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Skeet, Men

Date7 – 8 August 2016
LocationCentro Olímpico de Tiro, Parque Olímpico de Deodoro, Deodoro, Rio de Janeiro
Participants32 from 23 countries

The 2008 and 2012 champion, 37-year-old Vincent Hancock from the USA was eliminated in the qualification round. The gold medal match was between two young shooters, 21-year-old Gabriele Rossetti from Italy, and the 26-year-old Swede Marcus Svensson. Rossetti, whose father Bruno won a bronze medal in this event in 1992, had a perfect final, with 32 hits out of 32, but the Swede pushed him to the very end, missing only his final shot. Two veterans battled it out for the bronze medal. Abdullah Al-Rashidi, 53-year-old from Kuwait, but now representing IOA (Independent Olympic Athletes), and the 2000 Olympic champion, 48-year-old Mykola Milchev from Ukraine. Al-Rashidi had a full score in the bronze medal match and secured his first Olympic medal despite being a three-time world champion in this event in 1995, 1997 and 1998!

11554Gabriele RossettiITA121 (5)16 (=1)16 (1 h1)Gold
21973Marcus SvenssonSWE123 (2)16 (=1)15 (2 h1)Silver
31515Abdullah Al-RashidiIOA123 (1)14 (4)16 (1 h2)Bronze
42036Mykola MilchevUKR122 (4)15 (3)14 (2 h2)
51303Jesper HansenDEN121 (6)14 (5)
61972Stefan NilssonSWE122 (3)14 (6)
71405Eric DelaunayFRA121 (7)
81411Anthony TerrasFRA121 (8)
91496Mairaj Ahmad KhanIND121 (9)
101060Keith FergusonAUS120 (10)
111339Azmy MehelbaEGY120 (11)
121878Anton AstakhovRUS119 (12)
131462Makis MitasGRE119 (13)
141621Dainis UpelnieksLAT119 (14)
152051Vincent HancockUSA119 (15)
161282Andreas ChasikosCYP118 (16)
172023Sheikh Saeed Al-MaktoumUAE118 (17)
181101Michael MaskellBAR118 (18)
191057Paul AdamsAUS118 (19)
201516Saud HabibIOA117 (20)
212060Frank ThompsonUSA117 (21)
221166Renato PortellaBRA116 (22)
231448Ralf BuchheimGER116 (23)
241551Luigi LoddeITA116 (24)
251072Sebastian KuntschikAUT116 (25)
261277Juan Miguel RodríguezCUB116 (26)
271035Federico GilARG116 (27)
281336Franco DonatoEGY115 (28)
292024Saif Bin FuttaisUAE114 (29)
301641Ronaldas RačinskasLTU112 (30)
311851Nasser Al-AttiyaQAT111 (31)
321852Rashid HamadQAT109 (32)

Qualification (7 – 8 August 2016)

125 targets in five series of 25. Top six advanced to 25-target final round.

1S1 P2Abdullah Al-RashidiIOA1232425252524QOR
2S2 P4Marcus SvenssonSWE1232525252424QOR
3S6 P4Stefan NilssonSWE1222524252325Q
4S3 P5Mykola MilchevUKR1222524252424Q
5S1 P4Gabriele RossettiITA121242522252512Q
6S5 P1Jesper HansenDEN121242524252312Q
7S5 P2Eric DelaunayFRA121242425242411
8S1 P1Anthony TerrasFRA12124232524253
9S5 P3Mairaj Ahmad KhanIND12124252325243
10S3 P2Keith FergusonAUS1202425232325
11S3 P3Azmy MehelbaEGY1202524252224
12S4 P2Anton AstakhovRUS1192224232525
13S3 P1Makis MitasGRE1192324222525
14S2 P1Dainis UpelnieksLAT1192423232425
15S4 P3Vincent HancockUSA1192324242424
16S1 P6Andreas ChasikosCYP1182223242425
17S4 P1Sheikh Saeed Al-MaktoumUAE1182324232325
18S2 P5Michael MaskellBAR1182123252524
19S2 P2Paul AdamsAUS1182424242323
20S6 P2Saud HabibIOA1172124242424
21S3 P4Frank ThompsonUSA1172322242523
22S4 P4Renato PortellaBRA1162422212524
23S6 P5Ralf BuchheimGER1162221252424
24S5 P4Luigi LoddeITA1162123242424
25S6 P1Sebastian KuntschikAUT1162222242424
26S2 P3Juan Miguel RodríguezCUB1162421232523
27S1 P3Federico GilARG1162323232423
28S5 P5Franco DonatoEGY1152223232423
29S2 P6Saif Bin FuttaisUAE1142123242323
30S6 P3Ronaldas RačinskasLTU1122320212424
31S1 P5Nasser Al-AttiyaQAT1112122212423
32S4 P5Rashid HamadQAT1092121212422

Semi-Finals (7 – 8 August 2016)

125 targets in five series of 25. Top six advanced to 25-target final round.

=11Gabriele RossettiITA16Q
=12Marcus SvenssonSWE16Q
35Mykola MilchevUKR15q
46Abdullah Al-RashidiIOA144q
53Jesper HansenDEN143
64Stefan NilssonSWE143

Final (8 August 2016)

Match 1/2 (15:45)

11Gabriele RossettiITA161111111111111111
22Marcus SvenssonSWE151111111111111110

Match 3/4 (15:30)

16Abdullah Al-RashidiIOA161111111111111111
25Mykola MilchevUKR141111110111101111