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Small-Bore Rifle, Standing, 50 metres, Men

Date 2 August 1920
LocationKamp Beverlo, Beverlo
Participants49 from 10 countries
Format22-gauge rifles. Four series of ten shots (40 shots) from 50 metres in the standing position. Belgian target of 50 x 50 centimetres with ten areas and the 10-ring 5 cm. in diameter. Individual possible 400.

The United States swept the medals in this event, led by Larry Nuesslein. The three American medalists all used their scores from the team event. Most of the foreign shooters used the heavy Schützen rifle, but Nuesslein used a Winchester musket with Pope barrel and set triggers. Arthur Rothrock and Dennis Fenton used Stevens rifles with set triggers.

1Larry NuessleinUSA391Gold
2Arthur RothrockUSA386Silver
3Dennis FentonUSA385Bronze
ACSigvard HultcrantzSWE382
ACErik OhlssonSWE381
ACAnton OlsenNOR379
ACLars Jørgen MadsenDEN378
ACErik Sætter-LassenDEN378
ACAlbert HelgerudNOR375
ACLeon LagerlöfSWE375
ACAnders Peter NielsenDEN374
ACOtto WegenerDEN373
ACSigvart JohansenNOR373
ACOlaf SlettenNOR371
ACWillis LeeUSA370
ACOscar ErikssonSWE370
ACØsten ØstensenNOR368
ACOllie SchriverUSA367
ACChristen MøllerDEN359
ACLéon JohnsonFRA
ACAchille ParocheFRA
ACÉmile RumeauFRA
ACAndré ParmentierFRA
ACGeorges RoesFRA
ACPaul Van AsbroeckBEL
ACNorbert Van MolleBEL
ACPhilippe CammaertsBEL
ACVictor RobertBEL
ACLouis AndrieuxBEL
ACAlfredo GalliITA
ACRaffaele FrascaITA
ACPeppy CampusITA
ACFranco MicheliITA
ACRiccardo TicchiITA
ACGeorge LishmanRSA
ACFreddie MorganRSA
ACGeorge HarveyRSA
ACBob BodleyRSA
ACMark PaxtonRSA
ACJosé BentoESP
ACAntonio BonillaESP
ACDomingo RodríguezESP
ACLuis CalvetESP
ACAntonio MoreiraESP
ACAndreas VichosGRE
ACIoannis TheofilakisGRE
ACKonstantinos KefalasGRE
ACVasileios XylinakisGRE
ACEmmanouil PeristerakisGRE