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4 × 5 kilometres Relay, Women

Date15 February 2014 — 14:00
LocationKompleks Dlya Sorevnovaniy Po Lyzhnym Gonkam i Biatlonu Laura, Mountain Cluster, Krasnaya Polyana
Participants56 from 14 countries
DetailsCourse Length: 5,634 m
Height Differential: 32 m
Maximum Climb: 32 m
Total Climbing: 176 m

This was a race that Norway was expected to win comfortably and the other nations would battle it out for the minor medals since Norway had won all 10 of the World Cup women’s relays since winning the gold medal at Vancouver. At the end of the first leg Russia were the early leaders followed closely by the Czech Republic, Sweden with Ida Ingemarsdotter and Norway with Heidi Weng. But the good position of the Czech team was short-lived. Emma Wikén managed to finish the second leg in the lead for Sweden just ahead of Finland’s Aino-Kaisa Saarinen and Germany’s Stefanie Böhler. By now Norway was already 13 sec behind the leaders in fifth place and the early leaders Russia were back in seventh place. On the third leg Finland’s Kerttu Niskanen took the lead with an outstanding performance, with Germany’s Claudia Künzel-Nystad second by 5.2 sec. Sweden’s Anna Haag was already 25 seconds behind, another 7 seconds ahead of Poland and Norway.

But an outstanding final leg by Charlotte Kalla brought the Swedish team from third place to first on the final leg, as she recorded by far the fastest leg of any of the 56 skiers. Krista Lähteenmäki from Finland, leaders for much of the race, tried to overtake Kalla in the final few metres, but in an exciting finish, Kalla held on to win the gold medal, as Lähteenmäki claimed the silver for Finland, closely followed by Denise Herrmann who took bronze for Germany.

It was the first time in 46 years that Sweden won the gold medal in this event and their fastest skier, Charlotte Kalla, became the first athlete at the 2014 Olympic Winter Games to win three medals. The Norwegians never really got into the contest for medals, finishing a disappointing fifth behind the surprisingly strong French quartet.

PosNrTeamNOCTimeSplit (Pos)
2-1Ida Ingemarsdotter14:09.814:09.8 (3)
2-2Emma Wikén14:02.328:12.1 (1)
2-3Anna Haag12:40.240:52.3 (3)
2-4Charlotte Kalla12:10.453:02.7 (1)
5-1Anne Kyllönen14:21.214:21.2 (9)
5-2Aino-Kaisa Saarinen13:51.328:12.5 (2)
5-3Kerttu Niskanen12:14.140:26.6 (1)
5-4Krista Lähteenmäki12:36.653:03.2 (2)
7-1Nicole Fessel14:13.414:13.4 (6)
7-2Stefanie Böhler13:59.928:13.3 (3)
7-3Claudia Nystad12:19.140:32.4 (2)
7-4Denise Herrmann12:31.253:03.6 (3)
6-1Aurore Jean14:12.114:12.1 (5)
6-2Célia Aymonier14:13.828:25.9 (6)
6-3Anouk Faivre Picon12:34.541:00.4 (6)
6-4Coraline Hugue12:47.353:47.7 (4)
1-1Heidi Weng14:12.014:12.0 (4)
1-2Therese Johaug14:13.528:25.5 (5)
1-3Astrid Uhrenholdt Jacobsen12:34.541:00.0 (5)
1-4Marit Bjørgen12:56.353:56.3 (5)
9-1Kornelia Kubińska14:37.414:37.4 (11)
9-2Justyna Kowalczyk13:47.728:25.1 (4)
9-3Sylwia Jaśkowiec12:34.240:59.3 (4)
9-4Paulina Maciuszek13:39.654:38.9 (7)
74United StatesUSA55:33.4
4-1Kikkan Randall14:45.214:45.2 (12)
4-2Sadie Bjornsen14:31.829:17.0 (9)
4-3Liz Stephen12:44.242:01.2 (9)
4-4Jessie Diggins13:32.255:33.4 (9)
812Czech RepublicCZE56:29.8
12-1Eva Vrabcová14:06.114:06.1 (2)
12-2Karolína Grohová15:25.329:31.4 (10)
12-3Petra Nováková13:06.442:37.8 (10)
12-4Klára Moravcová13:52.056:29.8 (10)
13-1Alenka Čebašek14:18.214:18.2 (7)
13-2Katja Višnar15:39.129:57.3 (12)
13-3Barbara Jezeršek12:56.142:53.4 (11)
13-4Vesna Fabjan13:43.656:37.0 (11)
10-1Tetyana Antypenko15:10.615:10.6 (13)
10-2Valentyna Shevchenko14:55.430:06.0 (13)
10-3Maryna Antsybor13:01.743:07.7 (13)
10-4Kateryna Hryhorenko13:48.456:56.1 (12)
11-1Katerina Smutna14:20.314:20.3 (8)
11-2Nathalie Schwarz15:36.829:57.1 (11)
11-3Teresa Stadlober13:08.743:05.8 (12)
11-4Veronika Mayerhofer13:58.957:04.7 (13)
14-1Perianne Jones15:50.915:50.9 (14)
14-2Dasha Gaiazova15:09.531:00.4 (14)
14-3Emily Nishikawa13:27.344:27.7 (14)
14-4Brittany Webster14:45.959:13.6 (14)
DQ3Russian FederationRUS[54:06.3]1
3-1Yuliya Ivanova[14:05.5][14:05.5] ([1])2
3-2Olga Kuzyukova14:37.228:42.7 (7)
3-3Nataliya Zhukova12:34.941:17.6 (7)
3-4Yuliya Chekalyova[12:48.7][54:06.3] ([6])3
8-1Virginia De Martin Topranin14:26.914:26.9 (10)
8-2Elisa Brocard14:49.429:16.3 (8)
8-3Marina Piller[12:42.9][41:59.2] ([8])5
8-4Ilaria Debertolis13:20.755:19.9 (8)