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Parallel Slalom, Women

Date22 February 2014
LocationEkstrim-Park Rosa Khutor, Krasnaya Polyana / Ekstrim-Park Rosa Khutor, Krasnaya Polyana
Participants32 from 15 countries
Course SetterChristian RuferSUI
Venue detailsGates: 28
Length: 325 m
Start Altitude: 1090 m
Vertical Drop: 80 m

The parallel special slalom was a new addition to the Winter Olympic Program, although it had been contested at the World Championships since 1996. Russia was looking for medals in the event, led by 2013 World Champion Yekaterina Tudegesheva and the bronze medalist in the parallel giant slalom (PGS), Alyona Zavarzina, but the three Russian riders, including Nataliya Soboleva, all went out in the 1/8th-finals. The pre-race favorite was Switzerland’s Patrizia Kummer, who had already won the PGS, but she too failed to make the quarters.

The final came down to Austrian Julia Dujmovits against German Anke Karstens. Karstens won the first run but Dujmovits came back to give Austria its first snowboarding gold medal at the Olympics. In the bronze medal race, Amelie Kober repeated her finish at the 2013 World Championships to put two Germans on the podium, defeating Italian Corinna Boccacini.

1Julia DujmovitsAUTGold
2Anke KarstensGERSilver
3Amelie KoberGERBronze
4Corinna BoccaciniITA
5Marion KreinerAUT
6Ester LedeckáCZE
7Julie ZoggSUI
8Ina MeschikAUT
9Patrizia KummerSUI
10Isabella LaböckGER
11Selina JörgGER
12Claudia RieglerAUT
13Alyona ZavarzinaRUS
14Tomoka TakeuchiJPN
15Nataliya SobolevaRUS
16Yekaterina TudegeshevaRUS
17Ariane LavigneCAN
18Stefanie MüllerSUI
19Michelle DekkerNED
20Nicolien SauerbreijNED
21Annamari ChundakUKR
22Nadya OchnerITA
23Glorija KotnikSLO
24Ladina JennySUI
25Karolina SztokfiszPOL
26Caroline CalvéCAN
27Marianne LeesonCAN
28Hilde Katrine EngeliNOR
29Yekaterina IlyukhinaRUS
30Aleksandra KrólPOL
31Nina MicićSRB
32Valeriya TsoyKAZ

Qualifying Round (22 February 2014 — 09:15)

PosBoarderNOCTimeBlue CourseRed Course
1Marion KreinerAUT1:03.5832.25 (5)31.33 (1)Q
2Ester LedeckáCZE1:03.7431.84 (2)31.90 (5)Q
3Patrizia KummerSUI1:03.8231.67 (1)32.15 (6)Q
4Julie ZoggSUI1:03.9232.41 (6)31.51 (2)Q
5Julia DujmovitsAUT1:04.3332.05 (4)32.28 (9)Q
6Isabella LaböckGER1:04.4432.64 (10)31.80 (4)Q
7Selina JörgGER1:04.4732.95 (20)31.52 (3)Q
8Corinna BoccaciniITA1:04.9632.48 (7)32.48 (=11)Q
9Claudia RieglerAUT1:05.1432.01 (3)33.13 (25)Q1
10Anke KarstensGER1:05.1432.50 (8)32.64 (17)Q
11Ina MeschikAUT1:05.1532.98 (21)32.17 (7)Q
12Alyona ZavarzinaRUS1:05.3232.87 (15)32.45 (10)Q
13Tomoka TakeuchiJPN1:05.4132.63 (9)32.78 (=19)Q
14Amelie KoberGER1:05.4632.93 (19)32.53 (15)Q
15Nataliya SobolevaRUS1:05.4832.91 (=17)32.57 (16)Q
16Yekaterina TudegeshevaRUS1:05.5433.06 (22)32.48 (=11)Q
17Ariane LavigneCAN1:05.6032.80 (12)32.80 (21)
18Stefanie MüllerSUI1:05.6433.39 (27)32.25 (8)
19Michelle DekkerNED1:05.6633.14 (24)32.52 (14)
20Nicolien SauerbreijNED1:05.6932.91 (=17)32.78 (=19)
21Annamari ChundakUKR1:05.7633.25 (26)32.51 (13)
22Nadya OchnerITA1:05.7933.13 (23)32.66 (18)
23Glorija KotnikSLO1:05.9432.88 (16)33.06 (24)
24Ladina JennySUI1:05.9632.74 (11)33.22 (27)
25Karolina SztokfiszPOL1:06.0133.16 (25)32.85 (23)
26Caroline CalvéCAN1:06.1532.81 (=13)33.34 (28)
27Marianne LeesonCAN1:06.2632.81 (=13)33.45 (29)
28Hilde Katrine EngeliNOR1:06.2933.48 (28)32.81 (22)
29Yekaterina IlyukhinaRUS1:06.7333.58 (29)33.15 (26)
30Aleksandra KrólPOL1:07.4233.82 (30)33.60 (30)
31Nina MicićSRB1:08.0734.43 (31)33.64 (31)
32Valeriya TsoyKAZ1:08.6734.79 (32)33.88 (32)

