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Shot Put, Women

Date 6 August 2012
LocationOlympic Stadium, Olympic Park, Stratford, London
Participants32 from 21 countries

New Zealander Valerie Adams (formerly Valerie Vili) came in as the clear favorite, having won the gold medal at Beijing, the last three World titles, and gold at the 2006 and 2010 Commonwealth Games. Her biggest competition was expected to come from Belarussian Nadezhda Ostapchuk, the 2005 World Champion and bronze medalist at the 2008 Olympics. Both qualified easily, with Ostapchuk posting 20.76, the longest ever qualifying mark.

Adams took the lead in the first round of the final with 20.61, Ostapchuk posting only 20.01. But in round two Ostapchuk improved to 21.31, and Adams could never match that, her best mark being 20.70 in round three. Ostapchuk would post four throws over 21 metres, with a best of 21.36 in round three, and seemingly won the gold medal. Behind the two favorites, Russian Yevgeniya Kolodko was in fifth place entering the final round, but came through with 20.48 for what seemed to be a bronze medal, edging out Chinese putter Gong Lijiao.

One week later all the results changed. Ostapchuk had tested positive for the steroid metenolone the day before and the day after the final, and she was disqualified. This gave Adams her second consecutive gold medal, and temporarily moved Kolodko up to silver, moving Gong up to a bronze medal. Adams became only the second woman to win two Olympic shot golds, after Soviet Tamara Press in 1960-64.

That was not the end of the results shuffle in this event. In 2015, the IOC began re-testing samples from the 2008 Beijing and 2012 London Olympics, using newer, more advanced testing techniques, in an effort to find those who had used performance enhancing drugs (PEDs), but in whom it could not be detected at the time of those Olympics. This was one of the many events affected.

In August 2016 Yevgeniya Kolodko was disqualified for a re-test positive for turinabol (dehydrochloromethyltestosterone) and ipamorelin, and lost the silver medal to which she had been re-assigned. The silver and bronze medals were eventually given to the Chinese athletes Gong Lijiao and Li Ling, respectively. In January 2017 Ostapchuk also lost her bronze medal from the 2008 Beijing Olympics, after testing positive for turinabol (dehydrochloromethyltestosterone) and tamoxifen.

12613Valerie AdamsNZL20.40 (1)20.70 (1)Gold
21374Gong LijiaoCHN19.11 (3)20.22 (2)Silver
31377Li LingCHN19.23 (2)19.63 (3)Bronze
43276Michelle CarterUSA18.63 (5)19.42 (4)
51383Liu XiangrongCHN18.96 (4)19.18 (5)
61233Geisa ArcanjoBRA18.47 (8)19.02 (6)
71337Natalia DucóCHI18.45 (9)18.80 (7)
81964Christina SchwanitzGER18.62 (6)18.47 (8)
91190Natallia MikhnevichBLR18.60 (7)18.42 (9)
103057Cleopatra BorelTTO18.36 (10)
111941Nadine KleinertGER18.36 (11)
122160Chiara RosaITA18.30 (12)
133274Jill Camarena-WilliamsUSA18.22 (13)
141657Úrsula RuizESP17.99 (14)
151195Yanina Pravalinskaya-KarolchykBLR17.87 (15)
161970Josephine TerleckiGER17.78 (16)
173271Tia BrooksUSA17.72 (17)
181496Misleydis GonzálezCUB17.68 (18)
192089Leyla RajabiIRI17.55 (19)
201312Julie LabontéCAN17.48 (20)
212057Anita MártonHUN17.48 (21)
222845Anna AvdeyevaRUS17.47 (22)
233035Lin Chia-YingTPE17.43 (23)
241507Mailín VargasCUB16.76 (24)
251434Sandra LemosCOL16.50 (25)
262278Aleksandra FisherKAZ16.16 (26)
273019Ana Po'uhilaTGA15.80 (27)
283338Yelena SmolyanovaUZB14.43 (28)
NM1269Radoslava MavrodievaBUL– (NM)
DQ1193Nadzeya AstapchukBLR[20.76] (DQ)[21.36] (DQ)1
DQ2870Yevgeniya KolodkoRUS[19.31] (DQ)[20.48] (DQ)2
DQ2898Irina TarasovaRUS[18.76] (DQ)[19.00] (DQ)3

Qualifying Round (6 August 2012 — 10:45)

Top 12 and ties and all those reaching 18.45 metres advanced to the final.

