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Running Target, Single Shot, Team, Men

Date 2 July 1924
LocationLe Stand de Versailles, Versailles
Participants25 from 7 countries
FormatFour-man teams. 50 possible per shooter, 200 possible per team.

The team running deer events consisted of four shooters per team. They were contested separately from the individual event, rather than just using the scores from the individual event. There were seven teams in the event, although only one Czechoslovak shooter appeared, and they were not placed. The winner of the individual double shot event, Norway’s Ole Lilloe-Olsen, had the highest individual score with 43, and led his team to the gold medal.

Ole Lilloe-Olsen16043
Einar Liberg16042
Harald Natvig16038
Otto Olsen16037
Alf Swahn15440
Fredric Landelius15439
Otto Hultberg15438
Mauritz Johansson15437
3United StatesUSA148Bronze
John Boles14841
Walter Stokes14838
Ray Coulter14837
Dennis Fenton14832
4Great BritainGBR136
Cyril Mackworth-Praed13641
Alexander Rogers13632
John Faunthorpe13632
John O'Leary13631
Magnus Wegelius13040
Martti Liuttula13036
Jalo Urho Autonen13038
Robert Tikkanen13026
Gusztáv Szomjas9730
Rezső Velez9723
Elemér Takács9723
László Szomjas9721
Miloslav Hlaváč33DNF