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Team, Men

Date23 – 28 November 1956
LocationOaklands Hunt Club, Broadmeadows, Victoria / Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne, Victoria / Merrett Rifle Range, Williamstown, Victoria / Olympic Park Swimming and Diving Stadium, Melbourne, Victoria
Participants36 from 12 countries
FormatScoring by point tables. Team scores totalled from adjusted individual scores. Scores adjusted in the fencing competition. Three-man scores with all scores counting.

Hungary had won the 1952 Olympic team title and the 1954 and 1955 World Championships. But the inequities of modern pentathlon showed in the first phase, the steeplechase riding. Horses are assigned by random draw, and Hungary got the raw deal. They were effectively out of the medal chase after the riding section, which also saw the elimination of Sweden when Björn Thofelt did not finish the steeplechase. The United States took a huge riding lead, as George Lambert and Jack Daniels finished first and second individually. The US led after the first four phases, with the Soviet Union moving into second after the fencing, and staying there thru the fourth phase, the freestyle swimming. But in the cross-country run, the Soviets had the best performance and pulled ahead to win the gold medal. The US placed only fifth as a team in the running, but held on for the silver medal. Finland won the bronze led by Olavi Mannonen and Väinö Korhonen, who won the silver and bronze medals individually, respectively. Hungary pulled back strongly after their riding problems, eventually placing fourth.

PosCompetitor(s)NOCTPRaw Points
1Soviet UnionURS13,690.5Gold
Igor Novikov4,651.54,714.5
Aleksandr Tarasov4,577.04,479.0
Ivan Deryugin4,462.04,452.0
2United StatesUSA13,482.0Silver
George Lambert4,840.04,693.0
Bill Andre4,492.54,629.5
Jack Daniels4,149.54,078.5
Ole Mannonen4,711.54,774.5
Wäinö Korhonen4,601.04,750.0
Berndt Katter3,873.04,024.0
Gábor Benedek4,637.04,650.0
János Bódy4,238.54,375.5
Antal Moldrich3,679.03,667.0
José Pérez4,079.54,093.5
Antonio Almada3,726.03,616.0
David Romero3,175.53,227.5
Cornel Vena4,024.54,073.5
Dumitru Țintea3,410.53,697.5
Victor Teodorescu3,178.03,167.0
7Great BritainGBR9,226.0
Don Cobley3,382.03,422.0
Thomas Hudson3,134.03,260.0
George Norman2,710.02,749.0
Neville Sayers3,689.03,717.0
Sven Coomer3,063.03,103.0
Terry Nicoll2,073.02,150.0
Sálvio Lemos
Nilo da Silva
Wenceslau Malta
Héctor Carmona
Gerardo Cortés Rencoret
Nilo Floody
DNFSouth AfricaRSA
Marthinus du Plessis
Harry Schmidt
Okkie van Greunen
Lars Hall
Bertil Haase
Björn Thofelt