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Welterweight (≤147 pounds), Men

Date21 – 24 August 1920
LocationFeestzaal, Koninklijke Zoölogische Maatschappij, Antwerpen
Participants18 from 11 countries
FormatSingle elimination tournament.

Albert “Bert” Schneider was a very unlikely champion. He was born in Cleveland as an American but moved to Montreal as an infant. In 1920 he won the Canadian amateur welterweight championship. He was selected for the Canadian team shortly after that, although he did not have Canadian citizenship. Rules for national representation at the Olympic Games were much looser in 1920. In the semi-finals, Schneider fought another American, Frederick Colberg, and defeated him easily. The finals were closer, and Schneider needed an extra round to win a decision over Alexander Ireland. After the Olympics, Schneider turned professional and fought about 75 fights, with only marginal success.

1Bert SchneiderCANGold
2Alex IrelandGBRSilver
3Fred KolbergUSABronze
4William ClarkUSA
=5Léon GilletFRA
=5Aage SteenNOR
=5Trygve StokstadNOR
=5August SuhrDEN
=9Roy IngramRSA
=9Georges WerllBEL
=9Willy ReichenbachSUI
=9René SmetBEL
=9Joe ThomasRSA
=9Henri RichardsFRA
=9Freddie WhitbreadGBR
=9Ivan SchannongDEN
=17Dario Della ValleITA
=17Johannes HeuckelbachNED

Round One1 (21 August 1920)

Winner of each match advanced to the second round.

Match #1 Trygve StokstadNOR Bye
Match #2 Roy IngramRSA Bye
Match #3 William ClarkUSA Bye
Match #4 Georges WerllBEL Bye
Match #5 Alex IrelandGBR Bye
Match #6 Willy ReichenbachSUI Bye
Match #7 August SuhrDEN Bye
Match #8 René SmetBEL Bye
Match #9 Bert SchneiderCAN Bye
Match #10 Joe ThomasRSA Bye
Match #11 Aage SteenNOR Dario Della ValleITA Referee Stops Contest (Round 3)
Match #12 Henri RichardsFRA Bye
Match #13 Léon GilletFRA Bye
Match #14 Freddie WhitbreadGBR Bye
Match #15 Fred KolbergUSA Bye
Match #16 Ivan SchannongDEN Johannes HeuckelbachNED Decision (– - –)

Round Two (22 August 1920)

Winner of each match advanced to the quarter-finals.

Match #1 Trygve StokstadNOR Roy IngramRSA Decision (– - –)
Match #2 William ClarkUSA Georges WerllBEL Decision (– - –)
Match #3 Alex IrelandGBR Willy ReichenbachSUI Decision (– - –)
Match #4 August SuhrDEN René SmetBEL Decision (– - –)
Match #5 Bert SchneiderCAN Joe ThomasRSA Decision (– - –)
Match #6 Aage SteenNOR Henri RichardsFRA Referee Stops Contest (Round 3)
Match #7 Léon GilletFRA Freddie WhitbreadGBR Knock Out (Round 3)
Match #8 Fred KolbergUSA Ivan SchannongDEN Decision (– - –)

Quarter-Finals (23 August 1920)

Winner of each match advanced to the semi-finals.

Match #1 William ClarkUSA Trygve StokstadNOR Decision (– - –)
Match #2 Alex IrelandGBR August SuhrDEN Decision (– - –)
Match #3 Bert SchneiderCAN Aage SteenNOR Decision (– - –)
Match #4 Fred KolbergUSA Léon GilletFRA Disqualified (Round 4)

Semi-Finals (23 August 1920)

Winner of each match advanced to the final match.

Match #1 Alex IrelandGBR William ClarkUSA Decision (– - –)
Match #2 Bert SchneiderCAN Fred KolbergUSA Decision (– - –)

Final Round (24 August 1920)

Match 1/2 Bert SchneiderCAN Alex IrelandGBR Decision (– - –)
Match 3/4 Fred KolbergUSA William ClarkUSA Walkover