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Team, Men

Date27 – 28 July 2012
LocationLord's Cricket Ground, St John's Wood, London
Participants36 from 12 countries
FormatRanking round followed by single-elimination matches. The ranking round consisted of 72 arrows per archer at 70 m. Matches consisted of 4 times 6 arrows (2 per team member) at 70 m, the highest total winning. In case of a tie, matches were decided by one additional arrow per team member. Final ranking for places 5-8 determined on number of points won in quarter-finals, other competitors ranked by round of elimination.

As current World and Olympic champions South Korea were clear favourites to win a 4th successive Olympic title in London. Also in contention for the medals were the USA, with world number one Brady Ellison, and Ukraine, whose team included two members of the world’s top ten, and the world silver medallists from France. South Korea emerged from the qualifying round in superb shape having destroyed the existing world best and looked in fine form as they dispatched Ukraine in the last eight.

Things changed drastically in the semi-finals and an unusually subdued performance saw Korea exit at the hands of the US team. The other semi-final was a close affair with Italy, who had trailed Mexico throughout, edging through on the last three arrows. The final followed a different pattern and it was the Italian team who held a four-point lead at the halfway mark. America then slowly ground down that lead and one arrow to go the gold medal was still in the balance. To win the title the tubby, bearded Italian anchor-man Michele Frangilli had to finish with a perfect 10. The arrow curved into the air and landed a few millimetres on the correct side on the line and the Italians collapsed into a chaotic group hug in celebration. For Frangilli, a 16-year veteran of Olympic archery, this completed his Olympic medal collection after winning silver in 2000 and bronze in 1996. South Korea regrouped to defeat Mexico for bronze.

Michele FrangilliMarco GaliazzoMauro Nespoli
2United StatesUSASilver
Jacob WukieBrady EllisonJake Kaminski
3Republic of KoreaKORBronze
Oh Jin-HyeokIm Dong-HyeonKim Beop-Min
Juanjo SerranoLuis Eduardo VélezLuis Álvarez
Markiyan IvashkoDmytro HrachovViktor Ruban
Takaharu FurukawaHideki KikuchiYu Ishizu
7People's Republic of ChinaCHN
Dai XiaoxiangLiu ZhaowuXing Yu
Romain GirouilleGaël PrévostThomas Faucheron
=9Great BritainGBR
Larry GodfreySimon TerryAl Wills
Cheng Chu SianKhairul Anuar Bin MohamadHaziq Bin Kamaruddin
=9Chinese TaipeiTPE
Chen Yu-ChengKuo Cheng-WeiWang Cheng-Pang
Jayanta TalukdarTarundeep RaiRahul Banerjee

Ranking Round (27 July 2012 — 09:00)

Ranking round for placement into single-elimination tournament.

1Republic of KoreaKOR208714575WR
8AIm Dong-Hyeon6995022
9AKim Beop-Min6985026
7AOh Jin-Hyeok6904527
5AGaël Prévost6793213
4ARomain Girouille6773414
6AThomas Faucheron6652911
3People's Republic of ChinaCHN201910037
4CDai Xiaoxiang6783512
6CXing Yu6733213
5CLiu Zhaowu6683312
4United StatesUSA20199936
2ABrady Ellison6763316
1AJacob Wukie6733311
3AJake Kaminski670339
10CTakaharu Furukawa6793710
12CYu Ishizu671358
11CHideki Kikuchi6592710
12AMauro Nespoli6743314
11AMarco Galiazzo662288
10AMichele Frangilli662288
11BLuis Eduardo Vélez6653113
10BJuanjo Serrano665287
12BLuis Álvarez665268
8Great BritainGBR19948620
1CLarry Godfrey680369
3CAl Wills660293
2CSimon Terry654218
4BMarkiyan Ivashko6673412
5BDmytro Hrachov6652811
6BViktor Ruban6602610
7BKhairul Anuar Bin Mohamad6693010
9BCheng Chu Sian658267
8BHaziq Bin Kamaruddin6542311
11Chinese TaipeiTPE19728529
9CWang Cheng-Pang6633112
8CKuo Cheng-Wei6603110
7CChen Yu-Cheng649237
2BTarundeep Rai6642912
3BRahul Banerjee655208
1BJayanta Talukdar650226

Round One (28 July 2012 — 09:00)

Winner of each match advanced to quarter-finals.

Match #1 KOR bye
Match #2 28 Jul 09:00UKR 223 – 212GBR
Match #3 28 Jul 09:25JPN 214 – 214IND
Match #4 USA bye
Match #5 CHN bye
Match #6 28 Jul 09:50ITA 216 – 206TPE
Match #7 28 Jul 10:15MEX 216 – 211MAS
Match #8 FRA bye

Quarter-Finals (28 July 2012 — 15:00)

Winner of each match advanced to semi-finals.

Match #1 28 Jul 15:00KOR 227 – 220UKR
Match #2 28 Jul 15:25USA 220 – 219JPN
Match #3 28 Jul 15:50ITA 220 – 216CHN
Match #4 28 Jul 16:15MEX 220 – 212FRA

Semi-Finals (28 July 2012 — 16:40)

Winner of each match advanced to final round.

Match #1 28 Jul 16:40USA 224 – 219KOR
Match #2 28 Jul 17:05ITA 217 – 215MEX

Final Round (28 July 2012 — 17:33)

Match 1/2 28 Jul 18:01ITA 219 – 218USA
Match 3/4 28 Jul 17:33KOR 219 – 215MEX