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Solo, Women

Date26 – 30 September 1988
LocationSu-yeong-jang, Ol-lim-pik Gong-won, Seoul
Participants46 from 18 countries

After winning this event in 1984, Tracie Ruiz had retired from the sport, taken up bodybuilding, and married former Penn State football player Mike Conforto. She returned to synchronized swimming in 1986 and won the Pan-American Games in 1987, defending her 1983 gold medal. Ruiz-Conforto did not compete at the 1986 World Championships, won in her absence by Carolyn Waldo, who had won the 1984 Olympic silver behind Ruiz-Conforto, and in 1986 won the triple at the Worlds – winning solo, duet and group gold medals. Waldo had not competed against Ruiz-Conforto at the 1987 Pan-Ams. They met for the first time since the 1984 Olympics at a pre-Olympic meet in Seoul in June, and Ruiz-Conforto won. But in Seoul, Waldo built up an insurmountable lead in the preliminary round, which carried over to the final, and Ruiz-Conforto could not overcome this in the final, as Waldo won the gold medal.

1Carolyn WaldoCAN101.150 (1)199.350 (1)200.150 (1)Gold
2Tracie Ruiz-ConfortoUSA98.633 (2)197.033 (2)197.633 (2)Silver
3Mikako KotaniJPN94.250 (6)191.250 (3)191.850 (3)Bronze
4Muriel HermineFRA93.500 (7)189.100 (4)190.100 (4)
5Karin SingerSUI90.600 (10)185.000 (5)185.600 (5)
6Nicola ShearnGBR88.733 (13)181.333 (6)181.933 (6)
7Krist'ine PalasinidiURS87.050 (18)180.650 (7)180.650 (7)
8Gerlind SchellerFRG85.583 (19)174.183 (8)175.983 (8)
9Marie JacobssonSWE84.800 (20)172.800 (9)
10Lourdes CandiniMEX84.533 (23)172.533 (10)
11Zhang YingCHN81.150 (34)170.750 (11)
12Ha Su-GyeongKOR80.750 (35)169.950 (12)
13María Elena GiustiVEN83.733 (26)169.333 (13)
14Eva LópezESP78.983 (39)167.383 (14)
15Paula CarvalhoBRA82.517 (30)166.317 (15)
16Lisa LieschkeAUS80.433 (=36)165.633 (16)
17Patricia SerneelsBEL78.750 (41)164.550 (17)
18Roswitha LopezARU70.483 (45)150.683 (18)
AC r1/3Yvette ThuisARU74.266 (43)DNQ
AC r1/3Semon RohloffAUS78.850 (40)DNQ
AC r1/3Érika McDavidBRA84.733 (=21)DNQ
AC r1/3Eva RieraBRA82.117 (31)DNQ
AC r1/3Michelle CameronCAN96.683 (5)DNQ
AC r1/3Karin LarsenCAN92.250 (8)DNQ
AC r1/3Luo XiCHN81.883 (33)DNQ
AC r1/3Tan MinCHN83.600 (28)DNQ
AC r1/3Marta AmorósESP74.100 (44)DNQ
AC r1/3Núria AyalaESP75.967 (42)DNQ
AC r1/3Anne CapronFRA88.133 (15)DNQ
AC r1/3Karine SchulerFRA89.050 (12)DNQ
AC r1/3Doris EisenhoferFRG80.433 (=36)DNQ
AC r1/3Heike FriedrichFRG82.000 (32)DNQ
AC r1/3Lian GoodwinGBR83.817 (25)DNQ
AC r1/3Megumi ItoJPN88.517 (14)DNQ
AC r1/3Miyako TanakaJPN91.267 (9)DNQ
AC r1/3Choi Jeong-YunKOR79.150 (38)DNQ
AC r1/3Kim Mi-Jin-SuKOR83.650 (27)DNQ
AC r1/3Susana CandiniMEX83.067 (29)DNQ
AC r1/3Sonia CárdenasMEX84.733 (=21)DNQ
AC r1/3Edith BossSUI87.300 (17)DNQ
AC r1/3Claudia PeczinkaSUI84.067 (24)DNQ
AC r1/3Mariya ChernyayevaURS88.000 (16)DNQ
AC r1/3Tatyana TitovaURS89.333 (11)DNQ
AC r1/3Karen JosephsonUSA97.367 (4)DNQ
AC r1/3Sarah JosephsonUSA98.000 (3)DNQ
AC r1/3Joanne SeeburgGBR– (DNF)DNF


