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Double Trap, Men

Date 2 August 2012
LocationRoyal Artillery Barracks, Woolwich, London
Participants23 from 18 countries

Britain’s Peter Wilson was the hometown favorite and he led the qualifying in this event with 143, giving him a three-point lead over Russian Vasily Mosin and Kuwaiti Fehaid Al-Deehani. The final two qualifiers were Sweden’s Håkan Dahlby and Hungarian Richárd Bognár with 137 targets hit. Five of the six shooters hit 45 targets in the final, but Dahlby missed only once, for 49, to move into the silver medal position, which was not quite enough to catch Wilson, whose 45 clays gave him a total of 188 and two-point lead over Dahlby for the gold medal. Mosin and Al-Deehani tied for third and had to shoot-off for the bronze medal. Oddly, Al-Deehani had also tied for third in the single trap event, where he won the bronze medal. But it was not be in double trap, as Mosin broke his first two clays, Al-Deehani missing on his second, to give bronze to the Russian.

All three medals went to Europeans, the first time this has happened in the five times this event has been held at the Olympics. Defending champion Glenn Eller had a poor day and finished only 22nd of 24 shooters.

11326Peter WilsonGBR188143 (1)45 (1)Gold
21722Håkan DahlbySWE186137 (5)49 (2)Silver
31516Vasily MosinRUS185140 (2)45 (3)Bronze
41712Fehaid Al-DeehaniKUW185140 (3)45 (4)
51799Vitaly FokeyevRUS184139 (4)45 (5)
61387Richárd BognárHUN182137 (6)45 (6)
71689Rashid Al-AthbaQAT136136 (7)
81452Francesco D'AnielloITA136136 (8)
91583William ChetcutiMLT135135 (9)
101154Li JunCHN134134 (10)
111411Ronjan SodhiIND134134 (11)
121318Richard FauldsGBR133133 (12)
131860Sheikh Juma Al-MaktoumUAE133133 (13)
141152Hu BinyuanCHN133133 (14)
151703Alistair DavisRSA132132 (15)
161898Joshua RichmondUSA131131 (16)
171112Filipe FuzaroBRA131131 (17)
181454Daniele Di SpignoITA131131 (18)
191636Ahmed Al-HatmiOMA129129 (19)
201040Russell MarkAUS128128 (20)
211682José TorresPUR127127 (21)
221887Glenn EllerUSA126126 (22)
231183Anton GlasnovićCRO114114 (23)
DNS1233Sergio PiñeroDOM– (DNS)

Qualification (2 August 2012 — 9:00)

150 targets in three series of 50. 150 possible. Top six advanced to 50-target Final.

120Peter WilsonGBR143484847Q
222Vasily MosinRUS140484547Q
31Fehaid Al-DeehaniKUW140474746Q
46Vitaly FokeyevRUS139444847Q
511Håkan DahlbySWE137454646Q
621Richárd BognárHUN137444944Q
79Rashid Al-AthbaQAT136434647
819Francesco D'AnielloITA136484444
923William ChetcutiMLT135434745
105Li JunCHN134404747
1116Ronjan SodhiIND134484442
1215Richard FauldsGBR133394648
1310Sheikh Juma Al-MaktoumUAE133424546
148Hu BinyuanCHN133424843
1513Alistair DavisRSA132434346
1618Joshua RichmondUSA131444245
177Filipe FuzaroBRA131444443
1817Daniele Di SpignoITA131434642
192Ahmed Al-HatmiOMA129374646
204Russell MarkAUS128434144
2112José TorresPUR127414343
223Glenn EllerUSA126414342
2324Anton GlasnovićCRO114383442
DNS14Sergio PiñeroDOM

Final (2 August 2012 — 15:00)

Top six from Qualification advanced to the Final.

16Peter WilsonGBR18845143
22Håkan DahlbySWE18649137
35Vasily MosinRUS185451402
44Fehaid Al-DeehaniKUW185451401
53Vitaly FokeyevRUS18445139
61Richárd BognárHUN18245137