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100 metres Backstroke, Men

Date16 – 17 July 1908
LocationWhite City Stadium, London
Participants21 from 11 countries

The Germans were considered the top backstroke swimmers in the world and they placed two men in the finals - Arno Bieberstein and Gustav Aurich. Bieberstein led the final from the start, with Britain’s Bert Haresnape 2nd until 70 metres, at which time he was passed by Ludvig Dam (DEN). Bieberstein was German backstroke champion for 1905-07 and was also Austrian champion in 1907.

1Arno BiebersteinGER1:25.6 (1 h1)1:25.2 (1 h1)1:24.6 (1)Gold
2Ludvig DamDEN1:26.4 (2 h4)at 1 yard (2 h1)1:26.6 (2)Silver
3Bert HaresnapeGBR1:26.2 (1 h4)1:28.8 (2 h2)1:27.0 (3)Bronze
4Gustav AurichGER1:27.4 (1 h7)1:28.2 (1 h2)– (4)
3 h1 r2/3Max RitterGER1:33.4 (1 h2)at 6 yards (3 h1)
3 h2 r2/3Jack TaylorGBR1:25.8 (1 h6)– (3 h2)
4 h1 r2/3Sidney ParvinGBR1:30.2 (1 h5)– (4 h1)
4 h2 r2/3Colin LewisGBR1:31.0 (1 h3)– (4 h2)
2 h1 r1/3Fred UnwinGBR1:29.8 (2 h1)
2 h2 r1/3Sidney WillisGBR1:34.4 (2 h2)
2 h3 r1/3Bartholomeus RoodenburchNED1:36.2 (2 h3)
2 h6 r1/3Gus GoesslingUSA1:29.0 (2 h6)
2 h7 r1/3George CortleverNED– (2 h7)
3 h1 r1/3Hugo JonssonFIN– (3 h1)
3 h2 r1/3John HenrikssonFIN– (3 h2)
3 h3 r1/3Robert ZimmermanCAN– (3 h3)
3 h4 r1/3Amilcare BerettaITA– (3 h4)
3 h6 r1/3Gustaf WretmanSWE– (3 h6)
3 h7 r1/3Eric SewardGBR– (3 h7)
AC h6 r1/3Oscar GrégoireBEL– (AC h6)DNF
AC h7 r1/3Sándor KuglerHUN1:27.0 (AC h7)DQ
DNSEdward CookeANZ– (DNS h5)
DNSFranz KellnerAUT– (DNS h5)
DNSHerman CederbergFIN– (DNS h5)
DNSWalter BrackGER– (DNS h3)
DNSJózsef ÓnodyHUN– (DNS h1)
DNSSándor ÁdámHUN– (DNS h3)
DNSSándor EmberHUN– (DNS h2)
DNSKároly FülöpHUN– (DNS h4)
DNSAxel PerssonSWE– (DNS h1)
DNSAl GosnellUSA– (DNS h2)

Round One (16 July 1908 — 16:30)

Winner in each heat and the fastest loser advanced to the semi-finals.

Heat One

1Arno BiebersteinGER1:25.6QOR
2Fred UnwinGBR1:29.8
3Hugo JonssonFIN
DNSJózsef ÓnodyHUN
DNSAxel PerssonSWE

Heat Two

1Max RitterGER1:33.4Q
2Sidney WillisGBR1:34.4
3John HenrikssonFIN
DNSSándor EmberHUN
DNSAl GosnellUSA

Heat Three

1Colin LewisGBR1:31.0Q
2Bartholomeus RoodenburchNED1:36.2
3Robert ZimmermanCAN
DNSWalter BrackGER
DNSSándor ÁdámHUN

Heat Four

1Bert HaresnapeGBR1:26.2Q
2Ludvig DamDEN1:26.4q
3Amilcare BerettaITA
DNSKároly FülöpHUN

Heat Five

1Sidney ParvinGBR1:30.2Q
DNSEdward CookeANZ
DNSFranz KellnerAUT
DNSHerman CederbergFIN

Heat Six

1Jack TaylorGBR1:25.8Q
2Gus GoesslingUSA1:29.0
3Gustaf WretmanSWE
ACOscar GrégoireBELDNF

Heat Seven

1Gustav AurichGER1:27.4Q
2George CortleverNED
3Eric SewardGBR
ACSándor KuglerHUN1:27.0DQ

Semi-Finals (17 July 1908 — 14:30)

Top two in each heat advanced to the final.

Heat One

1Arno BiebersteinGER1:25.2QOR
2Ludvig DamDENat 1 yardQ
3Max RitterGERat 6 yards
4Sidney ParvinGBR

Heat Two

1Gustav AurichGER1:28.2Q
2Bert HaresnapeGBR1:28.8Q
3Jack TaylorGBR
4Colin LewisGBR

Final (17 July 1908 — 17:00)

1Arno BiebersteinGER1:24.6WR
2Ludvig DamDEN1:26.6
3Bert HaresnapeGBR1:27.0
4Gustav AurichGER