Gerald Merlin

Biographical information

RolesCompeted in Olympic Games • Competed in Intercalated Games
Full nameGerald Eustace•Merlin
Used nameGerald•Merlin
Born3 August 1884 in Athina (Athens), Attiki (GRE)
Died7 April 1945 in Mumbai, Maharashtra (IND)
NOC Great Britain
Medals IG
Gold 1
Silver 0
Bronze 1
Total 2


Although Greek-born and a resident of Athens, Gerald Merlin was of British parentage and elected to represent Great Britain at the Olympic Games. There were eleven separate individual shooting competitions at the 1906 Olympics and Gerald Merlin took part in ten of them. Apart from his medals in the clay pigeon events, his best performance was in the dueling pistol at 25 metres where he finished fourth shooting at dummies dressed in frock coats. In 1906 the clay pigeon, single shot, competition consisted of 30 clays from four traps at a distance of 16 metres and as Merlin and Ioannis Peridis of Greece each hit 24 clays, a shoot-off was necessary. Peridis was the first to make a mistake when he missed the fourth clay and the gold medal went to Gerald Merlin. One of Merlin’s infrequent visits to England coincided with the 1908 Olympic Games when he took the opportunity to defend his Olympic title but he was not successful and finished in 19th place. Gerald Merlin and Sidney Merlin are invariably referred to as brothers but this is not correct. A search of the British Consular Birth Register reveals that Gerald was the son of Charles E. P. Merlin and his wife Irene (nee Stournare) whereas Sidney was the son of the British Vice-Consul for Athens, Charles L. W. Merlin and his wife Isabella (née Green). However, they were certainly related and were, in all probability, cousins.


Games Discipline (Sport) / Event NOC / Team Pos Medal As
1906 Intercalated Games Shooting GBR Gerald Merlin
Free Pistol, 25 metres, Men (Intercalated) 24
Free Pistol, 50 metres, Men (Intercalated) 29
Military Revolver, 1873-1874 Gras Model, 20 metres, Men (Intercalated) 21
Military Revolver, 20 metres, Men (Intercalated) 28
Dueling Pistol Au Visé 20 metres, Men (Intercalated) 16
Dueling Pistol Au Commandement, 25 metres, Men (Intercalated) 4
Free Rifle, Any Position, 300 metres, Men (Intercalated) 24
Military Rifle, 1873-1874 Gras Model, Kneeling Or Standing, 200 metres, Men (Intercalated) 6
Trap, Single Shot, 16 metres, Men (Intercalated) 1 Gold
Trap, Double Shot, 14 metres, Men (Intercalated) 3 Bronze
1908 Summer Olympics Shooting GBR Gerald Merlin
Trap, Men (Olympic) 19

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