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Team, Men

Date5 – 6 August 2016
LocationSambódromo, Rio de Janeiro
Participants36 from 12 countries
FormatTeams consisted of three archers. Ranking rounds scores based on scores carried over from individual ranking round. Tie-breaking for the final placements was done by the following method. Losers in each round were ranked according to the score they shot in that round. Ties in that round were broken by the number of 10s shot in that round and then the number of 9s shot in that round. If still tied the score in the preceding round was used as the tie-breaker, followed by number of 10s, and then number of 9s in the preceding round. Team event shot entirely at 70 metres. Matches consisted of 27 arrows, 9 per archer.

The men’s team was the first medal event in archery at the Rio Olympics, just one day after the opening ceremony. Current world champions Korea had won nine of the last 11 world titles as well as four of the seven previous Olympic gold medals, which made them favorites for Rio. The three team members included numbers one, two and six in the world rankings, and the winners of the last three individual world titles.

The Korean men regained their crown with a win in the final against the United States, thus avenging defeat by the Americans in the 2012 semi-final. The victory of the Korean men was more impressive than that of the women, as they defeated all their opponents, Netherlands, Australia and the United States, in the elimination matches with the highest possible margin of 6-0 on each occasion. After the ranking round (216 arrows) the Koreans shot 2057 points with the second placed US team trailing by 33 points. In the final, Kim Woo-Jin, Lee Seung-Yun and Ku Bon-Chan started with six tens in a perfect first set and closed the match with consecutive sets of 58 and 59. Individual bronze medalist and world’s fourth ranked Brady Ellison led the United States to the silver medal. In the bronze medal match, Australia defeated PR China in four sets to win the country’s first ever team medal in archery. Defending Olympic champions Italy lost 0-6 in the quarter-final against PR China.

1Republic of KoreaKORGold
Kim Wu-JinLee Seung-YunGu Bon-Chan
2United StatesUSASilver
Zach GarrettBrady EllisonJake Kaminski
Taylor WorthAlec PottsRyan Tyack
4People's Republic of ChinaCHN
Gu XuesongWang DapengXing Yu
Lucas DanielPierre PlihonJean-Charles Valladont
Riau Ega AgathaHendra PurnamaMuhammad Wijaya
Rick van der VenSjef van den BergMitch Dielemans
Mauro NespoliDavid PasqualucciMarco Galiazzo
Marcus D’AlmeidaBernardo OliveiraDaniel Xavier
Juan RodríguezAntonio FernándezMiguel Alvariño
Khairul Anuar Bin MohamadHaziq Bin KamaruddinMuhammad Akmal Nor Hasrin
=9Chinese TaipeiTPE
Kao Hao-WenYu Guan-LinWei Chun-Heng

Ranking Round (5 August 2016 — 09:00)

Ranking round for placement into single-elimination tournament.

1Republic of KoreaKOR2057
Kim Wu-Jin700
Lee Seung-Yun676
Gu Bon-Chan681
2United StatesUSA2024
Zach Garrett674
Brady Ellison690
Jake Kaminski660
Mauro Nespoli671
David Pasqualucci685
Marco Galiazzo651
Taylor Worth674
Alec Potts666
Ryan Tyack665
Lucas Daniel666
Pierre Plihon657
Jean-Charles Valladont680
6People's Republic of ChinaCHN1997
Gu Xuesong670
Wang Dapeng667
Xing Yu660
7Chinese TaipeiTPE1995
Kao Hao-Wen661
Yu Guan-Lin655
Wei Chun-Heng679
Juan Rodríguez678
Antonio Fernández657
Miguel Alvariño651
Rick van der Ven663
Sjef van den Berg684
Mitch Dielemans634
Riau Ega Agatha660
Hendra Purnama655
Muhammad Wijaya647
Marcus D’Almeida658
Bernardo Oliveira651
Daniel Xavier639
Khairul Anuar Bin Mohamad665
Haziq Bin Kamaruddin645
Muhammad Akmal Nor Hasrin635

Round One (6 August 2016 — 09:00)

Winner of each match advanced to quarter-finals.

Match #1 06 AugKOR bye
Match #2 06 Aug 09:25NED 5 – 1ESP
Match #3 06 Aug 09:00FRA 6 – 2MAS
Match #4 06 AugAUS bye
Match #5 06 AugITA bye
Match #6 06 Aug 09:50CHN 6 – 2BRA
Match #7 06 Aug 10:15INA 6 – 2TPE
Match #8 06 AugUSA bye

Quarter-Finals (6 August 2016 — 14:00)

Winner of each match advanced to semi-finals.

Match #1 06 Aug 14:25KOR 6 – 0NED
Match #2 06 Aug 14:00AUS 5 – 3FRA
Match #3 06 Aug 14:50CHN 6 – 0ITA
Match #4 06 Aug 15:15USA 6 – 2INA

Semi-Finals (6 August 2016 — 15:43)

Winner of each match advanced to final round.

Match #1 06 Aug 15:43KOR 6 – 0AUS
Match #2 06 Aug 16:11USA 6 – 0CHN

Final Round (6 August 2016 — 16:39)

Match 1/2 06 Aug 17:07KOR 6 – 0USA
Match 3/4 06 Aug 16:39AUS 6 – 2CHN