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Military Rifle, 1873-1874 Gras Model, Kneeling Or Standing, 200 metres, Men

Date24 April 1906
LocationSkopeftirion, Kallithea
Participants31 from 8 countries
Format200 metres. 30 shots. Choice of either kneeling or standing position. 300 possible.

This event required shooters to use a Gras model rifle that was first manufactured in France in 1873. Shooters could choose either the kneeling or standing position, but presumably, everybody shot kneeling, which is a much more stable, and accurate, position. France’s Léon Moreaux and Switzerland’s Louis Richardet tied with 187 points but Moreaux won the gold medal, most likely because he had 30 target hits to Richardet’s 29. Moreaux won five medals in 1906, including two golds. Richardet also competed at the 1900 Olympics. He won four medals in 1906, with three golds, after winning two golds in 1900.

PosCompetitorNOCTargets HitPoints
1Léon MoreauxFRA30187Gold
2Louis RichardetSUI29187Silver
3Jean ReichSUI28183Bronze
4John MøllerNOR28175
5Maurice FaureFRA29173
6Gerald MerlinGBR26169
7Sidney MerlinGBR28166
8Georgios OrfanidisGRE27165
9Fragkiskos MavrommatisGRE28163
10Antonín EhrenbergerBOH26161
11Raoul, Comte de BoigneFRA28160
12Maurice LecoqFRA29158
13Alexandros TheofilakisGRE27158
14Gudbrand SkatteboeNOR27139
15Ludwig TernajgoAUT28136
16Ole HolmNOR24136
17Matthias TriantafyllidisGRE26133
18Iakovos TheofilasGRE26129
19Albert HelgerudNOR24129
20László SzemereHUN25128
21Ole Tobias OlsenNOR24128
22Georges FouconnierFRA24112
23Hermann MartinFRA22112
24Georgios GaitanosGRE26111
25Panagiotis ManginasGRE23108
26Jul BraatheNOR2298
27Dimitrios PetropoulosGRE1992
28Marcel Meyer de StadelhofenSUI2084
29Asmund EngerNOR1980
30Dimitrios SpiliotopoulosGRE1770
31Ioannis TheofilakisGRE1568