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Team, Open

Date13 – 14 August 2008
LocationXianggang Tiyu Xueyuan, Hong Kong
Participants33 from 11 countries
FormatThree-rider teams. Team score is average of individual rider scores. Individual score used from round one (Grand Prix) of individual event.

Germany entered, therefore Germany won gold, as they had done at every Olympics since 1984. They were led by Isabell Werth who had been either the top, or second-best, dressage rider since the early 1990s. The Netherlands won the silver medal, as they had done in 1992-2000, led by Anky van Grunsven, the individual dressage champion from 2000-08. The United States had been bronze medalists at the last four Olympics, but they were beaten out of third this time by the Danish team. The United States was later disqualified when Mythilus, Courtney King-Dye’s horse, tested positive for felbinac, an anti-inflammatory medication. In March 2010, King-Dye’s career in international riding ended when she fell off her horse and sustained a traumatic brain injury. She spent four weeks in a coma and three months in inpatient rehab learning to walk and talk again. She eventually recovered, although not fully, and her injury inspired the campaign Riders4Helmets.

Heike KemmerBonaparte 6772,91772,250
Nadine CapellmannElvis VA72,91770,083
Isabell WerthSatchmo72,91776,417
Hans Peter MinderhoudNadine71,75069,625
Imke Schellekens-BartelsSunrise71,75070,875
Anky van GrunsvenSalinero71,75074,750
Anne van OlstClearwater68,87567,375
Nathalie zu Sayn-WittgensteinDigby68,87570,417
Andreas HelgstrandDon Schufro68,87568,833
Patrik KittelFloresco67,34767,125
Tinne SilfvénSolos Carex67,34766,042
Jan BrinkBriar67,34768,875
5Great BritainGBR66,806
Jane GregoryLucky Star66,80663,375
Emma HindleLancet66,80671,125
Laura BechtolsheimerMistral Hojris66,80665,917
Marc BobletWhitini Star65,40366,125
Julia Chevanne-GimelCalimucho65,40363,250
Hubert PerringDiabolo St Maurice65,40366,833
Heath RyanGreenoaks Dundee64,62562,542
Hayley BeresfordRelampago64,62565,583
Kristy Oatley-NistQuando Quando64,62565,750
Leslie ReidOrion63,51459,750
Jacqueline BrooksGran Gesto63,51463,750
Ashley HolzerPop Art63,51467,042
Yuko KitaiRambo60,65359,250
Mieko YagiDow Jones60,65360,167
Hiroshi HoketsuWhisper60,65362,542
Daniel PintoGalopin De La FontDNF63,083
Carlos PintoNotavelDNF61,708
Miguel DuarteOxalisDNF
DQUnited StatesUSA[67.819]
Courtney King-DyeMythilus[67.819][70.458]1
Debbie McDonaldBrentina[67.819][63.000]
Steffen PetersRavel[67.819][70.000]