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Team All-Around, Women

Date7 – 9 August 2016
LocationArena Olímpica do Rio, Parque Olímpico da Barra, Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro
Participants60 from 12 countries

The United States’ vast superiority showed in qualification when they were nearly ten points ahead of second placed China – and less than four points separated China from the eighth placed qualifier Netherlands. Great Britain qualified in fourth place, thanks largely to the bravery of Elissa Downie. She suffered a bad fall during her floor exercise routine and landed awkwardly on her neck. She tried to finish her routine but couldn’t and was led away for medical treatment, but ten minutes later returned to perform in the vault and help Great Britain qualify for the team event, also getting herself into the final of the all-round individual event.

The USA were head and shoulders above the other seven teams and, in addition to having the “The World’s Greatest Gymnast”, Simone Biles, on their team, they had Aly Raisman and Gabby Douglas, the first girls to make consecutive appearances on the US gymnastics team since Amy Chow and Dominique Dawes at Atlanta 1996 and Sydney 2000. Being the oldest member of the US team at 22, Raisman was known as “Grandma” by her teammates.

As the defending Olympic champions, and with back-to-back world titles to their name in 2014-15, the experience of the USA team clearly showed as they won gold by a massive 8.209 points ahead of Russia with China close behind in third. It was the biggest margin of victory at any international tournament since the current marking system was introduced in 2006. The USA ranked number one overall in every discipline and their star, Biles, was ranked one in the vault, beam and floor. Madison Kocian ranked equal one on the uneven bars. The American team called themselves the “Final Five” in honour of their legendary coach Martha Karolyi who was retiring after Rio. China had the silver medal in their hands until the final rotation, when they had a poor floor exercise and scored just 42.066, while Russia posted 45.733 in the vault to snatch the silver by just 0.685 of a point.

1United StatesUSA185.238 (1)184.897 (1)Gold
Simone BilesGabby DouglasLaurie HernandezMadison KocianAly Raisman
2Russian FederationRUS174.620 (3)176.688 (2)Silver
Angelina MelnikovaAliya MustafinaMariya PasekaDarya SpiridonovaSeda Tutkhalyan
3People's Republic of ChinaCHN175.279 (2)176.003 (3)Bronze
Fan YilinMao YiShang ChunsongTan JiaxinWang Yan
4JapanJPN172.564 (7)174.371 (4)
Sae MiyakawaMai MurakamiAiko SugiharaAsuka TeramotoYuki Uchiyama
5Great BritainGBR174.064 (4)174.362 (5)
Beckie DownieEllie DownieClaudia FragapaneRuby HarroldAmy Tinkler
6GermanyGER173.263 (6)173.672 (6)
Tabea AltKim BuiPauline SchäferSophie SchederElisabeth Seitz
7NetherlandsNED171.929 (8)172.447 (7)
Eythora ThorsdottirCéline van GernerVera van PolSanne WeversLieke Wevers
8BrazilBRA174.054 (5)172.087 (8)
Rebeca AndradeJade BarbosaDaniele HypólitoLorrane OliveiraFlávia Saraiva
9 r1/2CanadaCAN171.761 (9)
Ellie BlackShallon OlsenIsabela OnyshkoBrittany RogersRose Woo
10 r1/2ItalyITA169.396 (10)
Erika FasanaCarlotta FerlitoVanessa FerrariElisa MeneghiniMartina Rizzelli
11 r1/2FranceFRA168.696 (11)
Marine BoyerMarine BrevetLoan HisOréane LechenaultLouise Vanhille
12 r1/2BelgiumBEL167.838 (12)
Senna DeriksNina DerwaelRune HermansGaëlle MysLaura Waem

Qualification (7 August 2016 — 09:30)

Five-person teams, four to compete on each apparatus, with best three of four scores counting for each apparatus. Top eight teams advanced to the final round.

