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Canadian Singles, Slalom, Men

Date17 – 18 September 2000
LocationPenrith Whitewater Stadium, Penrith, New South Wales
Participants16 from 13 countries

The format of the K-1 slalom had changed since the previous Olympics, as now the scores of both rounds, rather than just the best one, counted and there was a qualifying round prior to the final. Slovakia’s Michal Martikán was the 1996 Olympic and 1997 World Champion, but had come in third at the 1999 World Championships and second and fourth at the 1998 and 2000 European Championships respectively. Tony Estanguet and Emmanuel Brugvin, both of France, were the reigning European and World Champions respectively. Martikán and Estanguet were first and second in the qualifying round, while Brugvin was sixth. In the final, Estanguet had the best score after the first run, with Slovakia’s Juraj Minčík, the 2000 European runner-up, and Brugvin in second and third. Martikán, meanwhile, was fifth, behind Germany’s Stefan Pfannmöller. Martikán won the second run, but Estanguet, in third, scored enough points to keep him at the top of the podium and relegate the Slovakian to silver. German Sören Kaufmann, the 1995 World and 1996 European runner-up, was second in the final portion of the competition, but his ninth-place mark from the first round was too low to allow him to climb any higher than sixth, thus giving Minčík the bronze medal with his fourth-place finish.

1Tony EstanguetFRAGold
2Michal MartikánSVKSilver
3Juraj MinčíkSVKBronze
4Emmanuel BrugvinFRA
5Stefan PfannmöllerGER
6Sören KaufmannGER
7Simeon HočevarSLO
8Stuart McIntoshGBR
9Rob BellAUS
10Danko HercegCRO
11Krzysztof BierytPOL
12Davey HearnUSA
13Tomáš IndruchCZE
14Cássio PetryBRA
15James GarlandCAN
16Jon ErgüínESP

Qualifying (17 September 2000 — 14:40-16:40)

Two runs, total points of both runs to count. Top 12 finishers advanced to the final.

Downstream gates?
Total gates?
Upstream gates?
PosOrdBoatNOCTotalRun OneRun Two
1Michal MartikánSVK262.69128.69 (1)134.00 (5)Q
2Tony EstanguetFRA263.41132.39 (3)131.02 (1)Q
3Krzysztof BierytPOL265.04132.85 (5)132.19 (2)Q
4Juraj MinčíkSVK267.16133.88 (6)133.28 (3)Q
5Rob BellAUS268.74134.76 (8)133.98 (4)Q
6Emmanuel BrugvinFRA269.29132.74 (4)136.55 (6)Q
7Stefan PfannmöllerGER270.61132.02 (2)138.59 (11)Q
8Sören KaufmannGER271.90134.36 (7)137.54 (8)Q
9Simeon HočevarSLO274.25136.64 (11)137.61 (9)Q
10Stuart McIntoshGBR274.39136.55 (10)137.84 (10)Q
11Danko HercegCRO275.82138.59 (12)137.23 (7)Q
12Davey HearnUSA280.89135.53 (9)145.36 (13)Q
13Tomáš IndruchCZE281.75140.29 (13)141.46 (12)
14Cássio PetryBRA293.72145.63 (14)148.09 (14)
15James GarlandCAN297.66148.64 (15)149.02 (15)
16Jon ErgüínESP362.62192.14 (16)170.48 (16)

Final Round (18 September 2000 — 14:30-16:05)

Two runs, total points of both runs to count.

Downstream gates?
Total gates?
Upstream gates?
PosOrdBoatNOCTotalRun OneRun Two
1Tony EstanguetFRA231.87115.25 (1)116.62 (3)
2Michal MartikánSVK233.76119.17 (5)114.59 (1)
3Juraj MinčíkSVK234.22117.55 (2)116.67 (4)
4Emmanuel BrugvinFRA238.42118.69 (3)119.73 (5)
5Stefan PfannmöllerGER239.72119.03 (4)120.69 (6)
6Sören KaufmannGER240.18123.83 (9)116.35 (2)
7Simeon HočevarSLO240.64119.78 (6)120.86 (7)
8Stuart McIntoshGBR243.61121.23 (8)122.38 (8)
9Rob BellAUS244.48120.32 (7)124.16 (10)
10Danko HercegCRO248.77125.87 (10)122.90 (9)
11Krzysztof BierytPOL253.23126.36 (11)126.87 (11)
12Davey HearnUSA258.57127.12 (12)131.45 (12)