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Team, Open

Date28 – 31 July 2012
LocationGreenwich Park, Greenwich, London
Participants62 from 13 countries
FormatFive rider teams. Best three scores to count for the team total. Team/individual competitions held concurrently.

The Olympic title was fully expected to be decided between Germany and Great Britain as the two nations had won every World, European and Olympic Championships since France won the 2004 Olympic gold in Athens. The pattern was more or less the same in every championship – Germany would stretch out a lead in the dressage phase, Britain would claw back ground over the cross-country then the title would be decided over the show jumping phase. This proved true again in London and Germany entered the final stage with a lead of less than six points over the host nation but with the added complication of both Sweden and New Zealand also in contention.

The depth of the German team proved the decisive factor as a poor round by Ingrid Klimke was rendered meaningless by the solid performances of her team-mates as Germany held on to their advantage over a British team that included Zara Phillips, the grand-daughter of Queen Elizabeth II. New Zealand’s bronze medal win was underpinned by the performance of Mark Todd who won his sixth Olympic medal 28 years after he won his first in Los Angeles.

PosNumberCompetitorsHorseNOCPenalty PointsDressageCross-CountryJumping
1GermanyGER133.70119.10 (1)4.80 (4)0.00 (1)Gold
4Peter Thomsen Barny71.7058.505.208.00non-scoring
18Dirk Schrade King Artus50.6039.8010.800.00non-scoring
49Sandra Auffarth Opgun Louvo44.8040.004.800.00
65Michael Jung Sam40.6040.600.000.00
33Ingrid Klimke Abraxxas48.3039.300.009.00
2Great BritainGBR138.20127.00 (3)0.00 (1)1.00 (2)Silver
72William Fox-Pitt Lionheart53.3044.109.200.00non-scoring
9Nicola Wilson Opposition Buzz55.7051.700.004.00non-scoring
40Zara Phillips High Kingdom53.1046.100.007.00
24Mary Thomson-King Imperial Cavalier42.1040.901.200.00
56Tina Cook Miners Frolic43.0042.000.001.00
3New ZealandNZL144.40128.20 (=4)2.00 (3)8.00 (5)Bronze
11Jonelle Richards-Price Flintstar71.7056.706.009.00non-scoring
42Caroline Powell Lenamore57.8052.201.604.00non-scoring
26Jonathan Paget Clifton Promise52.9044.104.804.00
58Andrew Nicholson Nereo45.0045.000.000.00
74Mark Todd Campino46.5039.100.407.00
4SwedenSWE148.40128.20 (=4)1.20 (2)6.00 (=3)
10Linda Algotsson La Fair79.8059.8020.000.00non-scoring
73Malin Petersen Sofarsogood67.2060.400.806.00non-scoring
57Niklas Lindbäck Mister Pooh57.0045.202.809.00
25Ludwig Svennerstål Shamwari 452.1043.700.408.00
41Sara Algotsson Ostholt Wega39.3039.300.000.00
5IrelandIRL184.80152.10 (10)15.60 (6)6.00 (=3)
5Michael Ryan Ballylynch Adventure1000.0060.201000.00non-scoring
50Camilla Speirs Portersize Just a Jiff1000.0047.601000.00non-scoring
66Mark Kyle Coolio71.9058.707.206.00
34Joseph Murphy Electric Cruise60.4055.604.800.00
19Aoife Clark Master Crusoe52.5048.903.600.00
6AustraliaAUS186.40122.10 (2)45.60 (=8)13.00 (=7)
16Sam Griffiths Happy Times1000.0045.401000.00non-scoring
63Clayton Fredericks Bendigo1000.0040.401000.00non-scoring
47Lucinda Fredericks Flying Finish79.0040.0038.001.00
31Andrew Hoy Rutherglen57.3041.707.608.00
2Christopher Burton Holstein Park Leilani50.1046.100.004.00
7United StatesUSA208.60138.80 (7)12.00 (5)13.00 (=7)
1Boyd Martin Otis Barbotiere1000.0050.703.601000.00non-scoring
46Will Coleman Twizzel84.7046.3036.402.00
30Tiana Coudray Ringwood Magister88.6052.0025.6011.00non-scoring
15Karen Lende O'Connor Mr. Medicott53.8048.205.600.00
62Phillip Dutton Whisper70.1044.302.8023.00
8FranceFRA230.60142.90 (9)34.80 (7)9.00 (6)
48Donatien Schauly Ocarina du Chanois1000.0044.407.201000.00non-scoring
3Denis Mesples Oregon de la Vigne126.5061.5046.0019.00non-scoring
17Aurélien Kahn Cadiz102.5055.9039.607.00
32Lionel Guyon Nemetis de Lalou70.9050.9020.000.00
64Nicolas Touzaint Hidalgo de l'Ile57.2047.607.602.00
9BrazilBRA295.20170.40 (13)98.80 (10)26.00 (9)
39Sergei Fofanoff Barbara TW1000.0072.001000.00non-scoring
23Marcio Jorge Josephine105.3058.5042.804.00
55Marcelo Tosi Eleda All Black97.6058.0029.6010.00
71Ruy Fonseca Tom Bombadill Too92.3053.9026.4012.00
10BelgiumBEL1134.10139.00 (8)45.60 (=8)1013.00 (10)
21Carl Bouckaert Cyrano Z1000.0053.001000.00
36Marc Rigouts Dunkas A1000.0050.7056.801000.00non-scoring
52Joris Van Springel Lully des Aulnes1000.0051.9012.801000.00non-scoring
7Virginie Caulier Nepal du Sudre78.5048.3021.209.00
68Karin Donckers Gazelle De La Brasserie55.6040.0011.604.00
11NetherlandsNED1161.70154.50 (12)1034.40 (11)1025.00 (12)
69Elaine Pen Vira1000.0052.201000.00
37Tim Lips Oncarlos86.7051.7022.0013.00
53Andrew Heffernan Millthyme Corolla75.0050.6012.4012.00
12JapanJPN1207.00130.70 (6)1085.60 (13)1016.00 (11)
22Takayuki Yumira Latina 431000.0058.501000.00non-scoring
54Kenki Sato Chippieh1000.0042.201000.00non-scoring
70Yoshiaki Oiwa Noonday de Conde1000.0038.101000.00
8Toshiyuki Tanaka Marquis de Plescop119.0055.0060.004.00
38Atsushi Negishi Pretty Darling88.0050.4025.6012.00
13CanadaCAN2071.20154.10 (11)1065.60 (12)2014.00 (13)
6Michele Mueller Amistad1000.0057.0063.201000.00non-scoring
20Hawley Bennett-Awad Gin & Juice1000.0048.701000.00non-scoring
35Peter Barry Kilrodan Abbott1000.0061.701000.00
67Rebecca Howard Riddle Master1000.0050.601000.00
51Jessica Phoenix Exponential71.2054.802.4014.00