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Platform, Men

Date12 – 15 July 1912
LocationSimstadion, Djurgårdsbrunnsviken, Stockholm
Participants23 from 7 countries
FormatPlatform at heights of 5 and 10 metres.

In this event, the divers executed one plain running dive and one backwards somersault dive from 5 metres, one plain running dive and one plain standing dive from 10 metres, and three optional dives from 10 metres. The optional dives were to be selected from a table 13 allowable dives. Erik Adlerz had already won the plain high diving competition. Adlerz was leading on all judges totals going into his last dive, a flying somersault, but failed badly on it, and was then ranked second by two of the judges, trailing Albert Zürner. However, he was ranked first by three judges, and his total ordinal score of seven enabled him to win the championship.

1Erik AdlerzSWEGold
2Albert ZürnerGERSilver
3Gustaf BlomgrenSWEBronze
4Hjalmar JohanssonSWE
5George YvonGBR
6Harald ArbinSWE
7Alvin CarlssonSWE
8Toivo AroFIN
3 p1 r1/2Hans LuberGER
4 p1 r1/2Gösta SjöbergSWE
4 p2 r1/2Ernst EklundSWE
4 p3 r1/2Robert AnderssonSWE
5 p1 r1/2Ernst BrandstenSWE
5 p2 r1/2Sigvard AndersenNOR
5 p3 r1/2Jens StefensonSWE
6 p1 r1/2George GaidzikUSA
6 p2 r1/2Oskar WetzellFIN
7 p1 r1/2Johan JanssonSWE
7 p2 r1/2Kalle KainuvaaraFIN
8 p1 r1/2Kurt BehrensGER
9 p1 r1/2Leo SuniFIN
AC p2 r1/2Arthur McAleenanUSA
AC p3 r1/2Jack LyonsCAN

Round One (12 July 1912 — 12:40)

Winner of each pool and the next five leading point scorers advanced to the final round. Seven dives, four compulsory, two from 5 metres and two from 10 metres, and three optional dives from 10 metres.

Round One Pool One

1Hjalmar JohanssonSWE968.06Q
2Albert ZürnerGER1465.04q
3Hans LuberGER2361.66
4Gösta SjöbergSWE2462.08
5Ernst BrandstenSWE2461.42
6George GaidzikUSA2562.56
7Johan JanssonSWE2759.75
8Kurt BehrensGER3358.35
9Leo SuniFIN4548.93

Round One Pool Two

1Erik AdlerzSWE674.76Q
2Gustaf BlomgrenSWE968.50q
3Harald ArbinSWE1562.75q
4Ernst EklundSWE2059.94
5Sigvard AndersenNOR2556.40
6Oskar WetzellFIN3250.46
7Kalle KainuvaaraFIN3348.10
DNFArthur McAleenanUSA

Round One Pool Three

1Alvin CarlssonSWE766.98Q
2George YvonGBR965.70q
3Toivo AroFIN1662.75q
4Robert AnderssonSWE1860.59
5Jens StefensonSWE2553.541
DNFJack LyonsCAN

Final (15 July 1912 — 12:15)

Seven dives, four compulsory, two from 5 metres and two from 10 metres, and three optional dives from 10 metres.

1Erik AdlerzSWE773.94
2Albert ZürnerGER1072.60
3Gustaf BlomgrenSWE1669.56
4Hjalmar JohanssonSWE2267.80
5George YvonGBR2267.66
6Harald ArbinSWE3162.62
7Alvin CarlssonSWE3263.162
8Toivo AroFIN4057.05