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4 x 400 metres Relay, Men

Date9 – 10 August 2012
LocationOlympic Stadium, Olympic Park, Stratford, London
Participants70 from 16 countries

In 1952 Jamaica had won the gold medal in this event, which was the last time anyone besides the United States had won, when they were present at the Olympics (save 1980), and had a team present (in 1972 injuries eliminated the US team). But the USA was not favored in London. Their two best 400 metre runners over the last few years had been Jeremy Wariner (2004 Olympic gold medalist and 2005/07 World Champion) and LaShawn Merritt (2008 Olympic gold medalist and 2009 World Champion). But Wariner had not made the US Olympic team, and Merritt withdrew in the first round of the 400 with an injury was not available. The US 4x400 relay team in London was a patchwork of their back-up runners and some 400 hurdlers, notably Angelo Taylor.

It was not enough. The Bahamas started off with their two best runners, leading off with Chris Brown and Demetrius Pinder, hoping to take the lead and hold on. Brown took the lead on the opener with his 44.8, leading Trinidad & Tobago with the USA third. Pinder opened the lead further with a 43.6 second leg. On the third leg, American Tony McQuay ran the fastest split of the race, recording 43.41, giving the Americans the lead at the final exchange, as he handed the baton to Taylor. Bahamian Ramon Miller pulled up to Taylor’s shoulder at the head of the stretch, and with 50 metres left, he moved into the lead and Taylor could not match him, as the Bahamas won the gold medal, with the United States second. Trinidad & Tobago filled out the podium.

The United States was fortunate to even make the final. In the heats, Manteo Mitchell led off for the Americans and felt a pop in his leg halfway through his leg. It would turn out to be a broken fibula, but he struggled on and finished his lap in 45.9, and the last three runners brought the US home in second in the heat to qualify. In the other heat, South Africa did not finish when they were bumped by Kenyan runners at the first exchange. But after a protest South Africa was advanced to the final which allowed Oscar Pistorius, aka “The Blade Runner”, to run the anchor. They would finish eighth in the final, ahead only of Cuba, which did not finish.

1The BahamasBAH2:58.87 (1 h2)2:56.72 (1)Gold
Chris BrownDemetrius PinderMichael MathieuRamon Miller
2United StatesUSA2:58.87 (2 h2)2:57.05 (2)Silver
Bryshon NellumJosh ManceTony McQuayAngelo TaylorManteo Mitchell
3Trinidad and TobagoTTO3:00.38 (1 h1)2:59.40 (3)Bronze
Lalonde GordonJarrin SolomonAde Alleyne-ForteDeon Lendore
4Great BritainGBR3:00.38 (2 h1)2:59.53 (4)
Conrad WilliamsJack GreenDai GreeneMartyn RooneyNigel Levine
5BelgiumBEL3:01.70 (4 h1)3:01.83 (5)
Kévin BorléeAntoine GilletJonathan BorléeMichael BultheelNils Duerinck
6VenezuelaVEN3:02.62 (3 h2)3:02.18 (6)
Arturo RamírezAlberto AguilarAlberth BravoOmar LongartJosé Meléndez
7South AfricaRSA– (DNF h1)3:03.46 (7)
Shaun de JagerWillie de BeerL. J. van ZylOscar PistoriusOfentse Mogawane
AC r2/2CubaCUB3:00.55 (3 h1)– (DNF)
William CollazoRaidel AceaNoel RuizOmar CisnerosOrestes Rodríguez
4 h2 r1/2AustraliaAUS3:03.17 (4 h2)
Steven SolomonBen OffereinsBrendan ColeJohn Steffensen
5 h1 r1/2PolandPOL3:02.86 (5 h1)
Piotr WiaderekMarcin MarciniszynMichał PietrzakKacper Kozłowski
5 h2 r1/2JapanJPN3:03.86 (5 h2)
Kei TakaseYuzo KanemaruYoshihiro AzumaHiroyuki Nakano
6 h1 r1/2GermanyGER3:03.50 (6 h1)
Jonas PlassKamghe GabaEric KrügerThomas Schneider
DNFJamaicaJAM– (DNF h2)
Dane HyattRiker HyltonJermaine GonzalesErrol Nolan
DQDominican RepublicDOM[3:02.35] (DQ h2)
Gustavo CuestaFélix SánchezJoel MejíaLuguelín Santos
DQKenyaKEN[3:21.01] (DQ h1)
Boniface MweresaVincent MumoBoniface TumutiAlphas Leken Kishoyian
DQRussian FederationRUS[3:02.01] (DQ h2)[3:00.09] (DQ)1
Maksim Dyldin 2Denis AlekseyevVladimir KrasnovPavel Trenikhin

Round One (9 August 2012 — 11:35)

Top three in each heat and next two fastest advanced to the final.

