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500 metres, Men

Date11 – 13 February 2022
LocationShoudu Tiyguan, Beijing
Participants32 from 17 countries
FormatPlacements 1-8 based on final and B final. Deeper placements based on placements in earlier rounds, and best time skated.
Olympic Record 39.584 WR / Wu Dajing CHN / 22 February 2018

The COVID-19 restricted home crowd hoped that Wu Dajing would be able to repeat his 2018 victory at his home Games. Wu, however, had not won a major title since, having left the 2018 and 2019 world title to Korea’s Hwang Dae-Heon. Defending World Champion Shaoang Liu was also considered, although he had won that title without any Asian opponents due to travel restrictions. His brother, Shaolin Sándor Liu, had won two of the 2021/22 World Cup races and led the standings, with Wu and Hwang also picking up wins.

Shaolin Sándor Liu was the only one of this group not to make the quarter-finals, failing in his last corner attempt to reach the top two. In the first semi-final, ROC’s Konstantin Ivliyev took full advantage of the inner starting position, leading start to finish. Behind him, Pietro Sighel qualified by 0.001, edging out Sitnikov after a great takeover maneuver earlier in the race. Liu, Hwang and Wu all met up in the second semi-final, but only the Hungarian would proceed. Liu won the race clearly, having overtaken early leader Steven Dubois. Hwang made a dual pass move in the final lap, passing Wu and Dubois, but taking out the latter in the attempt. This left the Korean with a penalty, and the Canadian advanced into the final. Wu meanwhile was pipped at the line by the surprising Abzal Azhgaliyev and had to comfort himself in the B final.

The final was fairly straightforward. Liu, having the inner lane advantage, got away with the lead, closely followed by fast-starter Ivliyev. The two opened up a sizeable gap. The others never quite managed to close it, leaving Liu to win his second Olympic gold after the relay title in 2018, ahead of Ivliyev and Dubois. Azhgaliyev placed fourth, while Sighel fell in the final lap.

PosNrSkaterNOCLast RacePositionsBest Time
11Shaoang LiuHUNAF-11-1-140.157Gold
212Konstantin IvliyevROCAF-21-1-140.272Silver
316Steven DuboisCANAF-34-2-140.399Bronze
450Abzal AzhgaliyevKAZAF-42-3-140.462
57Pietro SighelITAAF-DNF2-2-240.350
648Wu DajingCHNBF-13-1-140.230
753Pavel SitnikovROCBF-23-2-240.591
817Denis NikishaKAZBF-34-1-140.355
934Roberts KrūzbergsLATBF-45-3-340.430
1052Hwang Dae-HeonKORSF-DQ0-2-240.636
1154Ren ZiweiCHNQF-30-3-140.669
1213Vladislav BykanovISRQF-30-3-240.900
1327Shaolin Sándor LiuHUNQF-40-4-140.700
149Stijn DesmetBELQF-40-4-340.585
1575Sun LongCHNQF-40-4-340.779
1623Ryan PivirottoUSAQF-40-4-341.018
1766John-Henry KruegerHUNQF-50-5-240.407
1867Jordan Pierre-GillesCANQF-50-5-240.488
1915Adil GaliakhmetovKAZQF-50-5-240.722
204Sébastien LepapeFRAQF-50-5-242.081
21180Brendan CoreyAUSR1-30-0-341.097
2278Kota KikuchiJPNR1-30-0-342.176
2392Andrea CassinelliITAR1-30-0-342.791
24188Sidney ChuHKGR1-30-0-344.857
2573Quentin FercoqFRAR1-40-0-440.548
26101Katsunori KoikeJPNR1-40-0-441.199
2744Oleh HandeiUKRR1-40-0-444.163
=285Itzhak de LaatNEDR1-40-0-4
=288Dylan HoogerwerfNEDR1-40-0-4
=2811Maxime LaounCANR1-40-0-4
DQ46Lee Jun-SeoKOR[R1-DQ]
DQ122Jens van 't WoutNED[R1-DQ]

Round One (11 February 2022 — 19:18)

Top two finishers in each heat advanced to quarter-finals.