PosAthleteNOCDistance2nd Best
1Valerie AdamsNZL20.40Q
2Li LingCHN19.23Q
3Gong LijiaoCHN19.11Q
4Liu XiangrongCHN18.96Q
5Michelle CarterUSA18.63q
6Christina SchwanitzGER18.62q
7Natallia MikhnevichBLR18.60q
8Geisa ArcanjoBRA18.47q
9Natalia DucóCHI18.45q
10Cleopatra BorelTTO18.36
11Nadine KleinertGER18.36
12Chiara RosaITA18.30
13Jill Camarena-WilliamsUSA18.22
14Úrsula RuizESP17.99
15Yanina Pravalinskaya-KarolchykBLR17.87
16Josephine TerleckiGER17.78
17Tia BrooksUSA17.72
18Misleydis GonzálezCUB17.68
19Leyla RajabiIRI17.55
20Julie LabontéCAN17.48
21Anita MártonHUN17.48
22Anna AvdeyevaRUS17.47
23Lin Chia-YingTPE17.43
24Mailín VargasCUB16.76
25Sandra LemosCOL16.50
26Aleksandra FisherKAZ16.16
27Ana Po'uhilaTGA15.80
28Yelena SmolyanovaUZB14.43
NMRadoslava MavrodievaBUL
DQNadzeya AstapchukBLR[20.76]Q4
DQYevgeniya KolodkoRUS[19.31]Q5
DQIrina TarasovaRUS[18.76]DQ q6

Qualifying Round, Group A (6 August 2012 — 10:45)

116Valerie AdamsNZL20.40×20.40-
23Li LingCHN19.2318.8619.23-
315Michelle CarterUSA18.6318.2718.63×
411Christina SchwanitzGER18.6218.4418.4318.62
58Cleopatra BorelTTO18.3618.2618.3618.34
613Chiara RosaITA18.3017.9118.1418.30
714Jill Camarena-WilliamsUSA18.2218.2217.9917.51
86Josephine TerleckiGER17.7817.78×17.73
912Leyla RajabiIRI17.5517.1717.5517.42
105Julie LabontéCAN17.4817.4817.32×
119Anita MártonHUN17.4816.2917.0417.48
122Anna AvdeyevaRUS17.4717.47××
131Mailín VargasCUB16.7616.7616.64×
144Sandra LemosCOL16.5016.5016.07×
157Aleksandra FisherKAZ16.1615.8416.16×
DQ10Nadzeya AstapchukBLR[20.76][20.76]--7

Qualifying Round, Group B (6 August 2012 — 10:45)

111Gong LijiaoCHN19.1119.11--
22Liu XiangrongCHN18.9618.8718.96-
315Natallia MikhnevichBLR18.6018.6018.1218.30
44Geisa ArcanjoBRA18.47×18.4718.33
58Natalia DucóCHI18.4518.4518.2318.17
612Nadine KleinertGER18.36×18.0618.36
73Úrsula RuizESP17.9917.99××
87Yanina Pravalinskaya-KarolchykBLR17.8717.6817.8717.69
913Tia BrooksUSA17.7217.2117.7217.29
1016Misleydis GonzálezCUB17.6817.6817.6117.35
1114Lin Chia-YingTPE17.4316.7417.43×
121Ana Po'uhilaTGA15.8015.8015.7515.11
135Yelena SmolyanovaUZB14.4314.3514.43-
NM9Radoslava MavrodievaBUL×××
DQ6Yevgeniya KolodkoRUS[19.31][19.31][-][-]8
DQ10Irina TarasovaRUS[18.76][18.55][18.59][18.76]9

Final Round (6 August 2012 — 19:15)

18/7Valerie AdamsNZL20.7020.61×20.70××20.24
27/6Gong LijiaoCHN20.2220.1319.6719.9119.7620.2220.00
39/4Li LingCHN19.6318.8718.7719.28×19.6319.58
410/2Michelle CarterUSA19.4219.0518.8318.9219.4219.1218.88
51/3Liu XiangrongCHN19.1819.1818.8818.74×18.4718.77
66/1Geisa ArcanjoBRA19.0218.27×19.02××17.19
712Natalia DucóCHI18.8018.8018.7018.62
84Christina SchwanitzGER18.4718.2018.47×
95Natallia MikhnevichBLR18.4218.42×18.27
DQ11/8Nadzeya AstapchukBLR[21.36][20.01][21.31][21.36][21.15][21.32][x]10
DQ3/5Yevgeniya KolodkoRUS[20.48][19.45][19.52][x][x][x][20.48]11
DQ2Irina TarasovaRUS[19.00][19.00][18.80][x]12