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3 × 5 kilometres Relay, Women

Date 7 February 1964 — 9:30
LocationLanglaufstadion, Seefeld
Participants24 from 8 countries
DetailsCourse Length: ?
Height Differential: 64 m
Maximum Climb: 39 m
Total Climbing: 150 m

In the two earlier games with the cross country relay for women on the program, the highly favored Soviet women had surprisingly not been able to win a gold medal. In 1956 they lost to Finland, and in 1960 Sweden took a most unexpected gold medal. The Soviets had won three World Championships in a row, in 1954, 1958 and 1962, and were also the big favorite for the gold medal this time.

And this time the relay went on as expected. The experienced Alevtina Kolchina made no mistakes on the first leg and had a 36 seconds lead over Sweden’s Barbro Martinsson. at the first exchange. But Finland’s young Senja Pusula ran into trouble on her first leg and reached the exchange in fourth place, almost two and a half minutes behind the leader and 1:11 behind Germany in third place. Yevdokiya Mekshilo and double Olympic Champion Klavdiya Boyarskikh increased the Soviet lead on the last two legs, and the Soviet Union won the gold with a comfortable margin, over two minutes ahead of Sweden. On the second leg, Finland’s Toini Pöysti was able to overtake Germany, and Finland secured the bronze medal almost two minutes ahead of Germany, but 1:18 behind Sweden.

PosNrTeamNOCTimeSplit (Pos)
15Soviet UnionURS59:20.2Gold
5-1Alevtina Kolchina21:17.921:17.9 (1)
5-2Yevdokiya Mekshilo19:08.540:26.4 (1)
5-3Klavdiya Boyarskikh18:53.859:20.2 (1)
7-1Barbro Martinsson21:53.921:53.9 (2)
7-2Britt Strandberg19:51.341:45.2 (2)
7-3Toini Gustafsson19:41.81-01:27.0 (2)
2-1Senja Pusula23:45.923:45.9 (4)
2-2Toini Pöysti19:39.843:25.7 (3)
2-3Mirja Lehtonen19:19.41-02:45.1 (3)
46Unified Team of GermanyGER1-04:29.9
6-1Christine Nestler22:34.122:34.1 (3)
6-2Rita Czech-Blasel21:00.843:34.9 (4)
6-3Renate Dannhauer20:55.01-04:29.9 (4)
1-1Roza Dimova24:41.424:41.4 (6)
1-2Nadezhda Vasileva21:27.146:08.5 (5)
1-3Krastana Stoeva20:31.91-06:40.4 (5)
3-1Jarmila Škodová24:48.324:48.3 (7)
3-2Eva Břízová21:44.146:32.4 (6)
3-3Eva Paulusová-Benešová22:10.41-08:42.8 (6)
8-1Teresa Trzebunia25:53.425:53.4 (8)
8-2Czesława Stopka22:15.648:09.0 (8)
8-3Stefania Biegun20:46.41-08:55.4 (7)
4-1Éva Balázs24:24.824:24.8 (5)
4-2Mária Tarnai22:59.447:24.2 (7)
4-3Katalin Hemrik22:52.11-10:16.3 (8)