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Trap, Double Shot, 14 metres, Men

Date26 April 1906
LocationSkopeftirion, Kallithea
Participants10 from 4 countries
Format20 clays. 10 sets of double clays sent from 4 traps at 14 metres All clays thrown from the higher traps. 20 possible.

Only 10 shooters started from four nations. Ten sets of double clays were sent from 4 traps at 14 metres, with all the clays thrown from the higher traps, for a 20 possible. Britain’s Sidney Merlin won with 15 clays broken. Second went to Greece’s Anastasios Metaxas with 13 clays, while third was Merlin’s nephew, Gerald, who had won the single shot trap event in 1906.

1Sidney MerlinGBR15Gold
2Anastasios MetaxasGRE13Silver
3Gerald MerlinGBR12Bronze
4Ioannis PeridisGRE11
5Maurice FaureFRA9
=6Vasileios StaisGRE8
=6Jean FouconnierFRA8
=6Konstantinos ThanopoulosGRE8
9Sándor, Count Török de SzendrőHUN4
DNFRaoul, Count de BoigneFRA