Date28 September 1988 — 8:30
FormatThe technical figure competition served as a qualifying round for the solo and duet event. The top 18, one per nation, from the technical figures advanced to the qualifying round of the solo event. The figure scores counted towards the qualifying and the final score.
1Carolyn WaldoCAN101.150Q
2Tracie Ruiz-ConfortoUSA98.633Q
3Sarah JosephsonUSA98.000
4Karen JosephsonUSA97.367
5Michelle CameronCAN96.683
6Mikako KotaniJPN94.250Q
7Muriel HermineFRA93.500Q
8Karin LarsenCAN92.250
9Miyako TanakaJPN91.267
10Karin SingerSUI90.600Q
11Tatyana TitovaURS89.333
12Karine SchulerFRA89.050
13Nicola ShearnGBR88.733Q
14Megumi ItoJPN88.517
15Anne CapronFRA88.133
16Mariya ChernyayevaURS88.000
17Edith BossSUI87.300
18Krist'ine PalasinidiURS87.050Q
19Gerlind SchellerFRG85.583Q
20Marie JacobssonSWE84.800Q
=21Érika McDavidBRA84.733
=21Sonia CárdenasMEX84.733
23Lourdes CandiniMEX84.533Q
24Claudia PeczinkaSUI84.067
25Lian GoodwinGBR83.817
26María Elena GiustiVEN83.733Q
27Kim Mi-Jin-SuKOR83.650
28Tan MinCHN83.600
29Susana CandiniMEX83.067
30Paula CarvalhoBRA82.517Q
31Eva RieraBRA82.117
32Heike FriedrichFRG82.000
33Luo XiCHN81.883
34Zhang YingCHN81.150Q
35Ha Su-GyeongKOR80.750Q
=36Lisa LieschkeAUS80.433Q
=36Doris EisenhoferFRG80.433
38Choi Jeong-YunKOR79.150
39Eva LópezESP78.983Q
40Semon RohloffAUS78.850
41Patricia SerneelsBEL78.750Q
42Núria AyalaESP75.967
43Yvette ThuisARU74.266
44Marta AmorósESP74.100
45Roswitha LopezARU70.483Q
DNFJoanne SeeburgGBR

Qualifying Round

Date26 September 1988 — 20:00
FormatTop eight advanced to the final, based on score from the musical routine and technical figure round.
PosCompetitorNOCPointsMusical Routine PointsFigure Points
1Carolyn WaldoCAN199.35098.20101.150Q
2Tracie Ruiz-ConfortoUSA197.03398.4098.633Q
3Mikako KotaniJPN191.25097.0094.250Q
4Muriel HermineFRA189.10095.6093.500Q
5Karin SingerSUI185.00094.4090.600Q
6Nicola ShearnGBR181.33392.6088.733Q
7Krist'ine PalasinidiURS180.65093.6087.050Q
8Gerlind SchellerFRG174.18388.6085.583Q
9Marie JacobssonSWE172.80088.0084.800
10Lourdes CandiniMEX172.53388.0084.533
11Zhang YingCHN170.75089.6081.150
12Ha Su-GyeongKOR169.95089.2080.750
13María Elena GiustiVEN169.33385.6083.733
14Eva LópezESP167.38388.4078.983
15Paula CarvalhoBRA166.31783.8082.517
16Lisa LieschkeAUS165.63385.2080.433
17Patricia SerneelsBEL164.55085.8078.750
18Roswitha LopezARU150.68380.2070.483


Date30 September 1988 — 9:30
FormatScore composed of scores from the musical routine and technical figure round.
PosCompetitorNOCPointsMusical Routine PointsFigure Points
1Carolyn WaldoCAN200.15099.00101.150
2Tracie Ruiz-ConfortoUSA197.63399.0098.633
3Mikako KotaniJPN191.85097.6094.250
4Muriel HermineFRA190.10096.6093.500
5Karin SingerSUI185.60095.0090.600
6Nicola ShearnGBR181.93393.2088.733
7Krist'ine PalasinidiURS180.65093.6087.050
8Gerlind SchellerFRG175.98390.4085.583