Heat #1 (19:18)

11Shaolin Sándor LiuHUN40.948Q
22Sébastien LepapeFRA42.081Q
33Kota KikuchiJPN42.176
DQ4Lee Jun-SeoKOR

Heat #2

11Ren ZiweiCHN40.669Q
22Adil GaliakhmetovKAZ40.722Q
34Brendan CoreyAUS41.097
43Maxime LaounCAN

Heat #3

11Steven DuboisCAN40.399Q
22Pavel SitnikovROC40.591Q
33Andrea CassinelliITA42.791
44Oleh HandeiUKR44.163

Heat #4

11Denis NikishaKAZ40.482Q
22Jordan Pierre-GillesCAN40.488Q
34Stijn DesmetBEL40.585q
43Katsunori KoikeJPN41.199

Heat #5

11Konstantin IvliyevROC40.272Q
22John-Henry KruegerHUN40.407Q
33Roberts KrūzbergsLAT40.430q
44Quentin FercoqFRA40.548

Heat #6

12Abzal AzhgaliyevKAZ40.870Q
21Hwang Dae-HeonKOR40.971Q
34Ryan PivirottoUSA41.018q
43Itzhak de LaatNED

Heat #7

11Shaoang LiuHUN40.797Q
24Vladislav BykanovISR40.900Q
33Sun LongCHN42.871ADV
DQ2Jens van 't WoutNED

Heat #8

11Wu DajingCHN40.230Q
22Pietro SighelITA40.350Q
34Sidney ChuHKG44.857
43Dylan HoogerwerfNED

Quarter-Finals (13 February 2022 — 19:00)

Top two finishers in each heat advanced to semi-finals.

Heat #1 (19:00)

11Denis NikishaKAZ40.355Q
22Pavel SitnikovROC40.643Q
33Ren ZiweiCHN40.714
45Sun LongCHN40.779
54Adil GaliakhmetovKAZ40.925

Heat #2

11Wu DajingCHN40.528Q
22Pietro SighelITA40.644Q
33Roberts KrūzbergsLAT40.694q
44Shaolin Sándor LiuHUN40.700
55Sébastien LepapeFRA46.814

Heat #3

11Konstantin IvliyevROC40.351Q
25Hwang Dae-HeonKOR40.636Q
34Abzal AzhgaliyevKAZ40.643q
43Stijn DesmetBEL40.718
52John-Henry KruegerHUN40.844

Heat #4

13Shaoang LiuHUN40.386Q
21Steven DuboisCAN40.494Q
34Vladislav BykanovISR41.157
45Ryan PivirottoUSA41.841
52Jordan Pierre-GillesCAN

Semi-Finals (13 February 2022 — 19:27)

Top two finishers in each heat advanced to final.

Heat #1 (19:27)

11Konstantin IvliyevROC40.655Q
24Pietro SighelITA40.847Q
33Pavel SitnikovROC40.848
42Denis NikishaKAZ41.005
55Roberts KrūzbergsLAT41.870

Heat #2

11Shaoang LiuHUN40.157Q
25Abzal AzhgaliyevKAZ40.462Q
33Wu DajingCHN40.478
42Steven DuboisCAN40.825ADV
DQ4Hwang Dae-HeonKOR

Final Round (13 February 2022 — 20:09)

B Final (20:09)

11Wu DajingCHN41.157
22Pavel SitnikovROC41.217
33Denis NikishaKAZ41.329
44Roberts KrūzbergsLAT41.465

A Final (20:14)

11Shaoang LiuHUN40.338
23Konstantin IvliyevROC40.431
34Steven DuboisCAN40.669
42Abzal AzhgaliyevKAZ40.869
DNF5Pietro SighelITA