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Platform, Men

Date11 August 1928
LocationZwemstadion, Amsterdam
Participants24 from 12 countries
Format5 and 10 metres platforms.

Pete Desjardins won the gold medal on the platform, completing the springboard/platform double in Amsterdam, but Egypt’s Farid Simaika was first announced as the champion and the Egyptian national anthem was played, because he had scored the most points – 99.58 to Desjardins’ 98.74. But the rules stated that ordinals were used as the first method of placement ranking, and Desjardins was ranked ahead of Simaika by four of the five judges and had only 6 ordinals to Simaika’s 9. The bronze medal went to American Mickey Galitzen, as the same three men medaled in both diving events in 1928.

Simaika later became a United States’ citizen in March 1942, and joined the US Air Force. A fighter pilot, his plane crashed over Indonesia, and he was never found. Some tales relate that he was beheaded by either the Japanese or local headhunters. Although the plane crashed in September 1943, he was only declared legally dead on 19 December 1945.

1Pete DesjardinsUSAGold
2Farid SimaikaEGYSilver
3Mickey GalitzenUSABronze
4Walter ColbathUSA
5Ewald RiebschlägerGER
6Karl SchummGER
7Alfred PhillipsCAN
8Reggie KnightGBR
9Julius RehbornGER
4 p1 r1/2Helge ÖbergSWE
4 p2 r1/2Eugène LenormandFRA
4 p3 r1/2Yrjö LampilaFIN
5 p1 r1/2Armand BillardFRA
5 p2 r1/2Eugen AhnströmSWE
5 p3 r1/2Wilfred BurneGBR
6 p1 r1/2Abdel Moneim MokhtarEGY
6 p2 r1/2Josef StaudingerAUT
6 p3 r1/2Henk LotgeringNED
7 p1 r1/2Harry MorrisAUS
7 p2 r1/2Tommy MatherGBR
7 p3 r1/2Gösta HornSWE
8 p1 r1/2Emanuel DavidsonNED
8 p3 r1/2Ezio SelvaITA
AC p1 r1/2Luigi CangiulloITA

Round One (11 August 1928)

Top three in each pool advanced to the final round. Four compulsory dives, two from 5 metres and two from 10 metres.

Round One Pool One

1Walter ColbathUSA5.091.68Q
2Reggie KnightGBR14.083.48Q
3Karl SchummGER14.081.44Q
4Helge ÖbergSWE17.080.36
5Armand BillardFRA25.067.96
6Abdel Moneim MokhtarEGY31.059.14
7Harry MorrisAUS34.053.42
8Emanuel DavidsonNED40.046.40
DNFLuigi CangiulloITA

Round One Pool Two

1Farid SimaikaEGY6.0102.38Q
2Mickey GalitzenUSA9.098.56Q
3Julius RehbornGER15.083.46Q
4Eugène LenormandFRA24.074.12
5Eugen AhnströmSWE25.073.08
6Josef StaudingerAUT26.073.32
7Tommy MatherGBR35.055.10

Round One Pool Three

1Pete DesjardinsUSA5.0104.52Q
2Ewald RiebschlägerGER11.081.98Q
3Alfred PhillipsCAN14.078.42Q
4Yrjö LampilaFIN21.072.34
5Wilfred BurneGBR25.071.20
6Henk LotgeringNED33.063.081
7Gösta HornSWE35.063.84
8Ezio SelvaITA36.061.722

Final (11 August 1928 — 15:40)

Four compulsory dives, two from 5 metres and two from 10 metres.

1Pete DesjardinsUSA6.098.74
2Farid SimaikaEGY9.099.58
3Mickey GalitzenUSA15.092.34
4Walter ColbathUSA21.085.78
5Ewald RiebschlägerGER27.082.44
6Karl SchummGER28.080.54
7Alfred PhillipsCAN35.077.26
8Reggie KnightGBR41.072.22
9Julius RehbornGER43.067.78