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Kayak Singles, Slalom, Men

Date19 – 20 September 2000
LocationPenrith Whitewater Stadium, Penrith, New South Wales
Participants23 from 18 countries

The format of the K-1 slalom had changed since the previous Olympics, as now the scores of both rounds, rather than just the best one, counted and there was a qualifying round prior to the final. Nonetheless one previous medalist, 1992 Olympic and 2000 European champion Pierpaolo Ferrazzi of Italy, elected to participate. Canadian David Ford was the reigning World Champion, while Paul Ratcliffe was the 1998 European champion. Ratcliffe placed the highest among all these three in the qualifying round, but was still behind Mathias Röthenmund of Switzerland and Thomas Schmidt of Germany. Ferrazzi was 11th and Ford was 22nd and thus suffered elimination. Schmidt was in first after the first run of the final, with Ferrazzi in second, Ratcliffe in third, and Röthenmund in ninth. Schmidt won the second run as well and thus guaranteed himself gold, while Slovenia’s Dejan Kralj was second. This was not sufficient to overcome his 12th-place run from the first round and thus Ratcliffe, who was third again, was able to claim the silver medal. Ferrazzi, meanwhile, was eighth but this was sufficient for him to earn bronze.

1Thomas SchmidtGERGold
2Paul RatcliffeGBRSilver
3Pierpaolo FerrazziITABronze
4Helmut OblingerAUT
5Scott ShipleyUSA
6Manuel KöhlerAUT
7Tomáš KobesCZE
8Laurent BurtzFRA
9Mathias RöthenmundSUI
10Dejan KraljSLO
11Andrej GlucksCRO
12Peter NagySVK
13Jiří PrskavecCZE
14Enrico LazzarottoITA
15Fedja MarušičSLO
16Ian WileyIRL
17Lazar PopovskiMKD
18Esteban AracamaESP
19Carles JoanmartíESP
20Nizar SamlalMAR
21John WilkieAUS
22David FordCAN
23Taro AndoJPN

Qualifying (19 September 2000 — 14:40-16:25)

Two runs, total points of both runs to count. Top 15 finishers advanced to the final.

Downstream gates?
Total gates?
Upstream gates?
PosOrdBoatNOCTotalRun OneRun Two
1Mathias RöthenmundSUI253.02127.45 (3)125.57 (2)Q
2Thomas SchmidtGER253.17129.07 (11)124.10 (1)Q
3Paul RatcliffeGBR253.69126.59 (2)127.10 (6)Q
4Helmut OblingerAUT253.94125.94 (1)128.00 (8)Q
5Scott ShipleyUSA254.82128.80 (9)126.02 (3)Q
6Tomáš KobesCZE255.13128.72 (7)126.41 (4)Q
7Manuel KöhlerAUT255.79128.34 (6)127.45 (7)Q
8Laurent BurtzFRA257.47128.15 (5)129.32 (11)Q
9Fedja MarušičSLO258.10128.81 (10)129.29 (10)Q
10Dejan KraljSLO258.29130.24 (13)128.05 (9)Q
11Pierpaolo FerrazziITA261.19127.59 (4)133.60 (15)Q
12Peter NagySVK262.16129.48 (12)132.68 (14)Q
13Enrico LazzarottoITA262.22135.18 (18)127.04 (5)Q
14Jiří PrskavecCZE263.01132.26 (15)130.75 (12)Q
15Andrej GlucksCRO263.66128.76 (8)134.90 (18)Q
16Ian WileyIRL266.42135.66 (19)130.76 (13)
17Lazar PopovskiMKD266.60132.23 (14)134.37 (16)
18Esteban AracamaESP267.75133.33 (16)134.42 (17)
19Carles JoanmartíESP275.88133.80 (17)142.08 (19)
20Nizar SamlalMAR299.22154.02 (22)145.20 (20)
21John WilkieAUS320.84140.44 (20)180.40 (22)
22David FordCAN323.58147.02 (21)176.56 (21)
23Taro AndoJPN442.64210.69 (23)231.95 (23)

Final Round (20 September 2000 — 14:30-16:10)

Two runs, total points of both runs to count.

Downstream gates?
Total gates?
Upstream gates?
PosOrdBoatNOCTotalRun OneRun Two
1Thomas SchmidtGER217.25108.64 (1)108.61 (1)
2Paul RatcliffeGBR223.71112.22 (3)111.49 (3)
3Pierpaolo FerrazziITA225.03111.79 (2)113.24 (8)
4Helmut OblingerAUT226.45112.58 (4)113.87 (10)
5Scott ShipleyUSA226.67112.99 (6)113.68 (9)
6Manuel KöhlerAUT226.80115.06 (10)111.74 (4)
7Tomáš KobesCZE226.99114.23 (7)112.76 (5)
8Laurent BurtzFRA227.63112.64 (5)114.99 (11)
9Mathias RöthenmundSUI227.96114.92 (9)113.04 (7)
10Dejan KraljSLO228.08116.60 (12)111.48 (2)
11Andrej GlucksCRO230.22115.16 (11)115.06 (13)
12Peter NagySVK234.03117.66 (13)116.37 (14)
13Jiří PrskavecCZE234.66121.82 (15)112.84 (6)
14Enrico LazzarottoITA235.92120.89 (14)115.03 (12)
15Fedja MarušičSLO281.99114.62 (8)167.37 (15)