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Military Pistol, Team, Men

Date 3 August 1920
LocationKamp Beverlo, Beverlo
Participants46 from 9 countries
Format30 metres. Five-man teams, each given 30 shots in five series of six shots. Team possible 1,500. Individual possible 300.

The United States team won this event easily, even though their best shooter in the individual event, Ray Bracken, was not entered for the team event. One of the United States’ shooters, James Snook, is the only known American Olympian to have been executed for a crime. In June 1929 Snook was practicing at the Ohio State rifle range when he was arrested and accused of the murder of Theora K. Hix, a medical student at Ohio State. It turned out that Snook and Hix had posed as man and wife for three years, sharing an apartment near the school’s campus. On 13 June 1929, Snook claimed that Hix asked him to divorce his wife and marry her, threatening to kill his wife and child if she was refused. Snook confessed to then beating Hix several times with a hammer before severing her jugular vein with a pocketknife to, in his own words, “relieve her suffering”. On 14 August 1929 a jury deliberated only 28 minutes before finding Snook guilty of first-degree murder. A week later he was sentenced to be put to death, and at 7:10 PM (1910) on 28 February 1930, he died in the electric chair at the Ohio State Penitentiary.

1United StatesUSA1310Gold
Louis Harant268928987
Al Lane263879185
Karl Frederick262898687
James Snook261908784
Mike Kelly256838687
Alexandros Theofilakis254
Ioannis Theofilakis251
Georgios Moraitinis258
Alexandros Vrasivanopoulos264
Iason Sappas258
Fritz Zulauf269
Joseph Jehle262
Gustave Amoudruz257
Hans Egli242
Domenico Giambonini240
Guilherme Paraense274
Mário Maurity249
Sebastião Wolf249
Fernando Soledade248
Demerval Peixoto241
Joseph Pecchia
Jules Maujean
Léon Johnson
Émile Boitout
André Regaud
José Bento
Luis Calvet
Antonio Bonilla
Antonio Vázquez de Aldana
José María Miró
Paul Van Asbroeck
Norbert Van Molle
Philippe Cammaerts
Robert Andrieux
Jules Bastin
Léon De Coster
Hermínio Rebelo
António dos Santos
António Ferreira
António Martins
Dario Canas
Ricardo Ticchi
Alfredo Galli
Roberto Preda
Giancarlo Boriani
Raffaele Frasca