PosGymnastNOCPointsHorse VaultUneven BarsBalance BeamFloor Exercise
1United StatesUSA185.23846.966 (1)46.632 (2)45.832 (1)45.808 (1)Q
Aly Raisman15.76614.73314.83315.275
Gabby Douglas15.16615.76614.83314.366
Laurie Hernandez15.20015.36614.800
Madison Kocian15.866
Simone Biles16.00015.00015.63315.733
2People's Republic of ChinaCHN175.27944.515 (5)45.166 (4)43.332 (4)42.266 (5)Q
Shang Chunsong12.76615.30014.36614.100
Tan Jiaxin14.76614.600
Wang Yan14.93313.90014.10014.666
Mao Yi14.81611.700
Fan Yilin15.26614.86613.500
3Russian FederationRUS174.62044.832 (3)46.649 (1)41.998 (8)41.141 (10)Q
Aliya Mustafina15.16615.83313.03314.066
Angelina Melnikova14.93315.10013.26613.200
Darya Spiridonova15.68314.26612.033
Mariya Paseka14.733
Seda Tutkhalyan14.73315.13314.46613.875
4Great BritainGBR174.06444.432 (7)44.666 (5)42.400 (6)42.566 (3)Q
Amy Tinkler14.83314.50014.600
Claudia Fragapane14.76612.53313.40014.333
Ellie Downie14.83314.63314.50012.500
Beckie Downie15.23313.300
Ruby Harrold14.60014.80013.633
5BrazilBRA174.05445.299 (2)43.357 (9)43.599 (3)41.799 (7)Q
Daniele Hypólito14.26612.400
Flávia Saraiva14.63312.73315.13314.033
Jade Barbosa14.90014.26613.60013.733
Lorrane Oliveira14.83314.158
Rebeca Andrade15.56614.93314.20014.033
6GermanyGER173.26343.333 (9)45.699 (3)42.499 (5)41.732 (8)Q
Elisabeth Seitz14.10015.46613.86613.666
Kim Bui14.80013.766
Pauline Schäfer14.40014.40014.300
Sophie Scheder13.96615.43312.93313.266
Tabea Alt14.83314.66614.233
7JapanJPN172.56444.466 (6)44.100 (6)41.699 (10)42.299 (4)Q
Aiko Sugihara14.30014.40014.13314.033
Asuka Teramoto14.80014.90013.66613.700
Mai Murakami14.70014.16613.83314.566
Sae Miyakawa14.96613.266
Yuki Uchiyama14.80013.733
8NetherlandsNED171.92943.132 (10)43.866 (7)43.732 (2)41.199 (9)Q
Eythora Thorsdottir14.90014.73314.30013.633
Lieke Wevers13.96614.60014.36613.850
Sanne Wevers14.40815.066
Céline van Gerner13.76614.53313.80013.716
Vera van Pol14.26613.500
9CanadaCAN171.76144.732 (4)43.499 (8)41.565 (11)41.965 (6)
Brittany Rogers14.66614.26613.466
Ellie Black14.76614.50013.56614.133
Isabela Onyshko14.00014.73314.53313.966
Rose Woo13.73313.23313.566
Shallon Olsen15.30013.866
10ItalyITA169.39643.366 (8)42.266 (12)40.332 (12)43.432 (2)
Carlotta Ferlito14.30014.03313.23314.033
Elisa Meneghini14.16614.16614.233
Erika Fasana14.20012.93314.333
Martina Rizzelli14.53314.033
Vanessa Ferrari14.53313.86612.00014.866
11FranceFRA168.69642.299 (11)43.099 (10)42.399 (7)40.899 (12)
Loan His13.900
Louise Vanhille13.96614.86613.63313.300
Marine Boyer14.20014.60013.233
Marine Brevet14.13314.33314.16613.933
Oréane Lechenault12.30013.16613.63313.666
12BelgiumBEL167.83842.033 (12)43.041 (11)41.765 (9)40.999 (11)
Gaëlle Mys14.13313.83313.566
Laura Waem14.13313.96613.366
Nina Derwael13.90015.13313.96613.533
Rune Hermans13.13313.77513.70013.900
Senna Deriks14.00013.533

Final (9 August 2016 — 16:00)

Five-person teams, three to compete on each apparatus, with all three scores counting for each apparatus.

PosGymnastNOCPointsHorse VaultUneven BarsBalance BeamFloor Exercise
1United StatesUSA184.89746.866 (1)46.499 (1)45.533 (1)45.999 (1)
Aly Raisman15.83315.00015.366
Gabby Douglas15.766
Laurie Hernandez15.10015.23314.833
Madison Kocian15.933
Simone Biles15.93314.80015.30015.800
2Russian FederationRUS176.68845.733 (2)46.166 (2)42.757 (5)42.032 (5)
Aliya Mustafina15.13315.93314.95814.000
Angelina Melnikova14.90015.13313.03314.266
Darya Spiridonova15.100
Mariya Paseka15.700
Seda Tutkhalyan14.76613.766
3People's Republic of ChinaCHN176.00344.332 (6)45.007 (4)44.598 (2)42.066 (4)
Shang Chunsong14.33315.06614.700
Tan Jiaxin14.76614.941
Wang Yan14.73314.46614.733
Mao Yi14.83312.633
Fan Yilin15.73315.066
4JapanJPN174.37144.832 (4)44.466 (6)42.599 (6)42.474 (3)
Aiko Sugihara14.60014.30014.100
Asuka Teramoto14.93314.86614.466
Mai Murakami14.83313.83314.466
Sae Miyakawa15.06613.908
Yuki Uchiyama15.000
5Great BritainGBR174.36244.766 (5)44.866 (5)41.965 (8)42.765 (2)
Amy Tinkler14.93314.466
Claudia Fragapane14.70014.43314.166
Ellie Downie15.13314.63313.36614.133
Beckie Downie15.40014.166
Ruby Harrold14.833
6GermanyGER173.67242.999 (8)45.899 (3)43.100 (4)41.674 (7)
Elisabeth Seitz15.53314.00013.833
Kim Bui14.90013.466
Pauline Schäfer14.26614.50014.375
Sophie Scheder13.93315.466
Tabea Alt14.80014.600
7NetherlandsNED172.44743.033 (7)43.666 (7)44.082 (3)41.666 (8)
Eythora Thorsdottir15.00014.73314.56613.900
Lieke Wevers13.93314.26613.833
Sanne Wevers14.53315.250
Céline van Gerner14.40013.933
Vera van Pol14.100
8BrazilBRA172.08744.899 (3)43.457 (8)41.999 (7)41.732 (6)
Daniele Hypólito14.133
Flávia Saraiva14.83314.500
Jade Barbosa14.93314.39113.03314.266
Lorrane Oliveira14.56614.166
Rebeca Andrade15.40014.90012.966