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Singles, Women1

Date11 – 13 February 1968
LocationPiste de Luge, Villard-de-Lans
Participants26 from 10 countries
Format Three runs, total time determined placement.
DetailsCurves: ?
Length: ?
Start Altitude: ?
Vertical Drop: ?

The women’s competition was overshadowed by a scandal involving three sleighers, two of them set to win the medals. Two of the three East German women, Ortrun Enderlein and Anna-Maria Müller were leading after three runs (the fourth was eventually cancelled) when they were disqualified for heating the runners of their sleds. This practice gives lugers an advantage, as the warm runners melt the ice of the track, resulting in less friction when going downhill. At luge’s Olympic debut in 1964, heating of the runners was commonly practiced by nearly all competitors, but the International Luge Federation (FIL) had since forbidden this. At competitions, a technical delegate of FIL checked the sleds, measuring temperature of the runners by hand. However, after the first two runs, there were persistent rumours that the East Germans were nevertheless warming their material. This prompted the chief of the Jury, Poland’s Lucian Świderski, to test the runners himself. Witnessed by team leaders of Austria and Italy, he concluded that the three East Germans, who were in positions 1, 2 and 4 after three runs, had heated their runners, and were to be disqualified. When the 4th run was cancelled due to the poor weather, this left the title to Italy’s Erika Lechner, ahead of two West German women.

PosCompetitorNOCTimeRun #1Run #2Run #3
1Erika LechnerITA2:28.6648.76 (1)49.39 (1)50.51 (5)Gold
2Christa SchmuckFRG2:29.3749.15 (2)49.84 (2)50.38 (3)Silver
3Angelika DünhauptFRG2:29.5649.34 (4)49.88 (3)50.34 (2)Bronze
4Helena MacherPOL2:30.0549.55 (5)50.02 (5)50.48 (4)
5Jadwiga DamsePOL2:30.1549.64 (=6)50.43 (11)50.08 (1)
6Dana BeldováTCH2:30.3549.22 (3)50.36 (10)50.77 (9)
7Anna MąkaPOL2:30.4049.69 (8)50.05 (6)50.66 (6)
8Ute GählerFRG2:30.4249.78 (10)49.93 (4)50.71 (=7)
9Leni ThurnerAUT2:30.5049.64 (=6)50.15 (7)50.71 (=7)
10Marlene KorthalsAUT2:31.3349.72 (9)50.31 (8)51.30 (12)
11Oldřiška HátlováTCH2:31.6550.16 (11)50.35 (9)51.14 (10)
12Linda BocockCAN2:32.4650.64 (13)50.54 (13)51.28 (11)
13Berit SalomonssonSWE2:33.5550.89 (14)51.35 (17)51.31 (13)
14Kathleen Ann RobertsUSA2:33.6050.62 (12)51.04 (15)51.94 (15)
15Elfriede WägerAUT2:34.4151.93 (18)50.44 (12)52.04 (17)
16Ellen WilliamsUSA2:35.1551.67 (16)51.09 (16)52.39 (19)
17Sheila JohansenUSA2:35.4751.21 (15)51.90 (19)52.36 (18)
18Martha DiplockCAN2:35.4851.94 (19)51.51 (18)52.03 (16)
19Sylvette GrassiFRA2:36.4851.85 (17)52.08 (20)52.55 (21)
20Jacqueline BarasinskiFRA2:36.7951.96 (20)52.39 (21)52.44 (20)
21Erica PruggerITA2:44.211:01.90 (21)50.91 (14)51.40 (14)
DNFCristina PabstITA– (TNK)– (DNF)2
DQPhyllis WalterCAN– (DQ)– (DQ)– (DQ)
DQAngela KnöselGDR[2:28.93][49.12] (DQ)[49.65] (DQ)[50.16] (DQ)3
DQAnna-Maria MüllerGDR[2:28.06][48.88] (DQ)[49.26] (DQ)[49.92] (DQ)4
DQOrtrun EnderleinGDR[2:28.04][48.74] (DQ)[49.34] (DQ)[49.96] (DQ)5