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Heavyweight (>67 kilograms), Women

Date20 – 21 August 2016
LocationArena Carioca 3, Parque Olímpico da Barra, Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro
Participants16 from 16 countries
FormatSingle-elimination tournament. All fighters losing to the finalists in each pool advance to repêchage tournament for the bronze medal.

The women’s heavyweight division contained the most diverse selection of fighters in Rio, and picking a winner in advance was no easy task. The 2008 champion María Espinoza of Mexico could only win bronze at London in 2012m=, but was the top seed in Rio and had a good chance of regaining her title. Standing in her way was the tall number two seed, China’s Zheng Shuyin, who came into the Games with a good recent run of success behind her. She won a silver medal at the 2015 World Championships and won the 2015 Grand Prix Series final. She also possessed a good varied collection of kicks in her armoury. Britain’s number three seed Bianca “Queen Bee” Walkden was hit with injury in 2014 but bounced back to win the 2015 World Championship, but she had lost three times to Zheng. Walkden’s boyfriend was the British-born welterweight Aaron Cook, who represented Moldova in Rio. The 2012 gold medallist Milica Mandić of Serbia, who won a silver medal at the 2016 European Championships, was one of the most popular people in taekwondo and was seeded at number six.

Walkden had the biggest win of the opening round, winning 14-1 against Samantha Kassman of Papua New Guinea. The top two seeds also progressed to the quarter-final and top seed Espinoza came through to the last four after a sudden-death win, and her semi-final against Jackie Galloway of the USA was even closer. After four rounds it was 0-0 and the top seed won though on the superiority ruling.

In the other half of the draw Zheng and Walkden met in the semi-final meaning the top four seeds contested the two semis. After a very close contest that went to sudden-death, Zheng won it with a head kick. Walkden had some consolation by taking the bronze medal while Galloway won the other bronze medal match. Zheng controlled the final against the two-time Olympic medallist Maria Espinoza and ran out the 5-1 winner. Espinoza’s silver added to her gold in Beijing and bronze in London for a full set of medals.

1702Zheng ShuyinCHNGold
2701María EspinozaMEXSilver
=3703Bianca WalkdenGBRBronze
=3704Jackie GallowayUSABronze
=5709Wiam DislamMAR
=5707Gwladys ÉpangueFRA
=7716Kirstie AloraPHI
=7715Nisha RawalNEP
=9706Milica MandićSRB
=9705Reshmie OoginkNED
=11712Sorn SeavmeyCAM
=11708Katherine RodríguezDOM
=11710Mamina KonéCIV
=11714Samantha KassmanPNG
=11713Crystal WeekesPUR
=11711Tina Røe SkaarNOR

Round One (20 August 2016 — 09:00)

Winner of each match advanced to the quarter-finals.

Match #1 Reshmie OoginkNED Sorn SeavmeyCAM Final Score (7 - 1)
Match #2 Wiam DislamMAR Katherine RodríguezDOM Final Score (5 - 1)
Match #3 María EspinozaMEX Kirstie AloraPHI Final Score (4 - 1)
Match #4 Zheng ShuyinCHN Nisha RawalNEP Final Score (2 - 0)
Match #5 Gwladys ÉpangueFRA Mamina KonéCIV Final Score (3 - 1)
Match #6 Milica MandićSRB Tina Røe SkaarNOR Final Score (8 - 2)
Match #7 Bianca WalkdenGBR Samantha KassmanPNG Superiority (14 - 1)
Match #8 Jackie GallowayUSA Crystal WeekesPUR Final Score (5 - 0)

Quarter-Finals (20 August 2016 — 15:00)

Winner of each match advanced to the semi-finals.

Match #1 Jackie GallowayUSA Reshmie OoginkNED Superiority (1 - 1)
Match #2 María EspinozaMEX Wiam DislamMAR Sudden Death (Round 4, 0:53)
Match #3 Zheng ShuyinCHN Gwladys ÉpangueFRA Final Score (4 - 1)
Match #4 Bianca WalkdenGBR Milica MandićSRB Final Score (5 - 0)

Semi-Finals (20 August 2016 — 17:00)

Winner of each match advanced to the final round.

Referee (Match #1)Maria MerkouriGEO
Judge (Match #1) RahadewinetaINA
Judge (Match #1)Mohammed ArgoubiNED
Judge (Match #1)Tung Ya-LingTPE
Review Jury (Match #1)Predrag TešovićSRB
Referee (Match #2)Guillermo RodríguezVEN
Judge (Match #2)Emmanuella AneCIV
Judge (Match #2)Maher MagablehAUS
Judge (Match #2)Sandra PeñaCOL
Review Jury (Match #2)Tarik BenradiMAR
Match #1 María EspinozaMEX Jackie GallowayUSA Superiority (0 - 0)
Match #2 Zheng ShuyinCHN Bianca WalkdenGBR Sudden Death (Round 4, 1:21)

Repêchage Round One (21 August 2016 — 20:00)

Winner of each match advanced to the bronze medal match.

Referee (Match #1)Iva RomanovCRO
Judge (Match #1)Andrey KhegayRUS
Judge (Match #1)Guillermo RodríguezVEN
Judge (Match #1)David CouparDEN
Review Jury (Match #1)Neydis TavarezPUR
Referee (Match #2)Ricardo SantiagoPHI
Judge (Match #2)Guillermo RodríguezVEN
Judge (Match #2)Sandra PeñaCOL
Judge (Match #2)Predrag TešovićSRB
Review Jury (Match #2)Song-Chul KimCAN
Match #1 Wiam DislamMAR Kirstie AloraPHI Final Score (7 - 5)
Match #2 Gwladys ÉpangueFRA Nisha RawalNEP Final Score (4 - 3)

Bronze Medal Matches (21 August 2016 — 21:00)

Referee (Match #1)Kim Hee-YoungKOR
Judge (Match #1)Guillermo RodríguezVEN
Judge (Match #1)Myar Soe SoeMYA
Judge (Match #1)Kalaya SuddeiTHA
Review Jury (Match #1)Song-Chul KimCAN
Referee (Match #2)Kim Hee-YoungKOR
Judge (Match #2) RahadewinetaINA
Judge (Match #2)David CouparDEN
Judge (Match #2)Sandra PeñaCOL
Review Jury (Match #2)Song-Chul KimCAN
Match #1 Bianca WalkdenGBR Wiam DislamMAR Final Score (7 - 1)
Match #2 Jackie GallowayUSA Gwladys ÉpangueFRA Final Score (2 - 1)

Final Round (21 August 2016 — 22:00)

Referee (Match 1/2)Abdelhak ChbibiBEL
Judge (Match 1/2)Andrey KhegayRUS
Judge (Match 1/2)Emmanuella AneCIV
Judge (Match 1/2)Moshoeshoe MolapoLES
Review Jury (Match 1/2)Maria MerkouriGEO
Match 1/2 Zheng ShuyinCHN María EspinozaMEX Final Score (5 - 1)