Li QishiCHN23 (3 h1)– (DQ)
17Karolina BosiekPOL6 (5 h2)– (DQ)
18Yauheniya VarabiovaBLR2 (9 h2)
19Yelena SokhryakovaROC2 (10 h2)
20Michelle UhrigGER2 (11 h2)
21Nadja WengerSUI– (10 h1)
22Laura GómezCOL– (11 h1)
23Sofie Karoline HaugenNOR– (12 h1)
24Sandrine TasBEL– (12 h2)
25Marit Fjellanger BøhmNOR– (13 h2)
26Park Ji-WuKOR– (13 h1)
27Nana TakagiJPN– (14 h2)
28María Victoria RodríguezARG– (14 h1)
DNSNikola ZdráhalováCZE– (DNS h2)


Date19 February 2022 — 15:45
FormatTop finishers in each heat advance to final round.

Heat #1

PosHelmet NrCompetitorNOCPointsLapsTime
11Ivanie BlondinCAN65168:28.68Q
212Ayano SatoJPN40168:28.77Q
38Li QishiCHN23168:29.01Q
43Mia KilburgUSA10168:29.93Q
54Marijke GroenewoudNED9168:30.92Q
613Magdalena CzyszczońPOL4168:31.77Q
79Claudia PechsteinGER3168:30.99Q
86Maryna ZuyevaBLR2168:31.54Q
92Yelizaveta GolubevaROC1168:53.99ADV
1011Nadja WengerSUI168:31.50
1110Laura GómezCOL168:31.66
127Sofie Karoline HaugenNOR168:33.77
135Park Ji-WuKOR168:53.64
1414María Victoria RodríguezARG95:24.53

Heat #2

PosHelmet NrCompetitorNOCPointsLapsTime
11Francesca LollobrigidaITA62168:34.19Q
24Kim Bo-ReumKOR40168:34.23Q
32Guo DanCHN21168:34.39Q
43Irene SchoutenNED13168:34.43Q
58Karolina BosiekPOL6168:34.44Q
615Giorgia BirkelandUSA3168:34.44Q
75Valérie MaltaisCAN3168:35.47Q
87Nadezhda MorozovaKAZ3168:42.23Q
911Yauheniya VarabiovaBLR2168:43.65
1014Yelena SokhryakovaROC2168:45.00
116Michelle UhrigGER2169:02.52
1210Sandrine TasBEL168:37.77
1312Marit Fjellanger BøhmNOR168:42.28
1413Nana TakagiJPN169:10.03
DNS9Nikola ZdráhalováCZE

Final Round

Date19 February 2022 — 17:00
PosHelmet NrCompetitorNOCPointsLapsTime
18Irene SchoutenNED60168:14.73
21Ivanie BlondinCAN40168:14.79
32Francesca LollobrigidaITA20168:14.98
47Mia KilburgUSA10168:16.15
54Kim Bo-ReumKOR6168:16.81
614Valérie MaltaisCAN6168:20.46
715Maryna ZuyevaBLR4168:20.10
83Ayano SatoJPN3168:16.94
913Claudia PechsteinGER3168:25.78
1011Magdalena CzyszczońPOL2168:21.07
119Marijke GroenewoudNED1169:12.86
1212Giorgia BirkelandUSA168:18.10
136Guo DanCHN168:18.61
1416Nadezhda MorozovaKAZ168:21.05
1517Yelizaveta GolubevaROC157:50.24
DQ5Li QishiCHN
DQ10Karolina BosiekPOL