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Team, Men

Date16 – 17 February 1992
LocationLe Praz, Courchevel / Les Saisies
Participants33 from 11 countries
FormatNormal hill ski jumping and 3 x 10 kilometre relay skiing; placements determined by points table. Three members per team, with all ski jump scores to count towards team total. Pursuit-style cross-country relay race, with skiers leaving in order of their finish in the ski jumping, so that final placement determined by final placement in cross-country ski race.

While West Germany and Norway had won the first four World Championship in team Nordic combined, the 1991 World Championship was won by Austria, with France second, and the surprising Japanese third. In Albertville, the Japanese jumped to a commanding lead on the normal hill, leading by 29.5, giving them a start margin of 2:27 for the relay, with Austria second, and Germany third, and the dangerous Norwegians a full 6:16 back. In the relay, Norway, which had placed sixth in jumping, would post the best time, moving them up to the silver medal. Japan would place only sixth in the skiing, but it was enough for them to win the gold medal easily, with a 1:26.4 margin over Norway. They were never in danger during the relay. Austria was third in the relay and dropped back to third overall and the bronze medal position. The hometown French team had been fifth on the jumping hill, and was second in the relay, but could not move onto the podium, finishing fourth.

PosCompetitorsNOCTime MarginSki Jumping, Normal HillCross Country Skiing, 3 × 10 km Relay
1JapanJPN645.1 (1)1-23:36.5 (6)Gold
Reiichi Mikata 227.528:22.5
Takanori Kono 199.028:40.2
Kenji Ogiwara 218.626:33.8
2NorwayNOR+1:26.4569.9 (6)1-18:46.9 (1)Silver
Knut Tore Apeland 185.726:22.8
Fred Børre Lundberg 198.926:19.7
Trond Einar Elden 185.326:04.4
3AustriaAUT+1:40.1615.6 (2)1-22:49.6 (3)Bronze
Klaus Ofner 212.627:56.6
Stefan Kreiner 195.528:34.2
Klaus Sulzenbacher 207.526:18.8
4FranceFRA+2:15.5578.4 (5)1-20:19.0 (2)
Francis Repellin 177.227:27.0
Sylvain Guillaume 191.126:28.8
Fabrice Guy 210.126:23.2
5GermanyGER+4:45.4609.7 (3)1-25:24.9 (8)
Hans-Peter Pohl 207.428:01.2
Jens Deimel 222.229:53.5
Thomas Dufter 180.127:30.2
6CzechoslovakiaTCH+9:04.7546.7 (8)1-24:29.2 (7)
Josef Kovařík 166.027:47.8
Milan Kučera 196.229:37.8
František Máka 184.527:03.6
7FinlandFIN+9:06.8561.2 (7)1-25:44.3 (9)
Pasi Saapunki 166.427:15.5
Jari Mantila 199.630:23.1
Teemu Summanen 195.228:05.7
8United StatesUSA+9:08.3591.3 (4)1-28:15.8 (10)
Joe Holland 208.929:44.9
Tim Tetreault 184.328:48.6
Ryan Heckman 198.129:42.3
9EstoniaEST+9:40.4525.9 (10)1-23:20.9 (4)
Ago Markvardt 183.428:17.8
Peter Heli 161.028:06.9
Allar Levandi 181.526:56.2
10SwitzerlandSUI+10:01.9521.9 (11)1-23:22.4 (5)
Hippolyt Kempf 161.227:24.2
Andreas Schaad 184.827:43.4
Marco Zarucchi 175.928:14.8
11Unified TeamEUN+14:20.7545.3 (9)1-29:38.2 (11)
Andrey Dundukov 193.128:35.2
Sergey Shvagirev 184.830:39.6
Valery Stolyarov 167.430:23.4