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Anastasios Metaxas

Biographical information

Medals OG IG
Gold 0 0
Silver 0 1
Bronze 1 0
Total 1 1
TypeCompeted in Olympic Games, Competed in Intercalated Games
Full nameAnastasios•Metaxas
Used nameAnastasios•Metaxas
Original nameΑναστάσιος•Μεταξάς
Born27 February 1862 in Athina (Athens) (GRE)
Died28 January 1937 in Athina (Athens) (GRE)
AffiliationsPeiraikos Syndesmos
NOC Greece


Anastasios Metaxas competed in four Olympics as a marksman, winning a silver medal in the 1906 double shot trap competition, as well claiming as five fourth places. He is better known, however, as an architect. He was chosen to direct the restoration of the Panathenaic Stadium in Athens, the main competition site of the 1896 Olympics. Funded by George Averoff, the stadium – dating back to the fourth century B.C. – was recovered by marble, earning it the nickname “Kallimarmaron” (beautifully marbled). Metaxas also designed various other buildings in the Greek capital, including the Benaki Museum and the French Embassy.


Games Discipline (Sport) / Event NOC / Team Pos Medal As
1896 Summer Olympics Shooting GRE Anastasios Metaxas
Free Rifle, Three Positions, 300 metres, Men (Olympic) 4
Military Rifle, 200 metres, Men (Olympic) 4
1906 Intercalated Games Shooting GRE Anastasios Metaxas
Free Pistol, 25 metres, Men (Intercalated) 10
Free Pistol, 50 metres, Men (Intercalated) 21
Military Revolver, 1873-1874 Gras Model, 20 metres, Men (Intercalated) 13
Military Revolver, 20 metres, Men (Intercalated) 8
Dueling Pistol Au Visé 20 metres, Men (Intercalated) 15
Free Rifle, Three Positions, 300 metres, Team, Men (Intercalated) Greece 4
Free Rifle, Any Position, 300 metres, Men (Intercalated) 26
Trap, Single Shot, 16 metres, Men (Intercalated) AC
Trap, Double Shot, 14 metres, Men (Intercalated) 2 Silver
1908 Summer Olympics Shooting GRE Anastasios Metaxas
Trap, Men (Olympic) =3 Bronze
1912 Summer Olympics Shooting GRE Anastasios Metaxas
Dueling Pistol, 30 metres, Men (Olympic) 35
Trap, Men (Olympic) 6