Heat One (11:35)

PosNrTeamNOCTime (A)Split (Pos)Reaction Time
11Trinidad and TobagoTTO3:00.380.193Q
Lalonde Gordon44.944.97 (1)
Jarrin Solomon44.81:29.77 (1)
Ade Alleyne-Forte46.122:15.89 (3)
Deon Lendore44.493:00.38 (2)
2Great BritainGBR3:00.380.150Q
1816Nigel Levine45.945.94 (3)
1842Conrad Williams45.11:31.12 (3)
1811Jack Green44.422:15.54 (1)
1831Martyn Rooney44.843:00.38 (1)
1466William Collazo45.945.92 (2)
1462Raidel Acea44.51:30.47 (2)
1479Orestes Rodríguez45.192:15.66 (2)
1465Omar Cisneros44.893:00.55 (3)
1137Nils Duerinck47.147.17 (8)
1132Jonathan Borlée44.11:31.35 (4)
1139Antoine Gillet46.102:17.45 (5)
1133Kévin Borlée44.253:01.70 (4)
2675Piotr Wiaderek46.246.20 (5)
2661Marcin Marciniszyn45.31:31.54 (5)
2668Michał Pietrzak45.192:16.73 (4)
2653Kacper Kozłowski46.133:02.86 (5)
1918Jonas Plass46.346.36 (6)
1899Kamghe Gaba45.71:32.11 (6)
1912Eric Krüger45.472:17.58 (6)
1923Thomas Schneider45.923:03.50 (6)
DNFSouth AfricaRSA0.190ADV3
2780Shaun de Jager46.746.78 (7)
2784Ofentse Mogawane– (–)
2790Oscar Pistorius– (–)
2779Willie de Beer– (–)
2318Boniface Mweresa45.945.98 (4)
2298Vincent Mumo59.21:45.21 (7)
2312Boniface Tumuti47.792:33.00 (7)
2305Alphas Leken Kishoyian48.013:21.01 (7)

Heat Two (11:45)

PosNrTeamNOCTime (A)Split (Pos)Reaction Time
1The BahamasBAH2:58.870.243Q
1105Ramon Miller45.745.78 (2)
1108Demetrius Pinder43.71:29.51 (1)
1104Michael Mathieu44.782:14.29 (1)
1100Chris Brown44.582:58.87 (1)
2United StatesUSA2:58.870.204Q
3239Manteo Mitchell46.146.16 (6)
3233Josh Mance44.61:30.85 (2)
3235Tony McQuay43.652:14.50 (2)
3241Bryshon Nellum44.372:58.87 (2)
3350Arturo Ramírez45.845.85 (3)
3344Alberto Aguilar45.71:31.57 (6)
3345Alberth Bravo45.592:17.16 (4)
3347José Meléndez45.463:02.62 (5)
1060Steven Solomon45.645.66 (1)
1055Ben Offereins46.31:32.02 (8)
1039Brendan Cole45.482:17.50 (5)
1062John Steffensen45.673:03.17 (6)
2237Kei Takase46.446.40 (7)
2224Yuzo Kanemaru45.11:31.59 (7)
2218Yoshihiro Azuma46.542:18.13 (6)
2232Hiroyuki Nakano45.733:03.86 (7)
2177Dane Hyatt46.146.16 (5)
2178Riker Hylton45.11:31.27 (3)
2175Jermaine Gonzales– (–)
2181Errol Nolan– (–)
DQDominican RepublicDOM[3:02.35][0.158]6
1558Gustavo Cuesta46.446.46 (8)
1563Félix Sánchez44.81:31.28 (4)
1561Joel Mejía46.882:18.16 (7)
1564Luguelín Santos44.193:02.35 (4)
DQRussian FederationRUS[3:02.01][0.203]Q7
2806Maksim Dyldin[46.1][46.10] ([4])8
2799Denis Alekseyev45.31:31.46 (5)
2812Vladimir Krasnov45.382:16.84 (3)
2835Pavel Trenikhin45.173:02.01 (3)

Final (10 August 2012 — 21:20)

PosNrTeamNOCTime (A)Split (Pos)Reaction Time
1The BahamasBAH2:56.720.163
1100Chris Brown44.944.9 (1)
1108Demetrius Pinder43.51:28.46 (1)
1104Michael Mathieu44.252:12.71 (2)
1105Ramon Miller44.012:56.72 (1)
2United StatesUSA2:57.050.181
3241Bryshon Nellum45.245.2 (4)
3233Josh Mance43.51:28.79 (2)
3235Tony McQuay43.412:12.20 (1)
3255Angelo Taylor44.852:57.05 (2)
3Trinidad and TobagoTTO2:59.400.231
3044Lalonde Gordon45.145.1 (2)
3048Jarrin Solomon43.91:29.16 (3)
3037Ade Alleyne-Forte45.512:14.67 (3)
3046Deon Lendore44.732:59.40 (3)
4Great BritainGBR2:59.530.167
1842Conrad Williams45.245.2 (3)
1811Jack Green44.61:29.91 (5)
1812Dai Greene45.532:15.44 (5)
1831Martyn Rooney44.092:59.53 (4)
1133Kévin Borlée45.445.4 (6)
1139Antoine Gillet45.51:30.97 (7)
1132Jonathan Borlée44.552:15.52 (6)
1135Michael Bultheel46.313:01.83 (6)
3350Arturo Ramírez46.146.1 (8)
3344Alberto Aguilar45.11:31.31 (8)
3345Alberth Bravo45.112:16.42 (7)
3346Omar Longart45.763:02.18 (7)
7South AfricaRSA3:03.460.185
2780Shaun de Jager46.246.2 (9)
2779Willie de Beer45.21:31.50 (9)
2791L. J. van Zyl46.272:17.77 (8)
2790Oscar Pistorius45.693:03.46 (8)
1466William Collazo45.345.3 (5)
1462Raidel Acea44.31:29.74 (4)
1480Noel Ruiz– (–)
1465Omar Cisneros– (–)
DQRussian FederationRUS[3:00.09][0.191]9
2806Maksim Dyldin[45.4][45.4] ([7])10
2799Denis Alekseyev45.11:30.57 (6)
2812Vladimir Krasnov44.692:15.26 (4)
2835Pavel Trenikhin44.833:00.09 (5)