Eighth-Finals (22 February 2014 — 13:15)

Winner of each heat advance to quarter-finals.

Heat 1 (13:15)

PosBoarderNOCRun 1Run 2
1Marion KreinerAUTQ
2Yekaterina TudegeshevaRUS+1.25+6.04

Heat 2

PosBoarderNOCRun 1Run 2
1Corinna BoccaciniITAQ
2Claudia RieglerAUT+0.01+2.78

Heat 3

PosBoarderNOCRun 1Run 2
1Julia DujmovitsAUT+0.05Q
2Alyona ZavarzinaRUS+0.24

Heat 4

PosBoarderNOCRun 1Run 2
1Julie ZoggSUIQ
2Tomoka TakeuchiJPN+0.20DQ

Heat 5

PosBoarderNOCRun 1Run 2
1Amelie KoberGERQ
2Patrizia KummerSUI+0.04+0.10

Heat 6

PosBoarderNOCRun 1Run 2
1Ina MeschikAUTQ
2Isabella LaböckGER+1.25+0.24

Heat 7

PosBoarderNOCRun 1Run 2
1Anke KarstensGER+0.13Q
2Selina JörgGER+0.02

Heat 8

PosBoarderNOCRun 1Run 2
1Ester LedeckáCZEQ
2Nataliya SobolevaRUS+0.06+0.18

Quarter-Finals (22 February 2014 — 14:03)

Winner of each heat advance to semi-finals, loser advance to classification round.

Heat 1 (14:03)

PosBoarderNOCRun 1Run 2
1Corinna BoccaciniITAQ
2Marion KreinerAUT+1.25+0.05

Heat 2

PosBoarderNOCRun 1Run 2
1Julia DujmovitsAUTQ
2Julie ZoggSUI+0.10DQ

Heat 3

PosBoarderNOCRun 1Run 2
1Amelie KoberGERQ
2Ina MeschikAUT+0.19+0.01

Heat 4

PosBoarderNOCRun 1Run 2
1Anke KarstensGER+0.15Q
2Ester LedeckáCZE+0.30

Semi-Finals (22 February 2014 — 14:30)

Winner of each heat advance to final.

Heat 1 (14:30)

PosBoarderNOCRun 1Run 2
1Julia DujmovitsAUTQ
2Corinna BoccaciniITA+0.80+5.18

Heat 2

PosBoarderNOCRun 1Run 2
1Anke KarstensGERQ
2Amelie KoberGERDQ+0.09

Final Round (22 February 2014 — 14:46)

Heat 1/2

PosBoarderNOCRun 1Run 2
1Julia DujmovitsAUT+0.72
2Anke KarstensGER+0.12

Heat 3/4 (14:46)

PosBoarderNOCRun 1Run 2
1Amelie KoberGER
2Corinna BoccaciniITA+0.44+0.13