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Normal Hill, Team, Mixed

Date 7 February 2022 — 19:44
LocationZhangjiakou National Ski Jumping Centre, Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province
Participants40 from 10 countries
Judge ADan MattoonUSA
Judge BLiang BingCHN
Judge CStanislav SlavíkCZE
Judge DJørn LarsenNOR
Judge EVadim LisovskyRUS
Judge SCJürgen WinklerAUT
DetailsHill Size : 106 m
Inrun Angle : 35°
Inrun Length : 100.0 m
K-Point : 95 m
Landing Angle: 34.1°
Take-Off Angle : 11°
Take-Off Height : 2.37 m
Total Height : 114.7 m

The mixed team normal hill event was a new addition to the Olympic program in Beijing, having been contested at the World Cup since 2012 and the World Championships since 2013. The most recent World Champions were Germany, led by Katharina Althaus and Karl Geiger and supported by Markus Eisenbichler and the non-Olympian Anna Rupprecht. In Beijing, Eisenbichler and Rupprecht were replaced by Constantin Schmid and Selina Freitag. Norway, led by Robert Johansson, was the most recent World runner-up, while bronze had gone to Austria, headed by veteran Daniela Iraschko-Stolz. The event had been held only once in the latest season of the World Cup, with the positions the same aside from Slovenia replacing Germany at the top.

The event attracted significant controversy in the first round when Althaus, Iraschko-Stolz, and Sara Takanashi, one of the stars of the Japanese team, were disqualified for suit violations, despite having worn the same suits in earlier events. As disqualified athletes are unable to contribute to the overall score, this left Slovenia, Norway and Russia as the top three placers in the first round, while Germany was eliminated entirely.

In the final round, however, two of the Norwegian skiers, Anna Odine Strøm and Silje Opseth, were also disqualified, leaving Norway unable to reach the podium. This left Slovenia in prime position to capture gold, which they did, while Russia was able to move up and claim the runner-up spot. Canada, who had never before won an Olympic ski jumping medal, performed well enough to advance from fourth into the bronze medal position, although it seemed clear that had fourth and fifth-placed Japan and Austria had all of their competitors, they would have taken silver and bronze respectively. The Russian team, meanwhile, won only its second Olympic medal in ski jumping, the first having come from Vladimir Belousov’s victory for the Soviet Union in the large hill in 1968.

PosCompetitorsNOCPointsJump #1Jump #2
1SloveniaSLO1001.5506.4 (1)495.1 (1)Gold
Nika Križnar 248.1126.6121.5
Timi Zajc 243.4120.4123.0
Urša Bogataj 257.4133.1124.3
Peter Prevc 252.6126.3126.3
2ROCROC890.3448.8 (3)441.5 (4)Silver
Irma Makhinya 173.892.481.4
Danil Sadreyev 249.9124.1125.8
Irina Avvakumova 209.5105.8103.7
Yevgeny Klimov 257.1126.5130.6
3CanadaCAN844.6415.4 (4)429.2 (5)Bronze
Alexandria Loutitt 189.087.6101.4
Matthew Soukup
Abigail Strate 210.9108.3102.6
Mackenzie Boyd-Clowes 253.5125.4128.1
4JapanJPN836.3359.9 (8)476.4 (2)
Sara Takanashi 118.9118.90.0
Yukiya Sato 245.6122.9122.7
Yuki Ito 204.2106.997.3
Ryoyu Kobayashi 267.6130.1137.5
5AustriaAUT818.0370.7 (6)447.3 (3)
Daniela Iraschko-Stolz
Stefan Kraft 261.4130.2131.2
Lisa Eder 214.9113.1101.8
Manuel Fettner 255.3127.4127.9
6PolandPOL763.2386.1 (5)377.1 (6)
Nicole Konderla 129.167.861.3
Dawid Kubacki 238.2114.6123.6
Kinga Rajda 139.878.461.4
Kamil Stoch 256.1125.3130.8
7Czech RepublicCZE722.8362.5 (7)360.3 (7)
Klára Ulrichová 137.776.261.5
Čestmír Kožíšek 211.3104.5106.8
Karolína Indráčková 158.874.384.5
Roman Koudelka 215.0107.5107.5
8NorwayNOR707.9457.4 (2)250.5 (8)
Anna Odine Strøm 104.5104.50.0
Robert Johansson 248.1123.2124.9
Silje Opseth 101.4101.40.0
Marius Lindvik 253.9128.3125.6
9GermanyGER350.9350.9 (9)
Selina Freitag 95.495.4
Constantin Schmid 127.7127.7
Katharina Althaus 0.00.0DQ1
Karl Geiger 127.8127.8
10People's Republic of ChinaCHN229.8229.8 (10)
Dong Bing 69.469.4
Song Qiwu 57.757.7
Peng Qingyue 42.042.0
Zhao Jiawen 60.760.7